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I peevishly muttered under my breath why he always intends to do so Likewise although I can guess some inconspicuous inconsistencies he may have intended to make the supporting character of Mang Joey the eading bagani appear to be foolish A bagani who is expected to be omnipotent turns out to be a pipsueak Well as be foolish A bagani who is expected to be omnipotent turns out to be a pipsueak Well as rule this kind of character is banal in novels Thus I cannot blot out of my mind the idea that Mr Samar may have come to the point that he ran out of ideas unknowing how to get off the hook Just I am analyzing and I am now paralyzed as what the cliche goes The good thing Is That The Story Is that the story is very complicated case Dude how did Mr Samar connect all the scenarios from the book one with the book two The book one on the one hand is the revelation that there are mythical Philippine creatures beyond our imagination creatures I had never heard of unless you know a ot of Philippine Kursk literature So some words are so nakakadugo ng ilong The book two on the other hand isike opening a Pandora s box where the other covey of mythical creatures clambers out until they are on the Because It Feels Good loose The upshot of it is that you had better find a safe hideout protected with sanyang Gee otherwise it is going to beike a walking dead scene Besides it is a challenge for a writer to create anothre scenarios which should be relevant to the book one In this case Mr Samar is indeed creative and genius Ikaw naOne of the things I had not been able to do as a voracious reader is reading a book series just the National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Pelican Books) like of Harry Potter by JK Rowling and Lord of the Ring by J L Tolkien During that time I still was not active on Goodreads Besides if Iike to read them although I appear to be a The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, late reader I still cannot afford them they can still percolate my purses Yay Nevertheless there is one thing I will for sure follow up with Si Janus Silang a very Filipino fiction created by our very own writer Edgar Calabia Samar Gooduck Mr Samar I am now your avid fan so I am planning to read your other works Every seuel is burdened with the insurmountable task of outdoing or even just to be as good as its predecessor And this task is made even insurmountable when that predecessor is a tough act to follow It is in this circumstance that Janus S And the Crooked Places Made Straight lang at ang Laban ng Manananggal Mambabarang finds itself in As is needed with a series that intends to create its own universe Janus Sang 2 needed to be expositionary to explain its mythos to The Obliterated Man lay the board on which the pieces would beater set It still packs the reliable delicious Tagalog with which Egay Samar weaves his tale the usual moments of dread when you realize just how terrified you still are of these creatures from your childhood nightmares Egay Samar tweaks the Figlio dellolocausto local myth just enough to offer something fresh withoutosing the dependable fright these creatures inherently have and invoke even in a grown man But don t be misled by how seemingly expositionary this second book is it has its sprinkles of surprises here and there the best of which it saved for Mr Majeika and the School Book Week last All in all Janus Sang 1 created a solid base among fans that even with the fewer action moments on Janus S Outliving lang 2 fans eagerly await for the third installment Especially most specially with an endingike that HAMBANGIS HUNTANGHENA I could not put it down is probably the most cliched review someone could give but what can you do when it s true and that s the most direct way you could to say it I enjoyed it very much I was reading this while commuting because I was itching to find out what will happen and no matter how much I thought I knew what was going to happen I honestly did not predict that ending The thing I noticed with both books in this series is that it was written In nina Manong Joey Ipinagtapat naman ni Renzo kay Janus ang matagal na palang sinusundan ni Manong Isyo bumalik sa mapa ng utak ng dalawang manong ang brain imprint ng Papa ni Janus at maaaring buhay pa pala ito. Si Janus Sílang at ang Labanáng Manananggal MambabarangI had a harder time with the Landscapes of Communism lengthy unbroken narrative of this book but it didn t disappoint from the expected thrills If anything this was way harder for the heart given the new characters we were made to fall inove with and the way the story played out soon after I can t wait for book 3 Honestly I don t know how many books my heart could take PS The horrors and creatures in this book were the same ones I grew up hearing about as a child So yes this book did mess with my head and made me ask the egitimate uestion meron ba talagang manananggal Pusong Nuno AT TIYANAK OMG ANO PONG NANGYARI SIR ANO PONG NANGYARI SIR BAKIT KELAN MATATAPOS ANG BOOK 3 KELAN NAMIN MABABASA JUICECOLORED Janus Silang s second book blows the first book out of the water with its action and plot twists We get to meet endearing new characters ILU Miro and are faced with new terrors I ove the spin it gives to ocal mythology giving them plausible new interpretations and turning everything on its head If you oved the first book PAKSHET ANO PA ANG INAANTAY N YO Hooked na hooked May feels talaga ng Harry Potter without the trying hard effect Ang galing galing This book brought Philippine myths and Tough Girl legends to anotherevel And the postmodern style iterally took my breath away It just keeps getting better and better After finishing the first book in the series I ve contemplated if I l immediately continue on reading the next Not that I didn t enjoy the first one but because the first book is a total cliffhanger and I m afraid that this book will be the same The third book won t be out anytime soon and I don t want to find myself "agonizing in waiting for the next book But then I was not able to control myself I should ve hidden "in waiting for the next book But then I was not able to control myself I should ve hidden book elsewhere instead of just put it where I always see it I tried reading other books but this book is Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation like calling my name and yes I grabbed it and read it I m weak DHands down to the author for keeping up with how good the first book was It s definitely not aet down from the first book It s exhilarating The author really knows how to entertain his readers and really know how to work with his charactersThe book starts four months after the incident that happened in Book 1 Janus now Conversationally Speaking lives in Rizal with his new friend Joey and all the other Bagani and Pusong who belongs to Joey s clan Janus now attends a different school nowives in a new place and mingles with a different set of people but the pain that happened to him is still fresh to him and with that comes the uestions that he wants to get answers toI can say the the first book is action packed than this second book but I must say that despite that this

delivered the same excitement which at par with the first one This second volume focused about the history and background about the new world that Janus is now in The book also further developed the connection between Janus and the other characters The author introduced some new characters which made the book even exciting Hoot like the twins Miro and Mira and Ester who holds an important part in the story specifically to Janus that has something to do with the pain that he feels in his heart when he feels badWell thought off How the author connected and tied everything together makes this book so good Like in the first book Iike how this book make me guess and be surprised with the unexpected twists The pacing helped me not to Red November let go of the book I always find myself always wanting to know what happens next and again finding myself finishing the book and wanting The mystery feel of this book is deeper than the first one The author again used his formula of using subplots to work with the main plot with aot of twists in between The world of Janus expan. APAT NA BUWAN NA SI JANUS SA MANSIYON NINA MANONG JOEY SA AGONO PERO NAROON PA RIN ANG SAKIT NG DILANG KARAYOM NG MANANANGGAL SA PUSO NIYA DAHIL SA PAGKAWALA NG MGA MAHAL SA BUHAY AT SAPILITANG PAGLAYO KAY MICASi. Ded and back stories were provided It s not hard to feel immersed
the book One thing that also commendable with this book is how the author created distinct secondary characters The author was able to provide them with uniue stories Miro who s gayis ike ray of sunshine to the story His character is portrayed as a normal teen "Gay Without Any Presence Of Pretensions Coming From The Author "without any presence of pretensions coming from the author ines are always witty and funny And then the ending Just why Why The ending just totally numbed me with my senses I should ve prepared myself and earned my essons when I first read book 1 but no I was still caught off guard The ending was just totally unexpected It s heartbreaking Pacing and the interplay of scenes helped me not to A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, let go of the book I find myself always wanting to know what happens next and again finding myself finishing the book and wanting Since the world expanded there are aot of things that needs explaining for readers to fully understand the book and where it s heading this book has a Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit lot ofengthy and unbroken narrative part which I had a Architecture by Birds and Insects little hard time to read The author made sure though that it won t be a reason to be bored drop the book andook for other book to read The author s mixing of scenes makes those parts not noticeable This book has the right mixture of action thrill and comedyAs expected the ending is again a There are still a ot of uestions that needs answer which I believed is not a bad thing because it made want to read of the book I am excited what happens next in the book The agony begins as I have to wait for a year for the next book to come out which now has a tile of Si Janus Silang at ang Pitumpu t Pitong PusongI bought my a tile of Si Janus Silang at ang Pitumpu t Pitong PusongI bought my 1 and 2 copies during the Manila International Book Fair and I got the author to sign my books Edgar Calabia Samar won the 34th Philippine National Book Awards in 2015 for his book one Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon as Best Fiction which I avished with 5 stars the highest rating on Goodreads If he is given another chance to be nominated for this year I am pretty sure that he will gain the back to back victory Ang taray If I had a reputed name in the Philippine Microsociology literature I would beat the drum for him Or if I were one of the judges I would campaign orobby my fellow judges above board for him to win Just it is magically and terrifically beautiful Mr Samar is incredible Believe you me I did not expect this book two to be better than the book one It is deeper stuffier and creative the abnormally mitosis product of his wild imagination Besides he galvanized all the neurons inside my body I have found in this one how skilled in writing such a story Mr Samar is Marvelous First he mixes his story with the contemporary issues which every young adult can relate to Lefty like the super typhoon Yolanda that killed thousands of people Timely and relevantThat is why he mentions on the first pages of his book that some situations were based on realife Second as usual his trademark for using some characters based on Philippine folklore and myths So if you are one of those students bored with studying Philippine iterature you might brush up on it again Cool Even I did take a fancy for it I have earned the Shadow of the Vampire lessons I had neverearned by heart in schoolOn the other hand since it is now my book two I have pretty noticed Mr Samar s styles of settings and conflicts and resolution The pace of the story goes from the part that there is a mixture of suspense thrill and awe to the heart breaking part where the characters which he must have predicted that his audience will be attached to should sacrifice to dieThe impact It happened to me I was totally devastated and annoyed at the author then. Mula ng Christmas break nang mawasak ang proteksiyon ng mansiyon aban sa Tiyanak at sa mga kampon nito Matinding barang ba ito Nawawala rin si Mira ang isa sa kambal na baganing kasing edad ni Janus at inampon .

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