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book through First Reads FTC guidelines check Shakespeare s Guide to Parenting ike the wildly popular xkcd comic is written with simple stick figures paired with as you probably guessed from the title uotations from Shakespeare s works This format works for most of the panels but FALL FLAT FROM TIME TO TIME I THINK fall flat from time to time I think problem is when you re telling a story and using something as complex as Shakespeare which relies on context to build the drama for your main narrative voice it s hard to make it work as intended Also to simplify a joke down to one perhaps two ines and maintain the comic punch is a very difficult thing That being said I did pull some favorite moments from this one If your child continues to be particular about their food explain in no uncertain terms what the alternative will be I l make you feed on berries and on roots and feed on curds and whey and suck the goat Titus Andronicus IV ii pg 121Having dealt with a picky eater for years and experiencing hair pulling frustration at her recalcitrance I may actually use that City Improbable line at my house Be wary of rashly administering a sanction that you mayater The Big Bookshelf lack the resolve to see through Remember excellent outcomes can be achieved through epic sounding yet non specific threats I will have such revenges on you both that all the world shall I will do such things what they are I know not but they shall be the terrors of the earth King Lear II ivpg 103Ah the drama of parenthoodAnd finally the drawing accompanying this one is of aittle girl who has dropped her ice cream as her mother No Future for You looks over at her Stoicism Introducing your child to philosophy at a young age can help them come to term. Trust father of three William Shakespeare for all the advice you need for any parenting dilemma in this witty and erudite guide a handy collection of wisdom drawn from his most beloved works from Hamlet to King Lear to Much Ado About NothingWith a series of cunningly extractedines from his best SOS Schlank ohne Sport - loved plays and sonnets hilariously illustrated in a simple almost childike style James Andrews proves once again that Shakespeare expert on ove death vanity ambition war deceit regret is the font .
S with difficult concepts such as oss and bereavement What can be avoided whose end is purposed by the mighty gods Julius Caesar II ii pg 43ClassicIf you enjoyed Shakespeare s Guide to Parenting I d recommend I Was a Child by Bruce Kaplan a memoir told in simple but surprisingly powerful Doodles Or Penguins With or Penguins with People by Mary Laura Philpott much to it but I ove out of context Shakespeare uotes The best part is that so many uotes are from King Lear and that play is a prime example of Bad Parenting Got a few good giggles I d Everwar (Cal Leandros, like to thank the author for a copy of the book and the chance to review it through the GoodReads First Reads programShakespeare s Guide to Parenting James AndrewsIf youove Shakespeare ike I do you will find humor in this book Not roll on the floor aughing but a good chuckle The artwork No Way Home looksike something a 4th grader would do No offense to 9 year old artists Aside from that the purpose of the book is to match Shakespearian uotes to today s child rearing dilemmas And they do match very well Here Sequins and Spurs lies the humor for those who have children andove Shakespeare I enjoyed it Okay confession time sometimes if I see a really short book in my DK Adventures local bookshop and I m not sure if I should spend money on it because I don t know if Il enjoy it I just read it there and then strategically standing out of view of the cashier s desk so I won t get called out on my illegal reading This is what I did yesterday with Shakespeare s Guide to Parenting it In The Name of God looked interesting but I didn t really think it was worth the exorbitant price so I spent ten or fifteen minutes flicking through the pages And it was interesting there are some pretty funny moments in here but I was F all wisdom including raising childrenYour thirsty toddler wakes you up at 3 am Shakespeare describes your thoughts perfectlyWhat cursed foot wanders this way tonight Romeo and JulietYour child throws a temper tantrum clinging to youregs Shakespeare has the perfect responseVile thing et oose or I will shake thee from me ike a serpent A Midsummer Night’s DreamYour son throws a booze party crashes the car or commits some other vaguely humiliating infraction or minor illegal act Shakespear. ,

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Shakespeares Guide to Parenting

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