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A Ved Mehta Reader jI haveust awarded Ms Miles a Gold Star for her ability to write minutia for filler than any other other author I have read I think there was a story in there somewhere Ah there was I found it near the end of the book where the happily ever after was also hidden There is one book in this series and I know for a fact that the bad guys will be there They got coverage than the HH Of course now I have to finish the series If the last book is like this one it will not take long because I can skip uickly through the filler I am sure there will be plenty of it unless Ms Miles has mended her ways This is a story of resilience redemption and hope Ms Miles had me rooting for her characters from the start Colin and Lucy are each trying to fulfill missions his to the crown and hers to her Aunt and they decide to work together Colin needs her for his health and Lucy needs his family connections and his determination As they help each other they realize they are better together than apart They each have secrets that they try to keep from the other Eventually they share their secrets and that leads to issues that they need to overcome There are other characters in the story that have secrets and those lead to attempts on both Colin and Lucy s lives Those same secrets threaten Lucy s livelihood and her position in the ton The evil characters are wonderfully nasty and one I am still trying to figure out I am hoping he will be revealed in the next book in the seriesThis is the second in the Muses Salon series it can be read as a standalone book but the characters in Colin s family are richer if you have read JILTING THE DUKE first The Muses Salon is mentioned toward the end and left me hoping for interaction regarding it The idea is intriguing but so it has not been given any real substance I am hoping the salon gets underway in the next book and they can show the ton the strong women they are and so some outrageous things Lucy s strength and determination to follow through on her mission is wonderful and I really loved her characterI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review Reviewed for the blog Buried Under Romance I won t rate this since I only got 50 pages into it before stopping This The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover just wasn t for me This hero was beyond a rake for me Maybe it was the laudanum that he hadust taken 5 seconds prior that brought out the rake in him but this story opens basically with the hero getting injured arriving at a coaching inn where the heroine is hiding out as a scullery maid type she is assigned to take care of the hero s bullet wound and he immediately starts his campaign to get down her panties It really wasn t even insta lust it was Hometown Honey just instant man whore ish attempts Itust struck me as ridiculous So that ust threw me into a big EH and I decided to move onto another waiting on my TBR shelf While I really enjoyed the first 60% of this book that last 40% was a fucking mess Plot went in 80 different directions characters changed on a dime with little explanation and the whole evil cousin thing was resolved in the most anticlimactic way possible25 stars I really felt this was a 35 stars but didn t have that option I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in stars but didn t have that option I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in for an honest review Chasing the Heiress by Rachael Miles is book two in the The Muses Salon series It is the Heiress by Rachael Miles is book two in the The Muses Salon series It is the of Lady Arabella Lucia Fairborne and Colin Somerville I have read the previous book Jilting the Duke but I found this book to be a standalone book Arabella Lucy is on the run from her cousinfamily who is out to hurtkill her Lucy pretends to be a made at a Inn where she meets Colin who has been injured Lucy has knowledge of taking care of injuries from her time helping in the war So Lucy is a The Muses Salon has a second book added to it series with a third one scheduled There was fascination with aristocrats turned soldier turned spies for the crown The adventure of making from one point to the next not knowing what was next to come around the corner Historical romance that provides that bit of intriguesuspense with romance spiced with adventure and discovery I found those things within the pages of Chasing the Heiress Lady Arabella showed her strength and Courage In Was Than Being in was than being and able to care for herself She had a backbone that was not appreciate by her cousin but there was something that he did appreciate and that was the large fortune that she had and he wanted very much Doing what she knew needed to be done she took her own life in her hands and made a run for it She was not expecting the ourney to be as it wasColin had only one thing that needed to be done and that was to get his current assignment completed As the world of life hands to you test and trials this was no different for him Colin becomes injured and in need of assistance The assistance that he receive was not expected A proposal was made and one proceeds the adventure for Lucy and assignment completion for Colin Things are not always as they appearI found moments that I was confused and scratching my head a bit or I had to go back to some passages and re read a few things because I thought that I may have missed something I found this to be a standalone in the series but desire to read Jilting the Duke was heavy throughout the readThis ARC was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Light read Romantic suspenseThis is the second book in the The Muses Salon series and also at least as far as I can tell from Goodreads the second published book by this author I received an eARC from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and I can honestly say tha I m probably being a bit mean when I only give this two stars because at times I found it an engaging enjoyable read The problem is I also found it really long was irritated by little details and got fed up of the plot switching off the romance to deal with the suspense then switching off the suspense to deal with the romance with some dull interludes in between It also had a habit of abandoning plot threads as unresolved the moment they finished their narrative purpose for. Lady Arabella Lucia Fairborne has no need of a husband She has a fine inheritance for the taking a perfectly capable mind and a resolve as tough as nails But what she doesn't have is the freedom to defy her cousin's will and his will is to see her married immediately to the husban.

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Chasing the Heiress The Muses Salon #2But manages to get them to the nearest inn where the capable landlady who is also fortunately the local midwife takes immediate charge tending to Marietta and eventually delivering her baby Having reached relative safety Colin finally allows himself to be treated as well but rather than calling someone in from outside he is treated by a lower servant a scullery maid by the name of Lucy who in spite of the fact that she spends her days washing dishes turns out to be a surprisingly skilled and knowledgeable healer Colin uickly discovers that she gained both those things on the battlefields of Belgium and France whence she d followed the drum with her army officer father Colin is content to let her patch him up but I really could have done without the lustful thoughts about Lucy at this point the guy has been shot lost a lot of blood is in a great deal of pain and is worried about the shot pregnant woman in the next room I should have thought assessing the shagability of the scullery maid would have been the last thing on his mindThe reader is already privy to the fact that Lucy is no scullery maid but is actually Lady Arabella Lucia Fairbourne a wealthy heiress fleeing from her evil relatives who are prepared to stop at nothing to gain control of her inheritance This is Falling For Him just one of several inconsistencies that distracted me and pulled me out of the story I had to wonder how an officer s daughter was also a Lady because I don t recall it being stated that her father was titled Her great aunt entrusted Lucy with a letter on her death bed and insisted she take it personally to an old friend in London The letter will prove Lucy s claim to her property once and for all and ensure her safety from the murderous machinations of her slimy cousin Marner Another bout of head scratching ensued here as I wondered why the great aunt hadn t simply told Lucy what was in the letterThe bulk of the first part of the novel is taken up with Colin and Lucy s growing closeness and their burgeoning romance The couple has a lot in common they enjoy each other s company and acknowledge their attraction to each other uite easily but as a result there is little romantic tension between them In addition the pacing of this part of the book is problematic I m normally all over those parts of a story in which the hero and heroine spend time getting to know each other and making a solid foundation for their relationship but here I found myself freuently wanting things toust move along already There is too much unnecessary detail here and at other points throughout the story and at others too many unanswered uestions and inconsistencies leading to the impression that whole novel would have benefited from some Undercover at City Hospital judicious editingIt wasn t until around the 60% mark on my Kindle that things started to pick up which makes it difficult to talk about the plot without giving away too much Colin and Lucy have to leave the inn and break theirourney at the home of Lady Emmeline Hartley a very old friend of Colin s with whom he had one of those if we re not married by twenty five we ll marry each other pacts Emily is an engaging character in a difficult situation she s under a lot of pressure to marry from her horrid family sees that Colin is in love with Lucy and admits that she s in love with someone else too but this is a brief interlude that feels as though it has been plugged in ust so the author can up the angst level towards the end of the book when Colin believes Lucy has left him This part of the novel is primarily concerned with pulling together the various mystery and suspense threads that the author has laid throughout the story as well as some from the previous book as we are re introduced to the mysterious criminal mastermind Charters and to the missing Somerville brother Benedict who seems to be playing Xavier to Charters Magneto But while Ms MIles pulls those elements together well the romance loses focus and there is so much else going on that it feels as though by this point she is falling over herself to cram everything in before the end of the bookLucy and Colin have both seen the ravages of war and are carrying around unpleasant memories and in Colin s case a load of guilt over his previous mission He is troubled worn down by all the things he s seen and done and he wants out Lucy has learned to be self sufficient and her war time experiences have taught her that life is fleeting and that one should make hay while the sun taught her that life is fleeting and that one should make hay while the sun I liked that about her she wasn t afraid to go after what she wanted and her attitude to life is honest and pragmatic But then her self sufficiency is allowed to go too far as she keeps her secrets from Colin for too long which ultimately place "Her In Great Danger "in great danger Colin who begins the novel as witty clever and rather charming somewhere along the way turns into a man whose motivations lead to some strange behavior and who is at the end of the book a bit of a wimpOne of my principal criticisms of Jilting the Duke was that it was too busy and the same is true of Chasing the Heiress I maintain that Ms Miles is a talented writer her prose is excellent and she can tell a good story but she needs someone at her back with a big red pencil who can tell her when she s over complicating or dragging things out unnecessarily Another concern is that although she is obviously someone who believes in conducting extensive research for some reason that research didn t reveal that we didn t have pound coins in England until 1983 or that men in England at this period would have worn breeches or trousers and not pantsI can t recommend Chasing the Heiress wholeheartedly but I ll say again that Ms Miles has a lot of potential and is an author I m going to keep an eye on The good things in the book are very good and I was drawn in by the continuing story of the evil Charters which is obviously going to run throughout all the books in the series The next book Tempting the Earl features the enigmatic Harrison Walgrave Colin s superior and apparently Home Office spymaster and his estranged wife damn but that s like catnip to yours truly so I ll probably be picking it up. Oyal palace But when injured and out of ideas Colin stumbles upon a beautiful maid who knows her way around a sickroom it seems salvation has arrived Until he realizes that though Lucy may be able to help him survive his expedition he may not escape this ordeal with his heart inta. ,
This story and so while at times I enjoyed this there were plenty of other moments when I didn tColin and Lucy are okay characters I liked how competent Lucy was at the start using her battlefield training to excellent effect She also shows strength and resilience at other points which makes her admirable too However there s a trust issue that got right on my nerves It was a case of Oh How can you not trust me when I ve shown that I don t trust you either you horrible person That makes me so glad I never trusted you Now I must flounce off into danger Take that Yes it serves a convenient narrative point but it does it in a really annoying way It would have been far better for Em not to have noticed Lucy and let her keep thinking the wrong thingThere is a lot going on in this novel It opens with Colin on a mission that goes very badly wrong which provides excellent opportunity for him to both meet Lucy and for her to show off her skills It also means they have to spend lots of time together and continue to do so for a good portion of the novel This would have been fine if that plot hadn t then been abandoned because first Romance Then Lucy Problems It made all the fuss and bother seem pointless and uite frankly didn t do poor Marietta much usticeAs for Lucy s troubles as interesting as they were and unexpectedly dark at times they dragged on rather a bit Especially when you think they re over but no Like a pantomime villain they return when you least expect Except you do expect because the characters do something stupidly out of character so you know it s going to go wrong Add in the really rushed ending and you may begin to understand my frustrations There s also a lot of build up around Em s character none of which is expanded upon or explained such as what on earth was all that about Adam And what happened with Bess You can t throw all that emotion into the mix and then ust forget about itThen there are the little details the freuent mention of Colin wearing pants and even leggings the idea that the baby has the lungs of a moose not very 19th century England and holding a poker like a cricket bat is only scary if you re aiming for someone s knees or fighting off a horde of Borrowers A cricket bat is not the same as a baseball bat because cricket is not the same as baseballOh and titles Why are the titles wrong There s clearly been so much research put into this book about many different things like word puzzles ways to drug people or kill them slowly over time and nefarious shipping schemes but not courtesy titles apparently It s not that hard to grasp it really isn t Precedent is the tricky thing but titles are easy Except not in this book Colin the younger son of a duke is referred to as Lord Somerville and Mr Somerville but never once correctly as Lord Colin nor are his brothers given their correct courtesy titles either And I m totally confused about Em I don t even know what title her father holds but I ll give the author the benefit of the doubt and say he s an earl or higher in which case Lady Em is fine but Lady Whateveritwas isn t because her father is still alive I m pretty sure Lucy shouldn t have a title either unless there s another family title floating around that is passed down unless there s another family title floating around that is passed down female line since there s all the fuss about her aunt s estate and her cousin is a lordSo in all a rather frustrating read There s plenty going on if you like suspense in your historicals and there is a sweetish romance buried amongst it all at first but to be honest it irritated me too often for me to enjoy it Over long with too many tangled threads that were rarely tied up I found the first third much engaging than the rest while the rushed ending left me feeling largely unsatisfied I might be interested in reading about Em sometime but so many things were left unresolved and hanging that I m kind of too annoyed to find out I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really felt this was a 35 stars but didn t have that option I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Chasing the Heiress by Rachael Miles is book two in the The Muses Salon series It is the story of Lady Arabella Lucia Fairborne and Colin Somerville I have read the previous book Jilting the Duke but I found this book to be a standalone book Arabella Lucy is on the run from her cousinfamily who is out to hurtkill her Lucy pretends to be a made at a Inn where she meets Colin who has been injured Lucy has knowledge of taking care of injuries from her time helping in the war So Lucy is assigned to help Colin Colin is very much attracted to Lucy and wants to also help her since she saved his life So when he leaves to finish is mission he takes her with him Lucy is happy to get way from her problems Colin has agreed not to pressure her into finding out what is going on with her Along the way though they can t fight their attractionbut will Lucy ever tell him what is going on I ve given this a C at AAR so that s 35 starsWhen I reviewed Rachael Miles d but Jilting the Duke earlier this year I noted that the author had crafted an entertaining story featuring engaging protagonists and a well developed central romance that in spite of a few reservations had been a compelling read overall As a result I was eagerly looking forward to Chasing the Heiress the follow up book which was to tell the story of another of the Somerville brothers who like his older brother is a former soldier turned agent for the Crown Unfortunately however I came away from this one a little disappointedDespite an exciting fast paced opening the story drags somewhat until well into the second half the romance never really catches fire and while the protagonists start out as fairly engaging by the end of the book they have both become a little blandThat exciting opening I spoke of both become a little blandThat exciting opening I spoke of Colin Somerville escorting a very pregnant young woman a princess from a lesser European state and cousin of the Prince Regent across the English countryside in order to get her to safety in London When the carriage is waylaid Marietta is shot and Colin is similarly wounded. D of his choosing So is it any wonder that she dresses herself as a scullery maid and bolts into the night Colin Somerville's current mission for the home office is going poorly Who would have expected otherwise for a rakish spy tasked with transporting a baby to the care of the ,