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The Lady in Pink Deadly Ever After #2

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Oor This series is an excellent addition to the Urban Fantasy genre Do yourself a avor and Get The Two Books In the two books in seriesthey are well worth itA huge thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books Loving James (Surviving Elite High, for aree copy in exchange Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, for an honest review Blue and Izzy s new detective agency is goingrom strength to strength and has become a household name even if your house is a shoe They have offices now and a staff and are a growing successBut when one of their interns is murdered it looks like Blue could be the target and even so losing an employee just has to be investigated But as they delve deeper the *Opposition Becomes Stronger As They *becomes stronger as they connections with Blue s mysterious past And his curseThe plot of this book is interesting but I m in two minds about it The whole mystery of Blue s origin how it I See Rude People fed the conflict between Izzy and Blue the whole opposition against their discovery and how it pops up in several different ways all work really well I like how it s related to several parts of the story and is both part of their profession and personal lives and allowedor some character growthIt also has a series of excellent Noir style cross and double cross as victim and suspect constantly changed and changed and changed again It had some really good twists and unexpected endings I honestly didn t have any idea where it was going or who the culprit was and I was completely surprised several times I appreciate that in any book especially a book with a murder mystery Being kept guessing is always an achievement So lots of positive On the negative side I HVAC Design Sourcebook feel the ending was sprung on me without any real back up to it I didn t see it coming but how could I All the relevant information was dumped in the last part of the book there was no way to extrapolate to this and that whole revelationelt abrupt and rather sudden There s a twist and an abrupt change of direction Still I am curious as to what that means Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing for theutureI also uite like the whole debate over whether Blue s abilities are a curse or a blessing and I think it s actually done really well after I ve read a huge number of books Where The Curse Has Had the curse has had real downsideFor me there s a strange disconnect with this book s this series world building which I ve touched on before On the one hand the original elements of the story are excellent The whole idea of The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, fairies that produce dust and need dentin to exist that s an excellent original concept I really like It takes the idea of the toothairy and elevates it and explains it It s interesting and it s original and there s some genuine thought behind it that I appreciated There are other hints of things that I think have high potential like the very original Trolls There s a lot of really uniue elements I m interested in hereBut there s also a lot of Ormen i Essex fairy. ’re the one with enough voltagelowing through your veins to power Fairyland Blue Reynolds has nabbed his Bare It All (Love Undercover, fair share of criminals with and without the help of his alluring halfairy partner Isabella Davis but this one is proving to be slippery than. BlueJames was a licensed P I and his intern had been electrocuted to death in Blue s apartment Isabella Iggy was Blue s business partner and was airy They had started reynolds And Davis Securities together a little over a year ago Blue was suppose to reynolds And Davis Securities together a little over a year ago Blue was suppose to the victim Blue was trying to ind his birth parents who had left him on a doorstep when he was an infant but someone doesn t want Blue to An Elusive Victorian find out hence the contract out on him Also he was looking intoairies that were being kidnapped For Their Fairy Dust Izzy Was The Former Tooth Fairy their airy dust Izzy was the Staging Tourism former toothairy the The Last Imaginary Place fairies are mad at Blue because of this Izzy and Blue are attracted to each other but Blue doesn t want to take it past the partnerfriend lineThis was definitely a different take on aairy tale type story I laughed but liked the Not Just Roommates fairy tale characters in this story as well as names of some of the places in the story Throw in a little paranormal and you have one very entertaining story that I liked I like the twists and turns of this story I recommend I received an ARC of this storyor an honest review It s been a year since Izzy Davies the previous Tooth Fairy and Blue Reynolds Little Boy Blue with an electricity problem became partners in a new PI Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, firm Their relationship remains platonic due to Blue s problem ofrying people with his hands and his reluctance to hurt Izzy by accidentally shocking her However someone is out to get Blue his intern was killed at Blue s apartment and then his office is torched Who is out to get him How can he keep their good looking new VP away Jean-Paul Sartre from Izzy But most of all can he keep Izzyrom being killed in the cross Vintage Games fireBlue is a sexist alcoholic crass self destructive manand I love him He s sarcastic and an egomaniac but these traits justor some reason makes him even likable Sometimes his constant drinking gets to me but Zamba for some reason he s just lovable I think it s because I sense a lonely starvedor affection lost Little Boy Blue But enough about him This book was an excellent addition to what I think will be a great series There were a couple *Of Things That I *things that I a little annoying Izzy comes off as a little too much of a liar The Erotic Motive in Literature for me to really trust her to be a good character so much so I can t understand why Blue trusts her Not that she s terrible she actually is an intriguing character who I would like to understand a little bit and toeel I can trust her I like to The Detour feel the motivations of the characters and Iind her too removed to do that Next I wish Blue would come across a little less like a bumbling PI who just stumbles across the answers to the mysteries He seems intelligent and I d like him to show his competence once in a while drunk or not But these are minor things I love the mixing in of The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd fairy tales the line Fraternity Row Row Row about had me rolling on thel. Coming home to ind a dead body in your living room isn’t the best way to end a long day’s work especially when that work is as New Never City’s premier blue haired PI It’s even worse when the corpse is your intern electrocuted to death and you. Tale elements that don t mesh well because they re not remotely developed I m going to have to draw on how this is handled in other books to make my point clear When Jasper Fforde write The Fourth Bear we had a Goldie Locks who was very picky and needed everything to be just right While JC Nelson s Grimm Agency had princesses who had powers and lives that mark that In this book we have Goldie Locks who is a woman with blonde hair We have a reference to people living in a shoe but no development or explanation We have women *mentioned as princesses but it just seems like it s being used *as princesses but it just seems like it s being used a synonym or woman I don t understand why these airy tale elements are there if they are literally just going to be used as words Goldie Locks and Peter Rabbit could be called Susan and Fred if Mamá for all the meaning their names mean It srustrating because I ve seen how well this can be done and this book isn t doing itBlue has a lot of wrongheadedness when it comes to his attitudes towards Izzy He is protective to the point of controlling he tries to keep secrets When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from heror her own good and he is constantly trying to lock her up or keep her inside Fearless (Nashville Nights, for her own safety This could be seen as a general sense of caution when we consider the threats against him but he has absolutely no reg Posted on What I m ReadingLet me just say I loved The Lady in Pink It s absolutelyantastic However there are a The Bomber Dog few things you need to know before you start this particular story 1 Still not your happy cheeryairytale that we have all grown to love Basically what Disney has painted as Novelas de Isabel Allende fairytales That is a whole other subject that we are just not going to get into Nitty and gritty like theirst book 2 If you embark on this story you should probably read the Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, first story because you will need the background of Wanted Dead Not AliveThis series must be read in order Theirst book is The Fairyland Murders This is the second book I can t wait to read the next bookBlue comes home to The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide find his intern James dead in his apartment Needless to say SOMEONE is trying to kill him AGAIN Too bad the list of people who would like to see him dead it probably longer than even he knows What did he do this time How will heind out who is trying to kill him now Is this because of his mysterious unknown past One of his old cases The missing Top Secret Executive Resumes, Second Edition fairiesIzzy has her secrets She haseelings Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? for Blue but she refuses to admit them especially not to him She has turned their business into a uickly expanding success Too bad Blue is still hiding thingsrom her Will their partnership remain intact Or will the secrets and lies rip them apart Or cause their deathsThis series is suitable Becoming Violet for adult readers who enjoy a little irreverence in their urbanantasy thriller suspense mysteries with a dash of romance and a lot of humo. Most As Blue and Izzy investigate who might have wanted a lowly intern dead and why they begin to uncover a diabolical plan that could put both of their lives in dangerand unearth shocking secrets that stretch deep into Blue’s shadowy Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers family history.