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Kiss the Girls lKs that I was intrigued and this story seemed really interesting and curiousand since reading it I have to say Ioved itThe Curious Tale Of The Lady Caraboo had me hooked right from the beginning It is set in the year 1819 and tells the tale of a wealthy family the Worralls who find a ady from a foreign and Mary Willcox in distress and decide to take her into their home help her and want to find out about her She tells them her name is Caraboo and they come to the conclusion that she is a Princess Caraboo has good intentions to only stay a couple of days but as the Worralls become curious about this mystery Visiting Mrs Nabokov and Other Excursions lady who speaks a differentanguage and wears different clothes Caraboo becomes drawn into their world and their familyFrom the offset this book had me captivated The pages basically turned themselves as I was transported back into the past A Day Away loved the story andoved all of the characters The writing just flowed on each page and I feel that is a credit to Catherine s writing style completely It never et me go until I finished the bookI enjoyed all of the characters in the book The wealthy family of the Worralls were all so uniue in their own ways and it really felt ike Caraboo touched the heart of each and everyone of them Cassandra who made me roll my eyes a few times I have to admit was both adorable and frustrating but it completely fit her character as the daughter of the rich family Nothing really phased her and she seemed to go with the flow but could be very selfish when it comes to Looking for the Toffees love and dresses I stilliked her though and her acceptance and caring of Caraboo was so Raising Gods Girl lovely to read Okay maybe I have to admit I wasusting over her The Gulag Handbook love interest Will the innkeepers son throughout most of the book as he was ratherlets say distracting swoons You would be good enough for me any day Will Then you have Fred Cassandra s brother who whilst I couldn t stand him at the start of the book with his views about women and how he treated them the 1800 s were obviously a time when rules were deemed very different for men and women on how to behave but grew on me completely throughout the book stick with him though he s definately worth itI think one of my favourite characters was Mrs Worrall She is completely intrigued by Caraboo which in a way is soovely to read and see as she wants to understand this The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion lady who is from a different way ofife and wants to know all about her and where she has come from although some of her methods were a Will in the World little scary to be honest but in the 1800 these were obviously standard practise including using electric thearpy and the shapes of peoples heads etc I felt she was uite proud of Caraboo and even comissioned her portrait to be painted by an artist but upon reflection maybe saw her as aittle experment maybe but she did have a caring side towards CarabooNo book would be complete without a bad guy and poor Caraboo suffers at the hands of a villian uite partial to a drink or twoCaraboo was just so June Fourth Elegies lovely Ioved her so much She seized the opportunity of being Caraboo rather than Mary Willcox and became very much a free spirit I Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes loved the way she spent time on the roof of the house that became her spot and Iaughed out oud at one point when she jumps through a window to make an entrance when she "s ooking for Cassandra Her intentions are good and she seemed to have a good heart and "looking for Cassandra Her intentions are good and she seemed to have a good heart and about the Worrall family I could really get the sense of Caraboo s feelings and how her path in Der Illusionist life had not been an easy one She melted my heart aittle I have to admitI

loved the relationship 
the relationship develops between Caraboo and Fred it was so Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue lovely to read Fred is initially worried that Caraboo will tarnish the family name and has a feeling she is fooling the family and Caraboo initiallyike me dislikes Fred and often wants to push Fred off the roof and into horse manure which made me chuckle a Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, lot One of my favourite parts of the book was when Caraboo and Fred go hunting and experiencing the raw outdoors together Whilst Caraboo seems natural with this Fred most defiantely was not and I justoved the scene as some of the scenarios Ask the Past like Fred falling over into the ash had me chucklingCatherine writes a brilliant author note in the back of the book explaining some of the research she did whilst writing this book You get a huge sense of the passion and intrigue Catherine had with this story and this curious tale and whilst she stuck to as many facts as possible throughout her story she provides the reader with some historical facts about Princess Caraboo giving reference to some books that are in fact mentioned here when Iooked up the Princess Caraboo on google as Riding Class (Saddle Club, like Catherine her story and history have intrigued me to do my own mini researchI read this book super uick as I was that engrossed in the story Ioved every single page of it I will be rushing out to but of Catherine s books as if this is anything to go by what am I missing out on I highly recomend this book to everyone even if you have no interest in historical fiction It is a tale of Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, love and kindness and about aady who is as curious as the books title suggestsFor reviews and please visit wwwtalesofyesterdaycouk This book is rich with beautiful anguage vivid images and scenes a strong sense of place and an abundance of interesting characters It is based on the real ife story of Mary Baker nee Wilcocks a real Short Stories by Roald Dahl life imposter who fooled people in England in the 1860s that she was really Princess Caraboo an exotic young woman from a far awayand The book has fictional elements and adds character and drama to make the story even exciting and readableShe makes England in the 1800s feel completely accessible and feel Goldilocks the Three Bears like home heranguage is poetic and vivid Often when reading historical novels I struggle to immerse myself into the story because the anguage creates almost a barrier between myself and the world I m trying to delve into This wasn t the case at all with this bookBecause we know a ittle bit of Caraboo s past as a reader we can sympathise with her we understand why she does what she does Catherine Johnson has built #a character in this book with two identities both of whom we fall in ove with Her journey is #character in this book with two identities both of whom we fall in ove with Her journey is fast paced heart wrenching and uncertain She faces terrifying enemies and makes sweet and I Look Up To... Michelle Obama loving friends But how will it all end What will happen if they find out who she truly isThis is an absolute treat of a novel I genuinely raced through the book and came away from it having had a truly valuable reading experience I urge you to try D Could the princess hold the key to the adventure she's been seeking Or might the escape she desires be found in the arms of the wholly inappropriate but utterly delectableocal boy Will Jenki.
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The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo

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Surely they are some of us out there who have experience itThe overwhelming feeling born out of a situation so distressing that you would wish the earth to open up and swallow you whole and you can just simply disappearFrom those of us who have encountered very amusing and embarrassing moments who wish it to happen to those who unfortunately have been afflicted with pain a pain so unbearable that they might just iterally take that stepWell Mary Willcocks didCatherine Johnson s piece is the retelling of Mary Willcocks s aka Princess Caraboo true story Yes this ady was real and was exposed as one of the most successful imposters of her time It is not hard to imagine that her story would have fascinated many and here Catherine gives us the opportunity to take a peek at her ifeand maybe make a better oneWell Never Tell let s seeOh how this Mary sufferedThis Mary suffered so immensely that she just wanted it all to stop While many would be driven to suicide this Mary however chose another way One minute this Mary was here but the next this Mary was goneIn the blink of an eye the decision was made and Lady Caraboo was on Complete with the whole package The exotic but rich clothing the head dress fashioned into a style that only foreign royals from a distant empire could wear Throw in a made upanguage that only youand a few dubious characters can understand and a few unknown religious rituals and Voila You have yourself a real princessThe ie was so much better than the reality that she successfully manipulated a wealthy family into saving her Although their affection for her was great they displayed her for all who cared to see as a precious painting an expensive piece simply added to their collection for a timeSo was the ie worth itWhat I really Deterring Democracy liked about this version of Lady Caraboo keeping in mind that I know veryittle of the real one is that her transformation was necessary for her to survive There was no intent to deceive just a very strong will to Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, live It did come with its conseuences though from the disappointment and pain caused to the family who took her in to unscrupulous con artists who jumped on the bandwagon trapping her further into herieIronically only the truth could set her freeI Hunters Heart like to think that in the end Mary simply needed a break that she needed time to gather her strength and that Lady Caraboo gave her the time she needed until she was ready to resurface again andive the Menneskefluene (K2 life she was meant toWell anyway that s my versionWhat s yours Thanking Corgi Children Publishing for providing me with a copy of this title I really enjoyed this uniue novel based on a true story The author s note at the back is particularly interesting because is shedsight on the amazing Lady CarabooThe characters are charismatic uirky and fully realised and the writing is so secure confident and sound in tone and content that I really was transported back in timeBeautiful writing engaging characters and striking story which is all the interesting because it really happened Rich vivid storytelling The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo is written with such power and verve that it made me greedy I wanted Much Johnson s novel is based on a real tale of a girl who was not herself She adopted personas and identities and stories really in order to be somebody different and to make her Nazi Gold life aittle easier This time the girl chooses her new Mr Majeika and the School Inspector life after a dark and sharply horrific event makes her want toeave the "Last One Behind The Blink "one behind The blink an eye and the girl is the Lady Caraboo a mysterious figure from The blink an eye and the girl is the Lady Caraboo a mysterious figure from far away Selected Poems land And with this new identity comes problems of its very ownI ve aot of ove for Johnson s work though I ve not read nearly enough sidebar Brave New Girl is a gorgeously rooted story of Hackney and the Olympics and one I do recommend most heartily The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo has been on my to read ist for a while and it doesn t disappoint It opens with a twisty fragmentary glass sharp seuence of scenes persevere with this opening because it pays off before the story settles into something uite remarkableIt s an intensely filmic story If ever a story begged for visual adaptation The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo does Some of the seuences are wonderful and awful and much of their impact comes from Johnson s clean genuine prose She s not afraid of giving the raw edge of Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 life here the shadow beneath the pretense and some of the scenes are much better for it Do note though that there s a scene at the start which might prove problematic for the younger scale of young adult yet do eually note that this scene is intensely relevant for the narrative as it stands As ever read and then make your call This book is powerful and it tells a story that needs to be told Ioved this Johnson has this great gift of story and to be frank one of the reasons that this is not a full five star rave is that I wanted Books ike this make me so greedy This story is a solidly written historical romance about the mysterious Princess Caraboo and the respectful family which takes the princess in It s a nice read although the ending is a bit too good to be truth for me view spoilerI mean a well respect young sir developing a relationship with a brown skinned ower class girl Not The Train Robbers likely hide spoiler I d really beenooking forward to reading The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo by Catherine Johnson for awhile now So I was very happy to get a copy sent to me and jumped in straight away And I really iked this story It s based on a true story of an actual young woman called Mary Willcox who managed to convince a wealthy family that she was a princess from the South Seas and that makes this story even fascinating to me I know that Catherine Johnson did change some aspects of the story but I still think the original basis of what happened to Mary Willcox to be incredibly interesting As is this book I really didn t know what was going to happen throughout the story and I was really intrigued from the moment I started reading The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo has sort of a harrowing beginning As we see poor Mary Willcox in bad shape and she is further attacked by some men and in that moment she decides that things will be different from now on And that s what happens She pretends to be this different person this princess from Java And it becomes uite an elaborate ie that is spun as Caraboo manages to convince this ocal wealthy family the Worralls that she is in fact royalty and they take her in for several months An entire anguage is created as well as a religion an. A delicious historical romance inspired by the true story of Princess CarabooCassandra Worrell is beautiful rich and very very bored Trapped in her parents stately home she dreams of escape Life. D a style of dress and mannerisms that Caraboo creates herself I really Raking The Ashes liked the character of Caraboo that Mary Willcox pretends that she is Caraboo becomes this fierce warrior princess who hunts and climbs and does what sheikes It really felt Ellie (Ellie, like she had decided not to be held back by her gender or herack of wealth and just decided to become this person she and society had never allowed her to become until one day when she just makes that decision and a transformation happens As well as being incredibly interested and invested in Caraboo s character and how she gets on I was also really fascinated to see the changes within this family that Caraboo is staying with and the different reactions they all have to Caraboo s intrusion into their Dear Office-Politics lives There is Mrs Worrall who seems to relish the attention as well as the fact that she is at the centre of a scientific investigation and has scientists of the day from phrenologists to electricity experts coming into her house and that she is able to participate in somethingarger than her in her every day Thomas Harriott life And then there are the Worrall children flighty Cassandra and skeptical Fred who in turns befriend and uestion Caraboo s sincerity and actions Ioved the juxtaposition of Cassandra s A Mistletoe Kiss love affair with the reluctant growing of feeling that happens for Caraboo I thought Lady Caraboo s story was an incredibly fascinating story It feltike a story of choices and Intimate Strangers love and about being the person who most want to be Ioved this glimpse into a POC historical figure and time period and I was swept away by the circumstances of Caraboo s Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book life Really enjoyed this one Original review posted hereI received a copy of this book as part of The Lady Caraboo blog tour so big thanks to Ming and Corgi Children s for the copyI always feel aittle anxious getting books to review especially ones for a blog tour It can sometimes be awkward getting that balance between wanting to promote a book and wanting to stay true to your feelings about it I am always honest with my reviews no matter where the books came fromThat was a sidetrack and not important because I completely The Hidden Jewels loved this bookThe start was pretty brutal and it sets up the story perfectly In that first short chapter you understand Mary s motivations for what she does and you re completely on her side from the beginning While her actions could be seen as wrong you know she doesn t mean any harm by it and is just trying to escape herself a whileIoved the contrast in characters in this book on the one hand you have Mary Wilcox who has been through hell and back and knows true poverty and pain and on the other you have the Worralls Fred and Cassandra in particular whose middle class problems seem so petty in comparison I m not saying that their problems are irrelevant it just puts it into perspective against Mary s pastThe idea of a poor girl convincing an upper class family that she is a Chaplin lost princess is truly magical and when I read the author s note at the end and found it was based on a true story I was even intrigued I m definitely going to do some research into Caraboo s story and read some about her nowThis feltike uite a gentle read everything moved at a nice eisurely pace and I enjoyed seeing how the characters developed and the relationships formed A favourite for me was Cassandra whose flighty changed "As Uickly As She Changed Her Dresses And Could Have "uickly as she changed her and could have her in a whole heap of troubleThings got a ittle heated when a certain character turned up and claimed to be able to understand Caraboo s made up The Creatures language I didn t see the problem at first and thought it was entertaining as they pretended to have conversations while speaking gibberish but it soon took a darker turn andike Caraboo I couldn t believe I hadn t seen the danger comingI really wasn t sure how things would turn out in the end there were too many ies and too many strands tangled together to have a suitable solution for all but it did all work itself in a way although I wouldn t say it ended happily for everyone MaryCaraboo is a character that you really root for and I knew that whatever happened I wanted her to do well out of thisOverall I think this is a really stunning book and a beautiful adaptation of Lady Caraboo s story I ove books that inspire me to read around the subject and this one certainly has I d definitely recommend reading it and I m going to be checking out of Catherine Johnson s books in the near future Not sure what to think of this book I knew nothing of the myth I guess of Lady Caraboo despite Life Before Death living in the UK the majority of myife I originally thought maybe it had something to do with a WI character because sometimes the islands are referred to as the caribbea and also racially ambiguous model on the cover but it was still interesting I ve never really been particularly interested in that much historical fiction but you can t help but feel for the girl so hurt and damaged she creates this persona to save herself This whole book is the most wonderful side eye to ignorant white people I Good Luck, Louisa! (Red Fox Ballet Book, love itPrincess Caraboo shuns herife of trauma and servitude along with her old name Mary Wilcox and is discovered wandering in a village near Bristol clearly distressed Rescued and taken to a pub Caraboo is mistaken for a member of foreign royalty based on her manners her anguage and her exoticism Taken by the effusive and shallow Cassandra to Knole Park to be studied by her mother Lady Worrall Caraboo continues to be the warrior princess they all presume her to be whilst also understanding every word she saysMeanwhile Cassandra s eually shallow but also terrible brother Fred returns to Knole determined to out Caraboo as a fraudThis book is a story about white ignorance exoticism racism and wealth privilege alongside the profound effects trauma can have on an individual content warnings for sexual assault details on how to skip that bit here Best bit It s a true storyCatherine s prose is witty and beautiful and I was absolutely drawn in by this story as well as a desire "To Punch Fred Suarely In " punch Fred suarely in mouth for his treatment of sex workers in the second chapterWhat a winner to start off the British Books Challenge with This book was originally reviewed on wwwtalesofyesterdaycoukI have really really wanted to read some historical fiction this year and as of yet I had not got around to it so when I was offered the chance to read this book I jumped and waved and shouted me me me and got very excited indeed I have heard so many good things about Catherine Johnson s boo. Suddenly becomes much interesting with the appearance of a beautiful disorientated young woman who speaks a mysterious anguage Cassandra is convinced she's found a princess from a far away Akenfield lan.