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Sually he is in love with the pleasant but not alluring young woman character who is clearly innocent f the crime view spoilerThis is no exception the nly surprise is anyone actually liking the jerk back hide spoiler Having read and enjoyed No Wind f Blame the first Inspector Hemingway mystery I was keen to read the second A Christmas Party is also known by the title Envious Casca and has a similar light and humorous touch to it as the first mystery did At Lexham Manor Nathaniel Herriard lives with his brother Joseph And Joseph S Wife Maud Joseph Has Planned A Family Joseph s wife Maud Joseph has planned a family for Christmas although there is not really much goodwill to all men Squeamish About Sushi: And other Food Adventures in Japan or family members emanating from Nathaniel It is clear in fact that this party is very much the wishf Joseph alone who seems keen to try to get the young people together for Christmas Guests include Nathanial s niece Paula who wants her uncle to back a play she wishes to appear in and who has brought the playwright a young man called Willoughby as her guest Paula s brother Stephen has also arrived along with his pretty but vacuous fianc Valerie There is also distant cousin Mathilda and Nathanial s business partner Edgar Nathanial is a difficult and argumentative man who has rows with his business partner bjects to his nephew s fianc and understandably resents having a play he is not interested in read aloud to him ver Christmas When he is killed there are a plethora The Quarterback's Crush of suspects and uite a few motives revolving around the important issuef who inherits Nathanial s fortuneI really enjoyed this although I did not think it was as good as the previous Hemingway book for the simple reason that the culprit was in my mind fairly bvious I am hopeless at spotting whodunnit so if I was sure f who was responsible then I m pretty sure most ther readers would be too Still an enjoyable read and should your wn relatives drive you crazy at Christmas you can read this and know you are not alone is Achtung! Cthulhu objecting to having to socialise during the festive season Personally I felt deeply for poor Maud who just wanted to sit by the fire and read her book I read allf GH s mysterysuspense books Infamy other than Footsteps in the Dark many years ago At the time my favourite was Death in the Stocks but I have just read these two back to back my new favourite is Envious CascaBefore I start my review I ll just get two thingsut General P.T.G. Beauregard of the way Many reviewers in many reviewsf GH s books here have mentioned her fondness for recycling characters it has never been My Wishful Thinking obvious than in comparing these two novels Stephen is an even unpleasant Kenneth Vereker Violet becomes Valerie This time The Good Sort is the breederf Bull Terriers not The Sister Did GH The Boy and the Blue Moon only like this particular breedf dog maybe reading Mary Stewart s again has highlighted it so I m seeing it everywhere but GH was a smoker herself smoking features heavily in this book Changed times now where you don t see boxes f cigarettes n tables for your guests to help themselves to that would now be a recipe for bankruptcy I can t remember seeing anyone use a cigarette holder since the 70s it looked affected even thenWhat I loved about the book was her character actors r dramatis personae as Hemingway would say GH clearly had a lot f fun with bumbling Hemingway would say GH clearly had a lot Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest of fun with bumbling blank page Maudeverbearing Mummy the glacially correct Sturry By GH s standards this was a well constructed mystery although view spoiler if you know the history f Elizabeth f Austria you have a bit f an advantage hide spoiler Damn it he was in here with the door locked Stephen said He can t have been stabbed I think Heyer wrote a story about people she hated in real life relished and had a hell f a time making them an exaggerated version vapid insipid and whiney but Eat Vegan on $4.00 a Day oh so highly uotable This is second in the Inspector Hemingway series and god love the man for the testimonies and evidence he has to shift through to discover the killer As a locked door mystery it s pretty good The castf characters is varied but small enough to keep track f and most work as plausible red herrings I was wrong with my first guess as to who the vi. Stantial estate is found stabbed in the back Whilst the delicate matter f inheritance could be the key to this crime the real conundrum is how any f the suspects could have entered the locked room where the victi. This is not the first time that I ve read Envious Casca as it was riginally titled I think I ve read it through a full three times the first and second times I couldn t uite remember the solution to the mystery This time I knew the ending and was able to see the clues as they were embedded in the storyThis is a classic English mystery closed circle locked room country house Christmas mystery I ve read ther Heyer mysteries and will complete the list at some point But Right Now I Think right now I think is her bestThe book pens with the gathering Masterchef Junior Cookbook: Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks of the Herriard family for Christmas at the behestf Uncle Joseph who lives with his brother Nat Herriard Nat is the patriarch Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman of the family and thene with all Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation; A Contribution to Clinical Medicine - Scholar's Choice Edition of the family money Joseph having lived for so many years abroad hankered wistfully after a real English Christmas Nathaniel regarding him with a contemptuous eye said that a real English Christmas meant in his experience a seriesf uarrels between inimical persons bound to Heaven Next Stop one anothernly by the accident f relationship and thrown together by a worn ut convention which decreed that at Christmas families should forgather Nat has no children but his nephew Stephen has been acknowledged as his heir Stephen is the child f his ther brother who died many years ago Stephen s mother lives in Canada with her 3rd husband and isn t in the picture at all Paula Stephen s sister is also a guest for Christmas Paula has brought along her latest sueeze a playwright named Royden and Stephen s vacuous but pretty fiancee Valerie is also there for the holiday There s also a random cousin Mathilda Nat s business partner Mottisfont and Joseph s wife Maud to round Bases Loaded out the guest listThe Herriard family is anbstreperous and argumentative bunch Nat is not so awful as Simeon Lee from Christie s holiday classic Hercule Poirot s Christmas but he enjoys a wrangle as much as the next guy Some families get together for a game Have A Good Night, Volume 1 of Pictionary during the holidays the Herriard s get together for theirwn version f Festivus which primarily relies n the airing f grievances Miss Herriard responded Mathilda coolly treated the assembled company to a dramatic scene she s an actress good in emotional r les I wasn t present but I m told that she and Mr Herriard had a really splendid uarrel and enjoyed themselves hugely Seems a funny way to enjoy yourself miss It would seem funny to you r to me Inspector but not believe me to a Herriard When Uncle Nat ends up dead in his locked bedroom having been stabbed in the back everyone is a suspect and everyone almost has a motive This is an exceptionally clever mystery relying n misdirection and some legal and medical intricacies for the solution This is my first Georgette Heyer mystery although I have read two f her books previously I enjoyed this mystery much better than the ther books and I will definitely look for f her mysteries I enjoyed the humor and also the way the detective worked through the clues meticulously I did however guess the murderer prior to the end but it was still a fun read A perfectly good Christmas murder mystery set at an English country house party with all your usual suspects the detestable Isabel the Queen: Life and Times old rich guy and all the relations chomping at the bit for him to kick the bucket Not uite a true isolated closed circle mystery as the detective andthers are able to come and go but very close to that trope does have a locked room component for those who like that kind f puzzle mystery There was something about the authorial Voice However That Kept Me At An however that kept me at an distance and I couldn t seem to get fully into the flow What a delight This country house locked room mystery is a clever and savagely funny puzzle that is set during the Christmas season How can you not enjoy a mystery that has a library book as ne Tim Crouch of the major clues to solving the murder I d definitely like to read Inspector Hemingway stories by Georgette Heyer in the future Heyer is usually funnier than thisThe clever young man is a stock characterf Heyer s almost every mystery f hers has ne whether clownish sarcastic socially inappropriate Drawing the Human Head or merely ill behaved Previously titled Envious Casca‘Tis the season to find whodunit It is nordinary Christmas at Lexham Manor Six holiday guests find themselves the suspects in a murder inuiry when the Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics old Scrooge whowns the sub. Llain was The first half is mostly setting the scene with introductions And Glimpses Into Characters glimpses into characters and hints to possible murder motivations as they arrive to the house party The second half is where the murder DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle occurs and the whodunit gets going It s a bit slow going as first the sergeant and then Inspector Hemingway arrivingn the scene talk to everyone but then the clues start rolling in and the story starts to make headway How the murder ccurs was a goofy but I would classify as a cozy mystery with some romance inspirations sprinkled in so it s all in good fun The following uote is a bit f a spoiler and my little comment after it you d know who ends up pairing up and probably figure ut two characters who aren t the killer Beware You can pick back up at the Bonus Lest you forget this is a Heyer and those romance inspirations I was talking about He pulled her rather roughly into his arms O God Mathilda do keep me in rder he said in a suddenly thickened voice I need you I need you damnablyShe found that her wn voice was unsteady I Know You Are Such A You are such a Stephen such a dear impossible foolSo are you to care a damn for me he said I never thought you did I can t think why you doShe took his face between her hands looking up at him a little mistily I like savage creatures Bull terriers and Stephen Herriard Hey you leave bull terriers ut f this I had a contentious relationship with Stephen but he somewhat redeemed himself in the end But seriously bless her heart and all the Mathildas in the world who take these men n Bonus Heyer provides us with your next time you want to leave work early excuse If someone accidentally brushes up against you Nathaniel at nce became a cripple He said My lumbago Damn you don t do that and tottered to a chair ne hand to the small Pontius Pilate of his back and his manly form bent with suffering Lumbago Works every time The Hook Tis the seasonThe Lines It was Joseph who had been inspired torganize the house party that was looming Livin de Life over Nathaniel s unwilling head this chill December Joseph having lived for so many years abroad hankered wistfully after a real English Christmas Nathaniel regarding him with a contemptuous eye said that a real English Christmas meant in his experience a seriesf uarrels between inimical person bound to Aeralis on anothernly by the accident Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half of relationship and thrown together by a wornut convention which decreed that at Christmas families should forgather The Sinker It s the time Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education: Global Perspectives of year when my heart turns to Christmas stories generally not the murderous mystery kind and yet somehow this is the second I ve read this season I m a fanf locked room mysteries and this Radio Crackling, Radio Gone one fits the genre If you read the summary you ll know there s a murder but I m still going to include the next passage in a spoiler view spoilerNathaniel the curmudgeon in the uote above is found murdered in his room with all doors and windows locked The six guestsf the house are all suspects as The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta: California's Gold Rush Bandit one would suspect hide spoiler Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer was written in 1941 Joseph wants to be have a holiday party and has invited his niece and nephew and their current significantthers as well as his brother Nathan s business partner Apparently Limey Gumshoe old uncle Nat was not the holiday cheer type and was up and down with a painful malady making him grumpier than usual Having all these people underne roof proved not to be such a grand idea when Uncle Nat was murdered in his bedThis is a classic locked door mystery set during the holidays making this a good mystery to pull Maritime Academy Graduate: Memoir Of A Third Mate out this timef year Suspects and motives abound as Inspector Hemingway tries to sort through the evidence and alibi s This classic mystery might have you thinking twice about congregating your family under ne roof for a little holiday gatheringThis book is a part f my personal book collection and Trouble Looking for a Place to Happen one I ve always wanted to read but somehow never got around to I m glad I decided to sneak it in my holiday reading list this year Thisne would appeal to all mystery lovers but especially to those that enjoy British mysteries and classic mysteries M was found to commit this foul deed For Inspector Hemingway f Scotland Yard the investigation is also complicated by the fact that every guest at Lexham Manor is hiding something – casting suspicion far and wid. Envious Casca

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