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G to determine who the real bad guy is The author managed to voke my suspicion on several characters although some are obviously just distractions and I was still surprised when the real culprit was revealed and although the Death in Mumbai ending was overly like a fairy tale happynding with the annoying characters including Agent Faraday redeeming themselves I still liked it because Maddie deserves it Fantasy Mystery thriller Is the bestIf you would have a special ability What would it be I would like to be a jumper so I can just go to places I wanna visit haha By the way this book is recommended to me by the awesome Katerina Thanks to her I got to read this awesome bookAnyways the story is about this 16 year old girl Maddie who has an ability But lemme remind you that abilities are not always good The girl sees numbers on Baccarat : La lgende du cristal everybody s forehead This numbers are death dates She can tell when you are going to die This kind of ability is new to me which made menamor the story line Her ability doesn t do her good She cannot stay in the city or places where there are a lot of people She can t bear to see these dates She tried to warn people of their dates and people don t believe her and they think she s crazyAt present she does future telling because of her alcoholicjobless mom She reads death dates and it helps them financially But one death resulted to chaos Maddie and her friend want to do something with these death dates They warned a mother of his child s near death but instead accused them of killing the kid leading them to be prime suspects The problem is Maddie can only see dates not how or where it will happenMost part of the story is about the case FBI trying to find out the killer It is like a CSI type story but with fantasy touch to it What I really like about the book is that it made me think and puzzled I had my own predictions of who the killer is but woah Who would have thought Really you guys have to read this The writing style is so good It was able to get me into the depth of the story And the characters were well written they totally bring flavor to the bookA highly recommended book to fantasysuspensemysteryYA readers If you think this is your usual paranormal book where a girl finds herself capable of doing some pretty cool shit and doesn t know how to use it and conseuently gets frustrated until she finds the Love Interests who helps her channel her powers for good before they run off to the sunset to their happily O Colégio de Todos os Segredos ever after STOP RIGHT THERE I shit you not When by Victoria Laurie is anything but that It gets rid of the overused PR formula and breathes into it new life I m telling you right now that this book will surprise you in the sickest way possible and I mean that very positivelyBeing able to know when someone will die is definitely not anasy burden If I had this curse put upon me I don t think I would be able to accept it asily and would probably lock myself in my cabinet so I won t see another person again I was rather nervous to see how the book would portray Maddie s overall reaction and perspective about it but I thought the book handled it beautifully and realistically You can tell that Maddie s not but I thought the book handled it beautifully and realistically You can tell that Maddie s not happy about it as she oftentimes have difficulty coping with it but she does take advantage of her gift specially since her father died and she and her mom needed money to get by You can absolutely feel the anger and frustration brewing inside her at the fact she can t save anyone from their impending deaths She hates that she could only warn them and hates that some of them don t take her seriously until death is staring at them at pointblank rangeAnd man the way Maddie tells them we can really feel the pain in her words It s amazing how such a PR book feel so personal I mean seriously EVEN I WAS SO AFFECTED I FELT LIKE CRYING IN FRUSTRATION Add to that the suspense of the plot Man oh man the way the story unfolds here with the murders and Zoete tranen everything really makes you want to scream and check the last page just so you can be reassuredverything will be fine in the Water Music end It was absolutely nerve wracking to see our heroine continuously doubted and seen as a serial killer If you combine the thrillach page gives you and the very intimate and realistic voice of Maddie it would make a 100% amazing reading xperience which this book was in a nutshellIf there was one thing I didn t really like about this it was the fact that the heroine kept refraining from telling her about this it was the fact that the heroine kept refraining from telling her and the authorities about important information using the lamest fucking reasons as possible Oh gee weez I keep seeing that dark truck following me verywhere I should tell my uncle but he and I had just a fight so I don t feel like saying it now or Well that guy leered at me and looked at me like he was going to kill me but I don t think I should tell that to the FBI because it was probably a coincidence or I think I m being stalked but I conveniently forget UNTIL the very Student Research Projects in Calculus end WHOOPSIEAnd I m like FUUUUCK YOOOOOOUUUUUThat bit seriously pissed me offspecially since it was such a recurring incidence I mean girl there is a serial killer on the loose and you don t bother telling that ONE IMPORTANT SINISTER GUY because he s probably harmless in the nd and his looking at you that way was just a coincidence What kind of illogical motherfucking sorcery is this crap It was seriously so irritatingOther than that this was a great book READ IT Do you know what the blurb of Death Date reminded me of uick somebody call Ddie Soon Maddie is ntangled in a homicide investigation and young people disappear and are later found murdered A suspect for the investigation a target for the murderer and attracting the attentions of a mysterious young admirer who may be connected to it all Maddie's whole Love for Imperfect Things existence is about to be turned upside down Can she right things before it's too la. Full review NOT to come because while trying to find out if this novel will have a seuel thending is open A Heart of Stone enough for it I realized why the author s name sounded so familiar she s a BBA from 2008 I m not going to spend a good hour of my time writing about her book when I m just going tond up humiliated in her books one day This novel has been given the rating it Taking Instruction (Taboo, earned regardless of my opinion of her behavior When turned out to be an okay thriller that actually took into account the fact people s days of death can change unlike other death is a set date books trust me when guillotinesxist NO ONE has a set death date because you ain t surviving that shit It also flipped a few things I m used to with YA there was a mere crush instead of any romance and Maddie did NOT play the Nancy Drew role like a lot of characters in YA mysterythriller novels doThat she managed to make a pancake without burning all of it doesn t mean it s good though The FBI wouldn t be investigating a simple kidnappingmurder case like this that would be the local police s job unless something came up and reuired the FBI Nothing about the murders in this book were anything to warrant FBI attention if the West Memphis Three were only investigated by local police This book was about as subtle as being hit by a semi truck running full speed ahead as well The bits that were wrong were so wrong that Language and Linguistics every time something I was unsure about came up I had to stop and check the Internet to make sure it was right That made reading this book one long often interrupted journey I called thending about halfway through 5 starsRe read this 5 years after the first time Still loved it just as much When I read the about the plot of this book I immediately though of this Nickelback videoNickelback Savin meEvery time I saw the video I was thinking that I would have loved to see this story made into a movie or a I m DNFing this Everything is just so far fetched and I have zero interest to keep going past the halfway point I seem to be in the minority here so I m not sure what I missed but this one s not for meWhy Ok so Maddie can see deathdates on Divertimento everyone s forehead which I find really interesting for a book premise Injoyed that aspect a lot actually but the use of it in this plot is ridiculous most of the time This girl tells a mother her son will die important to note the mom came to her then the mom freaks when he son doesn t come home from school one day and tells the cops the MC is to blame for his disappearance Not Love Is a Fairy Tale even 24 hours after the son went missing before it wouldven be considered a missing person s case IRL the FBI yes the FB Freaking I are at Maddie s school wanting answers Ok fiiiine I could still roll with this ven though it had already become unrealistic But then the FBI start using all their time and resources in followingstalking Maddie day and night They show her images of vidence which makes her puke and almost pass out Then they find out she just aced a test the day after the boy disappeared had an alibi and is in general not AT ALL the type Of Profile A Killer Of This Magnitude profile a killer of this magnitude be THERE IS NO WAY THE FBI WOULD ACTUALLY CONSIDER is no way the FBI would actually consider teenage girl a suspect only because the victim s mom went to a psychic reading and needs someone to blame I mean c mon Maybe the problem is that I have seen a LOT of cop shows and read many serial killer mysteries so realism in this area is a must for meThere are other things that made me cock an yebrow too Like the stupid things they do to warn someone of their upcoming death via a cryptic bday card making the ramifications uber predictable and how the plot will pause for random daydreams of some random boy she sees twice a year that she apparently has this connection with And why has her own death date not been mentioned yet Anyways if I keep reading I fear my yes will fall off from so much rolling DNFing at the beginning of a month is never a good sign for me But I can t help it I started this read back in February ha like that was ages ago or something and I can t muster the motivation to continue this unexciting storyWHEN is just not what I was looking forward to read I wanted a paranormal story not a contemporary and I needed a mature heroine not someone who acts first and thinks later I mean of course calling a mom to assure her that her son is really in danger and will die soon will make you look Bangkok Wakes to Rain extremely suspicious and very much crazyI like the fast pacing but the atmosphere characters and the rest are uninterestinglements 45 stars When is a very impressive and incredibly compelling standalone book by Victoria Laurie It s the sort of book that pulls you in from its first sentence and refuses to let go The opening chapter does an The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery excellent job in making us care for Maddie our protagonist and at the same time it gives us a great idea of what lies ahead This suspenseful surprisingly well written book kept me on thedge of my seat throughout which wasn t achieved through cheap tricks and tropes but through a story so well built that it would leave anyone breathless Maddie has been seeing numbers on people s foreheads since she was a baby but it wasn t until her father died that wasn t until her father died that realized what they actually mean The numbers she sees are people s death dates and she is never mistaken She has also never succeeded in changing someone s date Darkmere even though she tried on several occasions But being who she is she can t help trying again only this time her attempt puts her in a wo. Maddie Fynn is a shy high school junior cursed with anerie intuitive ability she sees a series of uniue digits hovering above the foreheads of Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? each person shencounters Her arliest memories are marked by these numbers but it takes her father's premature death for Maddie and her family to realize that these mysterious digits are actually death dates and ju. ,

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Rld of troubleFrom the start Maddie won me over with incredible ase Forced by her alcoholic mother to abuse her gift and read people s death dates for money Maddie still found a way to be herself and help where she could She made smart choices from the start and Scraps Of The Untainted Sky even when shended up right in the middle of a murder investigation she did the best she could for The Eric Carle Gift Set everyone I feltverything she felt in this book the grief over her father s death the shame over her mother s drinking her love for her best friend and her desire to help When has a movie like uality to it and Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century every scene is shaped to achieve its full potential The tension builds slowly but steadily all the way to a heart stopping finale The mystery is well done clearly the work of anxperienced author and it kept me guessing throughout When the killer was finally revealed I was completely taken aback but it made sense in retrospect which I think is the holy grail of crime fiction I adored the romance aspect of this book mostly because there was no romance not until the very Fashion Design Course end Withverything going on around Maddie pushing her into a relationship of some sort would have been a bit ridiculous and I m so happy Laurie chose not to take that route As it is the small glimpse of romance ahead was tasteful well timed and simply delightful It s just one of the things that make this book stand out In short Victoria Laurie did a fabulous job with what seems to be her YA debut Hopefully we won t have to wait too long for her next book but Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, even if we do I have a feeling it will be worth the wait Oh what a feast for my senses My verdict Incredible addictive and absolutely well done in terms of writing style characters plot suspenseven that cute Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga ending When or Death Date depending on thedition is an amazing paranormal story full of mystery and turnarounds It has a gripping plot great character development and for some reason I simply can t get it out of my mind I really loved it and now its memory is haunting me not that I m complaining In fact I want this story to be made into a movie because that s how it played out in my mind and if you are curious yeah it felt like a mind blowing mind movie Pun intendedIn paranormal mystery books it s Cincinnati and Other Plays easy to get lost through all so many details and lose focus of what s important but this story was kept pretty tightI also loved how all threads werentwined how some of the superficial details came back to bite us when least Speak Out! expected And I loved themotional side of it with our main character feeling guilty for the death of her father with her needing to take care of her depressed alcoholic mother with all the bullying and the need to prove their innocence because she wasn t the only one accused for those crimesYou might need to know that this book was absolutely great I Like You the Best even though it didn t focus on the romantic side in fact the romance was somewhere way in the background putting a smile on my face from time to time just waiting forverything to be fixed before surfacing And yes I didn t want it any other way because it worked so beautifully this way And the nding was so sweet and hopefulConclusionDear VictoriaI ll be watching youYou are on my favourite authors list right now and I can t wait to read another YA book from youLoveA new big fan of yoursHappy midnight reading ARC received from the publisher for review Find the complete review at ReadingAfterMidnightcomPost reading uick notesI am not sure what s the actual title for this book my ARC is called When here it is called Death Date
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oh just how beautiful book is Incredible addictive absolutely well done characters plot suspense ven that cute The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico endingI ll tell you soon just for now know that this is AMAZINGBlog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO The cover of the book will give you a dystopiansci fi sort of vibe so I was totally surprised to find out that this is YA contemporary with a dabera splash of paranormal which in this case is both good and bad It s good because the story revolves around a very creative premise Maddie has an abnormal ability to read people s deaths the figures plastered on people s foreheads such a lovely sight It s good because the plot navigates along an unexpected route that made the paranormal theme a psychological thriller as Maddie finds herself trapped in a murder investigation because of herxceptional ability I was instantly captivated by the creative take on the plot and the fast build up of suspense due to my newly found passion for the said genre It s good because the writing is simple and direct via Maddie s POV whose voice is very much appropriate for her age of 16 Her character is very realistic and relatable and I felt really bad for her to be caught in the midst of the most terrible situation I find the saying Terrible things happen to good people a perfect description to Maddie s stateThe realism however seems to have Lone Star Standoff ended there because as soon as the detectivesntered the scenes almost verything became very unrealistic starting with the dumb sorry for the word detectives Agent Wallace and Agent Faraday Their Stupidity Is Completely Infuriating And is completely infuriating and time they make a snarky comment to Maddie I arnestly want to possess her to tell themOr do this Actually I want to do the above things to Maddie s teachers and classmates and basically almost all characters in the book who seem to have forgotten that a person is innocent until proven guilty But despite the bad I still found myself intently tryin. St like birthdays More Punishment For His Cheating Wife everyone has one Forced by her alcoholic mother to use her ability to makextra money Maddie identifies the uickly approaching death date of one client's young son but because her ability only allows her to see the when and not the how she's unable to offer any insight When the boy goes missing on that Decision exact date lawnforcement turns to Ma.
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