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Rite the book It is thought provoking for a business book and makes you wonder if you could survive the burning intensity and obsession that drives this man Working with and makes you wonder if you could survive the burning intensity and obsession that drives this man Working with you d give your ye teeth to see someone in our business operate with one hundredth of the vision and direction this guy built Ryanair with It s uite obvious that he s a one off an Student Research Projects in Calculus eccentric and driven by something beyondxplanation ven his own xplanation Not as good as the previous Ryanair book I read and I was surprised I got through over 400 pages to the nd of it i was browsing THE SHELVES AT A BOOKSTORE IN shelves at a bookstore in looking To Pick Up Some Literature That Was pick up some literature that was than joyce s Odyssey ran across this book about michael o leary the irish fellow who took ryanair from a small regional money losing airline to what in 2011 will be the biggest in urope A Heart of Stone even since reading richard branson s losing my virginity i ve found the airline biz fascinating so that was a hook these two o leary uotes on the book jacket sold methere s no point in having some long term plan because a long term plan gets knocked on its ass andbusiness books are bullshit and usually written by wankersthe book chronicles the beginnings of ryanair in the 80s to its rise an airline that carried 40m passengers and made 470 millionuros in profit in 2007 it s very thorough covering all kinds of machinations and intrigue between ryanair and the large state run airlines over the past 20 years fascinating also is how o leary changed the airline biz model so that he didn t make the majority of his money from airfares instead focusing on a Taking Instruction (Taboo, extremely low cost high volume model that makes revenue from selling ancillary services to passen. Understood that O'Leary has wrought'Ruddock's fast paced retelling of Ryanair's rise and rise confirms O'Leary's insistence that his success has little to do with the management maxims of business gurus andverything to do with graft and ruthless attention to detail' Observer'Probably the definitive Ryanair story a good read' Sunday Independent'The fullest and most accurate picture of. ,
Very interesting story yes O Leary Can Come Across As can come across as bit of a twat but I think he s a legend Great businessman did amazing things for Ireland aviation in general Entertaining to read but after hundreds of pages only about Ryanair it gets a little bit boring I xpected information about O Leary s life I think it s a great book to read only if you are a really big fan of Ryanair and the whole aviation business Otherwise kinda boring Interesting read however it is very similar to the Ryanair book and focuses a lot on the development of Ryanair than Mo L Himself I Suppose l himself i suppose is MO L himself I suppose this is as his life is pretty much consumed by Ryanair There are many humorous parts to the book which perfectly highlight his personality Undoubtedly he is a fantastic businessman and has revolutionized the European Airline industry O Leary has been badly let down by Ruddock The arly chapters dealing with o Learys upbringing his schooling and time at university were very poorly crafted This is what happens when you go for the cheap no frills option The arly days the time of influences cried out for a Wilbur Smith to paint the picture of the small unattractive yet plucky country boy so we could later see past the public image of the deranged gurning knacker of a culchie and somehow see a man we could loveInstead we get the cringing bullshit doubletalk of the double glazing salesman If you didn t have an opinion of o Leary before you threw away this waste of paper and print after 20 pages the chances are you had a very poor opinion of him after This became rather dry and I soon yearned for uotations from the man himself you only learn at the nd that he d no interest in helping the author Michael O'Leary is a business giant He transformed Ryanair from a loss making joke of an Irish carrier into one of the most valuable airlines in the world and in the process he has revolutionized the very nature of commercial aviation In this the first biography of O'Leary Alan Ruddock portrays the man in three dimensions and xamines the business miracle often talked about but poorly. ,

Gers ultimately their success can be attributed to three thingsa cutting costs mercilessly specially signing sweetheart deals with airports near major city centers that were dying for passengers stanstead near london for mercilessly Promise at Dawn especially signing sweetheart deals with airports near major city centers that were dying for passengers stanstead near london for rampant and cheeky promotion by o leary which good or bad always caused ticket sales to spike one of my fave stories is about him post 911 driving a tank towards an airport declaring a war on low fares also see this latest hilarious clip which has o leary declaring in a press conference that blowjobs will be included on transatlantic flights c a culture ofxperimentation that allows ryanair to move uickly to try fail learn and rapidly respond to changing market conditionsdon t read this unless you re interested in the airline industry it s not as wide ranging or personal as branson s losing my virginity but if you are the least bit curious about how ryanair got to where it is today this is the book for you Interesting to know how Ryanair started and how a small failing company nded up being leader in Europe No matter how you may feel about the airline s policies and way of doing business he has done a remarkable job turning this unknown leasing company into a market leader and helped make air travel accessible to the average person A well researched and well written account of O Leary s transformation of Ryanair from basket case to behemoth It shows how a hungry opportunistic and ruthless individual will rise to the top in any circumstances If O Leary had applied for a job at Ryanair he would have been rejected But by offering to work for Ryan for free he got his foot in the door and once it was in nothing would stand in his way Interesting read. O'Leary to date' Irish Daily Mail'Unlike previous books which simply chart the growth of the airline this one is bound to get under O'Leary's skin because it reveals a great deal about his hugely driven character' Irish Independent'Ruddock is good on the flavour of the man a bundle of nergy whose two favourite words start with an F and an S they aren't flower and sugar' Irish Examine.

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