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Goodreads giveaway Hugh Thomas charts the Arduino Development Cookbook fascinating rise of the Spanish Empire beginning in the Americas with New Spain and ending with the Spanish dominion of the Philippines The reach of Spain truly was global with ambitions to go evenurther at the end of the period under discussion Spanish officials were making serious preparations Mastering Gephi Network Visualization for an invasion of China an idea which graduallyell by the wayside While moving through the mass of names in the work is occasionally challenging gaining a better idea of the inner workings
*of the colonial *
the colonial and a nuanced picture of Philip II makes it well worth the effort Somewhat late in life I ve discovered Latin America and so have been looking The Canadian Regime for good general histories of the Spanish Conuest period While Iound much in this and its companion books of great interest in the end the entire series was thoroughly unsatisfying clearly the author is an thoroughly unsatisfying Clearly the author is an in this Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space field but these books would have benefitedrom an entirely critical editing process Finding the narrative and larger story in the midst of excessive pedantic details just becomes a hard slog This history looks at the Spanish Empire in Latin America and Asia The book begins with a discussion of conditions in Spain at the time and then looks at the colonies and their relationship with the mother country The book is well written and insightful but was a little hard to ollow in some parts or someone unfamiliar with Spanish history and empire. Not to invade China the attentions of the colonists clergymen sailors soldiers and officials of the Spanish Empire were no longer turned to its expansion their ocus instead became its management These were the decades in which modern history began. ,
Partmentalized Even within the chapters Thomas often takes a structural approach For example let s look at the opening sections on the takes a structural approach For example let s look at the opening sections on the in Iberia itself s look at the opening sections on the government in Iberia itself primarily Discusses The Leading Government Institutions And Then the leading government institutions and then the people in charge of them and their personalities It reads like a political science primer circa 1576 I had some sense of what the officials were like but not much sense what Spain itself was like Then you do that same approach or each other section You learn about viceroys than the territories they ruled sometimes This is what I mean when I say it s like a county history Those things were often compartmentalized histories Un Cadeau pour ma Femme focusing on the leading individuals in the county because they re the ones whoinanced the county history in the irst place There are some interesting moments You get the story of Aguirre the man behind the Werner Herzog ilm The most interesting thing Shadow Bound from my perspective was how Spain intended to conuer Chinarom the Philippines Those in charge Mapapansin Kaya? figured that if Cortes defeated the Aztec and Pizarro the Inca why not us the Chinese Wow was that ever off It was also under Philip II that Portugal became part of Spain There was a dynastic dispute there and he inserted himself in the middle of it There are other nuggets here and there but my overall reaction is one of considerable disappointment Yeah this isn t nearly what I was hopingor when I picked it up Full disclosure I won this in Itory that stretched Buntus Foclora from Cuba to Peru and of theinal conuests of the greatest empire that the world had then seen since the Life at the End of thevTunnel fall of Rome 1000 years before By the time of Philip II's death and after his startling decision made in hisinal years. .
A nonfiction book the third in a trilogy about the Spanish Empire This one ocuses on the time period of King Philip s reign 1527 1598 though it s concerned with the This one ocuses on the time period of King Philip s reign 1527 1598 though it s concerned with the s new colonies than anything happening in Philip s court itself The book is organized by place we ve got New Spain modern Mexico And The Surrounding Areas and the surrounding areas the Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники former Incan empire or less newly conuered areas of South America Chile Paraguay Guyana etc and the Philippines Argh this book Thisucking Well this was a pretty damn disappointing book Thomas is a historian The Herd from 93rd from Britain who has written several books about Spain manyrom its imperial heyday So I written several books about Spain many Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) from its imperial heyday So I expecting this to be something than it wasrankly Maybe my impressions going in were too high That s possible But this book reminded me of a locally produced county history written in the 19th century just on a grander scale That s not a good thing What do I mean by that Well ever heard the story of a bunch of blindfolded men given a part of the elephant and asked to describe what they re holding One guy is given the tusk and has to describe it One the tail Another a leg The point is they have a sense of their section of the elephant but not much sense of the beast as a whole This book The Audio Expert felt a little like that I never really got a grand overall sense of thisirst global empire Here s some chapters on Iberia Now some on New Spain Now some on Peru Now some on the Paraguay region Oh here s the Philippines It was all so com. Following Rivers of Gold and The Golden Age World Without End is the conclusion of a magisterial three volume history of the Spanish Empire by Hugh Thomas its oremost worldwide authority World Without End tells the story of life in a conuered terr. World Without End The Global Empire of Philip II