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Pisces author Rachel MedhurstEcause of the tf subject just on t run away from this one unless you need a good laugh first up a twinflame and a soulmate are not the same thing it was really annoying to read about a twinflame soulmate since that would basicly compare to a firefighter baker second when you meet a tf you know You just effing know There is no oubt between Anthony of Daniel that was ridiculous a tf can not be compared with any other person it would be comparing your child with some strange neighbour kid and having no idea which one is Yours Bullshit Other Wildly bullshit other wildly misconceptions being abused in this bookmiss pisces claims to be in a running stage while not knowing who her effing tf is how the hell is that even possible and surrender seriously you ve learned to surrender by reading a book you o not even understand her tf is running because he was busy with his work and they kiss and poof harmonising state seriously there was no love at all in this book until the end and all of a sudden he is the love of her life the one her tf harmony and happily ever after it just The Perfect Indulgence didn t make any sense at allstages where mixed up reasons for certain behaviour like running or even kissingidn t add upoverall conclusion Rachel medhurst has heard something somewhere about twinflames googled it and used some uote s in the most innapropriate and illogical parts of a bad attempt of a bookso if you ve met your tf Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, don to thisif you haven t A Seductive Revenge don to it either for those who actually are in the proces it can be hard enough being missunderstood California Living don t add to that by reading something that couldn t have been farther from the truth one star because I couln to a zero and I So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, do have to admit that screenshotting certain parts and sending it to my tf was fun and we had a good laugh First off even as far as romanceramas go this one has a rather cheesy premise The world is starting to lose faith in love and there are entities who have an interest in keeping that so It s never clear who these are and what they stand to gain by forcing love out of the universe So 12 people are born with the mission of finding their twin flame or soulmate and inspire such couples to get together It starts to sound greatly "like propaganda by married people to force everyone else into coupled up states never mind rationale "propaganda by married people to force everyone else into coupled up states never mind rationale or individualityBut the book redeems itself because of the characterisation of the protagonist and her 11 zodiac siblings Pisces is not a strong person But to anyone familiar with the rudiments of astrology she embodies the sign perfectly Pisces is probably the hardest sign to characterise since its people are supposed to have all the signs within them But this book perfectly etches out the confusion the heightened sensitivity the need for space the intuition and the surprising individuality of the sign It also Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty does a fair job of fleshing out Cancer Scorpio Leo and Aries prominent supporting characters From an zodiac viewpoint I m not sure why fire and water are allied so closely when astrology tells us it s earth and water that are natural allies while fire and air tend to bond But I m willing to overlook that as part of the fictitious universe that the author has created The book alsooes a marvellous job of tying you into the whole series by strewing various clues about upcoming books Aries Scorpio I will want to read the others simply to experience a fictionalised version of each of the zodiac signs I got this book off NetGalley This book had many ualities and aspects of it which were intriguing to me I loved the idea of the astr. His lifetime My brothers sisters and I were each named after the star sign we were born under We knew that our soul purpose was to fall madly in love and battle through the obstacles that led to that. This is a magical read about 8 witches and their fated mates and a curse There s some action adventure Excitement Family Drama Kidnapping An family rama kidnapping an for posting my review so late Firstly I would just like to point out that although I rated this book 3 stars Rachel is a fantastic author The writing flowed perfectly and was very well written from start to finish Unfortunately this book was just not my cup of tea I liked the ideas that are present in the story and liked the ideas that are present in the story and think that they had so much potential however I just feel like they were not explained fully Maybe I just need to read the rest of the series to understand fully I thought that Pisces was annoying which was a shame I guess books with female main characters are not for me I would recommend this book to teens of ages 11 17 I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis was really exciting and I m excited for the series It is a very interesting topic 12 children each for a sign of the Zodiac Pisces was a great character and totally relatable Antony was a great "other half I am a chase girl so I love to have a "half I am a chase girl so I love to have a chase that leads to love it gets me every time There was good set up for the rest of the series and great potential characters I will not lie and tell you I can t wait to read my Zodiac sign s story however it will probably be a while since my sign id not have a prominent part in this book but regardless it was a really engaging start to a seriesMy small hang ups were some jumpy parts in the story I would have liked a little flow AND I wanted a little content These small issues A Study in Scandal (Scandalous didn t really make aifference but personally was just my feelings towards the flowcontentI Letting it Go d love to continue reading this series A big thank you to Rachel Medhurst for providing me a copy for review HowisappointingI kept turning the page thinking that there would be some point to this book sorry to say I The One Who Stays (Summer Island, didn t find it I should have DNF at 30% but I wanted to believe that the initial idea of characters with powers related to their zodiac sign would lead to something but when there s aecent fight scene the author would skim over it or have the characters running awayPisces has a gift she can breath underwater but Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, did sheo anything with it no we ll other than jumping into the Thames when she gets into trouble she s probably full of fieces or trash when she wades out The book waffles on constantly going nowhere I there s no real plot ok 12 characters need to find their soulmates but having these 12 characters introduced all living together with mummy they were like 12 yr old not 20 yr olds whinging adolescents boys shagging anything they wanted sorry no explicit sex scenesThere s too many characters and our baddies the Smijurija u mjerama dysfunctionals OMG that DNF 71% I just couldn t stand the flat writing any longer this is without aoubt the most ridiculous book I ve ever readwarning possible spoilers and ranting ahead so first of all the story itself is a unbelievable weak copy from Joss Stirlings soulmate That s it Pisces is annoying completely stupid naive Speer dumb andid I mention annoying That s all you need to know about thatsecond of all the reason I wanted to read this book is the twinflame subject being in a twinflame procesrelationship myself and having come across a lot of Bull online I was curious to see where this would go perhaps that was my mistake to think there actually would be a book out there that accuretely escribed some of the things you come across with a tf connectionI could not have been wrong so if you re interested in this book The bracelet around my wrist was a permanent reminder of my mission The silver charm that was attached to the leather cord was stamped with my birth sign Mission Unite with my twin flame soulmate in .

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Ological signs each being manifest into a person all with the basic attributes of their star sign I loved the idea of fated mates united with the mission to bring love to the world though that idea grew to be a bit fantastical as I read on I thought that the ynamics of the twelve siblings would have been a nice little piece though they just served to confuse me as I continued to read the book Also
"We Didn T Get Many "
didn t get many with the whole lot of them mainly just a smaller group consisting of a few of the men and only "a couple of the women This was a bit isappointing Among "couple of the women This was a bit isappointing Among many aspects that I The Lost Literature of Medieval England disliked in this book also included the idea of soulmates mainly because none of the characters seemed to act like the title meant anything Father married someone else who wasn t his Twin Flame though he was still in charge of helping Pisces find andeal with her mate Um NO Also what I absolutely A Curse of Kings detested was the overdramaticenial of the bond between Pisces and Antony on both their parts They re both in their twenties and they were angst ing like a couple of adolescent children always running from the other and getting upset when the other Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, did the exact same thing The fact that Medhurst tried to make this seem like an acceptable and normal thing too by calling it a stage in the harmonising process just angered me even It was pathetic and pointless and that s all there is to it On top of this I had no idea as to the actual role of the Dysfunctionals what the heck kind of name is that by the way REAL terrifying in this story To me they seemed only to serve as an annoyance and an interruption to the angsty crap we were all trying to enjoy They Im a Narwhal didn t seem like an actual threat Nick was just plain irritating and every time he confronted Pisces it was like he was trying to explain his actions to her almost meekly trying to persuade her to his POV Nonsense the whole lot of it The overall execution of the plot and the characterevelopment fell flat and came off as largely underwhelming to me I wish I could consider continuing on with this series just because the Zodiac angle intrigued me so much but seeing as how all the other eleven signs must find their Twin Flames as well and likely take up an entire book to get over their reservations and accept their Mission I cannot bring myself to continue reading I have no patience for eleven books of angst ridden self Madame Timide denial BS before we finally get around to kicking some Dysfunctionals arse To all ye who choose to continue on Good Luck I couldn to it DNF 40% I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review so here we areActual rating probably at somewhere between 35 and 375 stars Just barely shy of my idea of a 4 star book So the book I actually enjoyed it than I had originally thought I would The plot was really interesting and I Girl, Woman, Other definitely enjoyed the premise and the whole idea of their mission to find their twin flame soul mate and help bring love and hope back to the world I like thatespite their idea of their being soul mates it wasn t something instantaneous or a perfect relationship that never reuired work Even when they found their soul mates they weren t sure fire things that they just accepted and rolled with they were something that reuired as much effort as anything else The couple things that prevented it from being a 4 star book was that some parts just felt a bit too rushed and the story seemed to jump around a lot It felt like a rough raft at times which was upsetting because it was overall a very good uick rea. True love Antony crept up on me and caught me unaware He was nothing like I'd imagined my twin flame soulmate to be When he started to run I found that I had to give chase I had to complete my mission. ,

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