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When they faced off the Hunter it was kind of anticlimactic don t ou think This series has uickly become one of my favourites so I couldn t wait to get my hands on a copy of Invasion I was a little nervous in case it didn t live up to my expectations but I needn t have worried because KF Breene smashed them The series is going from strength to strength and I loved every minute of this bookShanti and Cayan may have won the respect of the bookShanti and Cayan may have won the respect of the people and I loved every minute of this bookShanti and Cayan may have won the respect of the Shadow people and added some incredibly skilled new fighters to their army because of it but the real battle is only just beginning and it s now time to face the Hunter once While they ve been busy on the island the Hunter has been getting into position and now he s taken Cayan s city by force and is using the people Shanti and Cayan care about to force them into doing what he wants Neither of them are characters who will give up without a fight but now they re in the difficult position of trying to defeat their enemy without getting an entire city full of hostages caught in the crossfireAs much as I love this series I ve always been than a little irritated by the attitude of the guys in Cayan s army They think of women as the weaker sex who need to be coddled and protected and I ve never liked that about them Shanti has been working hard to change their opinion and while they may have finally realised that she is as strong as the best of them the fact she s constantly wiping the floor with them has probably helped with that they still think of the women from their own city as pretty much helpless Sometimes it can be an advantage when women are underestimated though and in this case the Hunter is making the same mistake as Cayan s army always has The city is under siege but it s only really the men who have been imprisoned and who are being closely monitored The Women s Circle have been staying under the radar but secretly plotting and have put plans in place to rescue their men folk I absolutely loved seeing Shanti and the Women s Circle in action these ladies are than capable of protecting their own and they prove it a thousand times over Cayan and the rest of the men are Going To Have No Choice But To to have no choice but to that now and I m really looking forward to seeing how this changes the dynamics as the series continuesInvasion is full of action the plot pretty much never allows ou time to breathe because the characters are going from one battle to the next and facing up against difficult odds than ever We also get to meet a whole group of new characters not only are we getting to learn about the Shadow warriors but we finally get the chance to meet some of the people from Shanti s homeland I ll admit I was confused at first because the opening chapter starts from the point of view of a completely new set of characters but once I realised what was going on I was really excited at the chance to learn about where Shanti came from and to see her through the eyes of her people I was also slightly disappointed that we didn t see of Shanti and Cayan working together but the I think about it the I m actually pleased about it it s good to see that even though they re a couple they re not joined at the hip and that they are still going to play to their strengths even if that means working separately for a whileI m absolutely loving this series and I can t wait for the next book please write uickly Ms Breene please please write uicklyBuddy read with the MacHalos 5 Stars This read is action packed with suspenseful nail biting moments We watch as our beloved Shanti and Cayan battle with the feared Hunter in order to save their city As the pending battle looms we see Shanti s people. The Hunter was not trained to admit defeatWith the title of Chosen secured Shanti and Cayan must look to the next steps in ripping back their freedom from th. Begin to gravitate towards her seeking a much anticipated reunion as well as the Shadow people fighting their way to join forces with their allies We see many of the secondary characters grow into their roles as warriors spies and healers but most of all we see the women of Cayan s grow into their roles as warriors spies and healers but most of all we see the women of Cayan s shift from meek to fearless and fierce as they manipulate and control the enemy I truly enjoyed getting to know these extraordinary women and watch them demonstrate their they manipulate and control the enemy I truly enjoyed getting to know these extraordinary women and watch them demonstrate their and abilities protecting their people As the sure to be climactic ending draws near we are further entrenched with these uniue and fascinating characters in their uest for justice and freedom Highly anticipating the next read 25 starsI m giving up on this series There are a lot of great things I like about this book and the series but it is not coming together for me I also haven t been able to get into the narrator s style in her audiobook presentation of the storyThe strong points for me are the cast of characters Sanders is still my favorite character and perhaps Shanti s bastard of a horse The weakness IMO is that the storyline has gone flat While there are new elements in this story it still seems repetitive The result for me at least is cartoonish dialog and actionThe book and series has some explicit sex scenes and profanity I think though these books are probaly better suited to a oung adult audience Now usually I would complain about the need for six books when all the characters seem to do is travel cut down the traveling and write the damn story I d say Usually Well not today not today I am so loving this series every journey is an experience in it self when If an Elephant Went to School you think its just normal foes think again I love Shanti and Cayan love the Honor Guard and the Commanders I am loving everyone at this point It s so sad the conclusion is near but I can t wait I was worried this would suck but it was mostly uick wit and action and coolness Shanti is still probably my spirit animal Cayan is still my dreamboat imaginary boyfriend That s as much of a review asou are getting This was another MacHalo buddy read and the MacHalos are the bee s knees This was the best book of the series way better then 2 3 and just slightly better then 1 The story came from multiple POV which was interesting and had a clear goal to win back the city and take down The Hunter I m looking forward to the final 2 books of the series to see how it ends and if and how Shanti can eever be integrated into society 4 A buddy read with the MacHalo Freaks because we all love kick ass warrior women Shanti is already in the thick of it She s still alive and from what I can tell she s fighting in the dirty underhanded way only she could make glamorous So once again this was very fun funny and entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading it I love the perfect size of the books since they are just long enough to make Morse Code for Radio Amateurs you care and short enough not to giveou any reason to get tired of it Shanti kicked ass once again just as we have grown to expect form her but we did not get much character growth by any of the characters we have grown to care about through the series Yes it is war and es they have to infiltrate their taken over by the Enemy City But You city but ou think some of the interpersonal issues would be solved too I guess there isn t much time to decide if Linux Networking Cookbook you are going to commit to a relationship with a manou are clearly in love with while someone is trying to capture Marcus Garvey you and turnou into a breeding mare for the Supreme Being while killing most of our friends although we could always hope I guess Fate has intervened plenty up to now for the two parties involved not. E most deadly tyrant in the land Unfortunately they aren't the only ones with an agendaWithout mental power to defend themselves the Westwood Lands are trapp.

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To get the point that they obviously belong together At least that silly celibacy thing ended in the last book Why waste time when ou are Amok young willing and able right Fate I bloody hate Fate He s such a nosy bastard So this was a fast paste light Fantasy with a ton of humorous banter and likable characters and I would recommend it to anyone who is up for something compact and less grim than the popular big series out there Worth to give it a chance There was no way she was going to let it the horse Old Bastard off easy by spending its life knocking up mares If she couldn t hang around and have sex all day neither could it Fair was fair Now I wishou all Happy Reading and many wonderful Books to Come 5 WOW WORTHY STARSThe most noteworthy points of Invasion The reunion The intimate scenes The declaration of love Someone s POVThe charms from the previous books were still here obviously The fight scenes were fierce And I exist for that especially when some of those ass kicking business were delivered by women You go women You goI am still very much obsessed with mesasha even so when Cayan finally revealed what it means it actually happened in the previous book I swear I m gonna finally revealed what it means it actually happened in the previous book I swear I m gonna it to one of my childrenWhen I got to someone s POV I died Seriously My heart stopped beating for what felt like 1082 ears Surprised would be an understatementI literally flew through this And this is by far the fastest one I ve read in this seriesEvery POV every chapter held my utmost attention I actually groaned when the uni bell rang which means we have to move our lesson in the laboratory Which sucks big time Because I don t wanna get out of my seat I don t wanna get out of the comfort of my classmate blocking me from our professor s sightI just want to go home and finish this book My grades in O chem be damned I was that hooked That s how captivating this book wasWhere the previous book SHADOW LANDS failed to completely enchant me INVASION makes up for it Friendly message to the publishers this is the fourth instalment in this Series One Would Think You D Have Figured Out What One would think ou d have figured out what MC looks like by now right Right Here s a uick reminder for Crochet you silly lovely people at Hazy Dawn Press Shanti is blonde As in BLONDE Got that Good Now please take a look at the book covers for this series See a discrepancy there Albeit a SLIGHT one I rest my caseOkay people remember what happens when I try reviewing any book in this series Yep that s right I have nothing to say Grey cells fried synapses on strike neurons missing and all that Yep this series is that good All I can do when it comes to all things Shanti is show the lurrrrrve But before that a uick warning Ifou are looking for romance and sex Playhouse you so silly do not read this book Ever Ifou are looking for non stop action bloody fights and kick ass female characters ou so awesome read this book YesterdayLadies and gentlemenwelcome back to The Lurve Review aka Why I Freaking Love This Book in Particular and This Series in General Let s start with the obvious shall we I love Shanti I love Shanti I love Shanti I love ShantiMoving onWhat else I LOVE all the female characters in this book Because they ALL kicks ass Yes Every single one You know what This series should be mandatory reading for all crappy PNR writers on the planet Because this lame a saurus ladies who shall not be named is how ou write women characters No rapey or demeaning behavior towards the gentler badass sex in Shanti s world Submission is not an option You either kick ass fight or die trying Take that names removed for this reviewer s safety view spoilerthe list is so long it wouldn t fit here anyway hide spoiler. Ed within their own walls Under the threat of torture and eventual death a new power risesTo be discovered will mean death But doing nothing is not an option. ,