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Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, iSe tell me that ain t a sock No comment Shi The Betrayal (The Siege it She leaned over to Winnie Charlie says his ex unlike yourss not faking that rocket Goodlord I Said No Comment I said No comment gritted out Your tone The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur is telling Stripped with the Vampire p 159The vampires of this book were also highlynteresting as they led a completely regular life without being able to walk Mers in the sun and Charlie hid many things from Vince while they weren a relationship so we get to discover everything along Vince Other thing that I liked A Heros Welcome is how Garrenllustrates her vampires dealings with eternity how they see their own Finding Normal immortality It was different without too many revolutions I likedt hahaBonus point the sex scenes I liked all the sex scenes Die Germanen in this book because none gone to waist All the times they appeared they were meaningful both characters wanted badly to be together andt was anything but vulgar Just the way I like them to be 3Bonus point pt 2 this cover Just this cover SO HOTOverall I d highly recommend this book The Broken Sword if you like mes Haunted Houses into vampires gay romances light books and really hot guys Definitely one of the best books that I ve read this yearThat st Thanks for reading and thanks again to NetGalley and the publisher for sending this my way 3 3 Go gay vampire rights starsThe reason I picked this up was because I read Jax Garren s Tales of the Underlight before and was surprised to see her PNR MM Charles Dickens in Netgalley A paranormal MM how can I passt upVince 24 a human work as a stripper Woot woot During one of his gig he stumble upon a Aztec cult and he was the ntended human sacrifice gasp After being attacked by vampires and crazy cult members Vince decided to seek help from his ex boyfriend CharlieCharlie the three century year old vamp prefer his privacy and minding his own business He was never one to put himself under the vamp politics scrutiny Charlie s very much He was never one to put himself under the vamp politics scrutiny Charlie The Romanovs is very much closet gay due to the fact that being a gayn the vampire world was frowned upon Actually I like the whole reason and conflict between Vince and Charlie Vince Cravings is a wild young man and love strutting his package around on stage While Charlies very old school and reserve Charlie felt that he can t give Vince the freedom and unable to accept that Vince so blatantly flirts with EVERYONE VINCE WAS STILL HURT BY Vince was still hurt by way Charlie broke up with him without giving him a chance to explain himself But now that they are force to being together again all the old feelings resurface again I ve decided that this book The Wedding Date is of an urban fantasy than paranormal romance There were simply too much attention paid to the conflict between the vampires and the Aztec cult Charlies not even the alpha vampire Swan Song in the conflict Instead we have Cash the other vampire whos the ass kicker There are a bunch of other colorful secondary characters but I ended up skimming most of their actionFor me the reason I read MM Learn Better is for the sex and this book felt short I only got one and a half sex scene I need less talking and sex for a MM to work for me I need lust mentioned of cock to sate my pervy mind The ending was pretty cute though It left a smile on my face despite the lack of sex between these two cutieI only recommended this for those who prefer MM with urban fantasy plot and only medium heatnvolv. Risk body and soul to make Harbor Me it a fire again But as they hide deepern Austin’s supernatural society a world of lies dark magic and warring El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, immortals he finds the path to reconciliation twisted than he’s evermagin. Wow great world to dive nto It S SIMPLE IN IT S COMPLEXITY simple n Master Math it s complexity Aztec mythology the vampire lore the Viking lore Jax blends the cultures smoothly without leaving the reader confusedn anyway I am looking forward to book 2 Charlie Travert used to be together with Vince Pagano not until He finds out Vince s odd job as a club stripper Him being a 300 year old something closeted vampire didn t take The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever it very well He s been hiding his sexuality for centuries lest the CoVIn the good vampires clan would reject and cast him out While the 24 year old out and proud Vince has something differrentn his mind He wants Charlie to publicly acknowledge their relationship and be comfortable with his sexuality But Charlie thought that their differences make them not compatible Hence the break upBut when a crazy aztec witch comes Patton on Leadership in to Vince s life Charlie swears to protect his ex evenf La Impostura Perversa it hurts to see him againThe story starts with not so properntroduction Informations keep firing off everwhere explaning the aztec culture and a little vamipire stuff Which Zones of Instability is way too early for that but pagesn and I managed to get The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, into the rythm For an author who took risk starting off a new series with gay MCs which she s not familiar with And actually pulledt off despite the love conuers all thing going on Once More With Feeling in heres overwhelmingStill I think the story focuses too much with the couple leaving no room for some Orange World and Other Stories important parts Though I did like the tension between the two ex lovers Vince s endeavors to make things right again and Charlie s bravery to coming out But I wanted to see pass than that there s this good world building that I wanted to explore and to get closer to this othernteresting people that I m curious of Hope What Matters Most it would be disclosedn the second bookThe fighting scenes are dull that they last only a couple of paragraphs It sn t handled well and brings no ntensity to the plot at all While the execution of merging the Aztec and Vampire lore together Linnys Sweet Dream List ismpressive Because Envy (Empty Coffin, it s rare to read something related to other mythology or culture thats unknown to us And plus the fact that Jax shared a bit of Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated informations of aztec tradition she gathered from researching at the end of the book Thanks to Valkyrie Books for providing me a copyn exchange for an honest review Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange I received this copy through NetGalley Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, in exchange of an honest review Let s go DThe StoryVince Pagano loves his job Despite all bad things people usually say when you reveal that you are a stripper Vince regrets nothing as he wins a good deal at his club has time for his hobby blacksmithingn the case and hot dates The only shadow n his mind s his ex CharlieFive years ago Charlie broke up with Vince after discovering Vince s real job and as much as he would like Vince knows he s not over Charlie yet And Being Forced To being forced to shelter with the man after running from were rats Tied Up in the middle of the nights not helping matters Picture This (Marsden in the slightest How can Vince get over his exf the man s just the same as he was back then for good and badCharlie n the other hand regrets how things turned up for them despite being the one that broke things up Being a vampire Charlie felt how empty his lif. In a world of dark spells and blood ties where no one The Unsuitable Secretary (Ladies Unlaced, is safe loves the most powerful magic of all Shy vampire Charlie never ntended to see Vince again after the bad boy human broke his heart But when Vince turns up. .

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Stripped with the VampireE used to be before Vince entered Moving is Murder (A Mom Zone Mystery, it and missed the young man But could he give them a second change knowing thatt would never be forever even Going Home (Nugget, if Vince wanted soMoremportant can Vince and Charlie solve out the differences Knot In My Backyard in their relationshipn the middle of the vampire apocalypseThe Analysis Just remembering that those were my Broken Wings impressions and opinion as a reader THIS BOOK OMG THIS BOOK OMGI was hooked since I ve read the blurb available at NetGalley but unfortunately took me some months to get to actually readingt and OH MY GOD this was one of the best vampire books that I read Jax Garren Beloved (Salvation, is brilliantn her writing characters building scenarios description connecting loose ends BEST BOOK EVER I read Chow Down (Melanie Travis, itn two days and a half because life Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2 insistedn getting Terror of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, into the way butt s a book that you can finish n a sitting just because YOU WON T BE ABLE TO DROP IT Vince and Charlie are YOU WON T BE ABLE TO DROP IT Vince and Charlie are one of my favorite couples n the world and I can t wait to read books by Jax FIVE STARS PEOPLEOkay let s get serious and professional nowThe narrative was n third person with alternating points of view between Vince and Charlie This s my favorite type and Garren did a wonderful job building Austin Immortals world Final Fondue (A Five-Ingredient Mystery in both perspectives The reader knows the difference between Vince and Charlie s thoughts where Vince has a goofy sense of humor ands very optimistic and easy going Charlie has a sophisticated sense of humor Ms. Holmes of Baker Street is very pessimist and shy All those characteristics are subtly present on the way Garren writes their points of viewThe plot was good It s not complicated or have any big twists but the reader can t be sure of any pairingsncluding the main one and takes a while for us to be sure of who Tough Girls Dont Dance is the real villain That s pretty amusing and I liked whot was I won t say due to spoilers but they are a great team hahaI was Love Are You Listening impressed with the personal growth that Garren makes her characters go though I honestly didn t have a bit of faithn Charlie and he Ethan of Athos (Vorkosigan Saga, is the person that grows the most through the book Whats really nice to see s that he becomes someone better for the sake of Vince because Vince gives him strength to defy his fears Besides being overly cute this s awesome Cash also grows up through his friends for their sake but he Besides being overly cute this Hawkes Target (A Sonny Hawke Thriller Book 3) is awesome Cash also grows up through his friends for their sake but he badass since the beginning so I think he like Christina Aguilera just keeps getting better hahaRhi Vince s best friend also evolves so much from the beginning She facesndescribable horrors Avenger (The Last Gunfighter, in the book and she manages to keept light as much as she cans Rhi Murder at Royale Court (Cleo Mack is just wow But I have to admit that my favorite female character was Winnie She doesn t show around much but shes badass Preachers Fortune / Honor of the Mountain Man (The First Mountain Man, in a uiet style like I m just going to take your head off now excuse me kind of way And she has the best reactionsn a strip club along with Modron and Emma haha BEST SCENE EVER I have to share a small piece this with you guys The pants came off ripped from the Velcro at the sides and the crowd went nuts Now My Favorite Countess (The Stanton Family, it was bad The red crap of underwear barely contained him Vince Not wasn t bad Broken Places it was obscene And everyone lovedt Charlie licked his lips as the need to cover his ex up made him clutch the table Awaken, My Love in fear he d go do something aboutt Emma leaned over laughing as she cheered Plea. Beaten and marked for sacrifice to an Aztec God Charlie will do anything keep him safe Vince has never forgiven himself for the lie that ended things with Charlie The spark between them s as hot as ever and Vince would. .
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