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Not your normal historical romance where you have a Soldier involved in a historical event that the author wanted to romanticize about But a historical we did get and in this story romance took a back burnerRoman wasn t your standard soldier andor warrior You probably asking what was he then Roman was an architect who built Chastellet But circumstances beyond his control made him thro For a novel where the characters don t really do what they set out to do I found it a very interesting read Unfortunately because they don t really do what they set out to I had don t really do what they set out to I had where I felt like it was a waste of time If it wasn t for the interesting travelling circus that takes up the majority of the novel I probably would have put it down within a third of the novel Hmmmm nothing can defeat his love says the blurbI have to ask the uestion what loveRoman the hero doesn t read like any historical hero I can t figure him out What was he He was in Syria in Damascus in Constantinpole etc etc Was he a warrior then What was his profession As I read on I could t decide who he was I only knew that he was supposed to be some kind of a hero and had a group of friends and somehow saved the heroine Isra Isra was ust as unidentifiable as Roman I knew that she was a prostitute and Roman saved her But where unidentifiable as Roman I knew that she was a prostitute and Roman saved her But where the love I thought Nothing could defeat his love But until 50% I was still wondering whether Isra was the real heroine They had no interaction worth noting no pull between each other and no attraction whatsoever The blurb is the most interesting thing you can read about this couple Maybe this was intended to be historical fiction If that was the case then it wasn t a poor read As a historical romance this is one of the difficult reads which I could hardly get pass the first few chapters I cannot recommend this as a historical romance I also didn t think Roman and Isra had that spectacular a ourney to be worthy of a book I received an ARC on NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Definitely a buy book Five starThis is a little outside my genre so imagine me engaged in a book and not wanting to put it down anyway This author is a constant surprise to me The characters are strong and well thought out The depths of the book are completely suspenseful and keep you on edge wondering who and where and what and why The imagination takes hold and you try to not get too involved reminding yourself it is a story The elements and work make this a great read from a great author It is creative it is imaginative it has passion compassion romance and love The suspense and the plot made it even of a great read to me While this is indeed outside my normal taste I loved the book I was given this book in return for an honest review Regards Anna Swedenmom Simply this is ust a really good story and addition to the series The series has been so intriguing to me as each character s story is uniue and a different style The first book Valentine which is still my absolute favorite had an adventurous and almost swashbuckling feel to it Valentine and Mary s chemistry was tangible and the unexpected humor made it a favorite for me The second book Adrian was surprisingly different and shook my expectations Adrian was a tortured literally and figuratively academic who believes in facts and what he can see To contrast him with a very likable but also magical heroine Maisie Lindsay was the perfect combination The fantasy element in the story was unexpected for me and I really enjoyed how it played out with the charactersThis is the 3rd book in the series and about Roman the giant Norseman who Valentine found in the rubbles of his village It goes back to of an adventurous style as he and Isra are traveling to warn the king of a betrayal and plot to kill him The story focuses on their Необыкновенные приключения Карика и Вали journey as they adapt and are forced to give up their carefully plotted plans and preparations I love the side characters they meet along the way and how they are incorporated with other misfits into a real family view spoilerIt s not a big spoiler butust in case they oin a caravan of gypsiescircus performers I now have a new favorite side character Asa He s the leader of the menagerie and I hope we see him again andor he gets a story for himself hide spoiler. Within the walls of the centuries old sanctuary on the Danube they plan their daring return to Jerusalem and discover that their greatest asset may be each other But passion has no place in these dangerous times and Roman and Isra must fight their feelings while the future of the kingdom hangs in the balance  Praise for Heather Grothaus’s Valentine“Readers will enjoy getting to know these characters and look forward to finding out about Valentine’s three friends in future installments” Library Journ. Rsa Pages 284 7516Book 4 Constantine Constantine Theodora Pages 352 12616This review Is Based On NetGalley based on NetGalley issued in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion No compensation was made to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer andor authorpublisher This is the third book in the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels series and easily the best so far After reading Adrian I didn t know if I could continue the series but Roman certainly was betterRoman is off with Isra to deliver a message to King Baldwin about those who plan on killing him On their way to Baldwin the oin a travelling circus which includes a tiger names Khan who Isra befriends and ends up showing in the circus Roman doesn t have a lot to do in the circus besides protect Isra The story follows their adventures More story and less romance in this one which is a good thingWasn t a big fan of the ending in which things went back and forth I felt myself wanting to shout Just choose for God s sake You can see where the next book Constantine is going as Stan has taken off from Melk even before Roman returns I really hope the next book is the end and Grothaus doesn t prolong the series to make an extra buck at the expense of the I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review35 starsI have to agree with another reviewer where was the love story This book was good and furthered the ongoing story of the 4 men it was well written moved at a decent pace had some excitement but there was no steam whatsoeverRoman has been found by Isra the same woman who helped him rescue his friends from prison she comes to him in Melk with news that there is a plot to kill the king the only man who can clear Roman and his friends of being traitors and restore their former lives She begs Roman to come back to Syria with her and stop the assassination she has her own reasons for wanting this but she also knows that Roman and his friends want it as much if not *What ensues is a medieval road trip Roman and Isra set out and soon oin up with a traveling circus They *ensues is a medieval road trip Roman and Isra set out and soon oin up with a traveling circus They a lot of time together and I guess they fall in love I saw the friendship between them but I really didn t get the love aspect of the story In fact Roman thought about another woman in the troop Psicohigiene just as much as he thought about Isra And he stated on than one occasion that Isra was not his woman it wasn t denial it wasust a factI did like the ending and I am looking forward to Constantine s book I would recommend this book to anyone following the series and those who prefer romance books with little to no love scenes Four men form a brotherhood forged in blood their goal is to clear their names of the false accusation that has been raised against them This the third book in the series was a genuine pleasure to read It took me on an adventure from Austria to the Holy Lands and I got to travel with Roman Isra and Van Groen s Magnificent Menagerie Roman and Isra originally met in Damascus when he was searching for his imprisoned friends Without her help he would not have succeeded in saving them from death When Isra shows up in Melk Austria she is on death s door carrying the information that an assassination attempt Is Going To Be Made going to be made someone the brotherhood knows Roman is the only one willing to travel with Isra back to the Holy Lands to thwart the assassins Falling in with a group of entertainers helps camouflage the two while on their ourney and thus avoid being apprehended by those who have put a bounty on their heads During the trip friendships are made amazing performances are given many adventures occur Isra finds inner strength she was unaware of and romance blossoms This book was a treat to read It allowed me to check in on how the members of the brotherhood provided Roman s happily ever after and set up the fourth book in the series Glayer Felsteppe is still the evil to be thwarted and hopefully that will occur so that all four men and those that have oined their family can live safely and happily till the end of their days Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC of this book to read in exchange for my honest review 45 Stars Roman is the 3rd book in The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels series penned by Heather GrothausRoman is. Ruction of his life’s work at Chastellet and the murder of innocent victims But there is no uestion of retreat; he cannot rest until he rescues his allies and warns King Baldwin of a murderous plot against him And he may need help from an unexpected ally   Isra Tak’Ahn is an uncommon beauty Part Egyptian and part English she is as brave as she is alluring Like Roman she has been marked for death by her enemies and her vendetta is fiercely personal Driven into hiding Isra oins Roman at Fallen Angels Abbey. ,

This is the third in the Fallen Angels series and this one is about Roman He is a handsome blonde and isn t really series and this one is about Roman He is a handsome blonde and isn t really warrior type to me He is found by a woman in Melk who wants him to accompany her to try to forestall an assassination attempt on the King s life She is the same woman who helped him get his friends from prison a long time ago Her name is Isra who is a prostitute at the time and she needs Roman s help in stopping this There is a lot going on during their travels in which they accompany a gypsy caravan in route I really like this book but there wasn t much romance between the lead characters I mean Roman has not really discussed his feelings with Isra when it comes to love He supposedly keeps all his thoughts inside which was a bit daunting Now Isra is a strong woman who has come from adversity in her life and has her own agenda She comes to love Roman but not sure he would believe herLike I said earlier this was a good read but I m hoping a bit in the next oneI appreciate net Galley for this ARC title in which I gave an honest review Having been gifted ARCs in exchange for honest opinions for each of the books in this series I must say each one is uite different especially book 2 with its unexpected magical kingdom backdropThough Roman book 3 could be considered a stand alone I highly recommend you read book 1 to get a full understanding of the circumstances that lead to this brotherhood of men and their current predicament At this point they are basically fighting to clear their name so they and their loved ones can return to normal societyIsra the Egyptian heroine was an intriguing exotic love interest for Roman However I would be remiss if I didn t relay how much I disliked Isra s previous forced occupation an enslaved prostitute to the wealthy Something along the lines of the daughter of a well off Egyptian family who was helping Roman get revenge would have set better with me At least there were no flashbacks nor was her past graphically discussed It did pop up from time to time mainly it seemed to make her feel bad about herselfHonestly I felt Sympathy And Compassion Between This and compassion between this rather than passionchemistry Yes there was uite a bit of daydreaming about what if they wound up together But folks since they kept those thoughts to themselves and at 80% still hadn t kissed you can easily see how I would come to that conclusion It wasn t until 90% Roman finally kissed her only to have Isra pull a what the heck speech and made a decision that left me dumbfounded A huge portion of the story felt like a day in the life of a traveling circus since Isra and Roman did in fact oin one Yes my fellow romance book loving friends you read that correctly They left the abbey and literally travelled with and become part of a circus act Though interesting and a clever ploy to reach their destination it definitely hijacked the storyline for some time In fact they didn t get back to their original uest until the near endMs Grothaus does write a historical romance with writing that flows feels authentic with perilous situations and definitely without a lot of steam Book 1 Valentine still remains my favorite btw likely because I m a sucker for an alpha handsome Spaniard hero It also helped Valentine actually had of a continuous romantic undertone I felt the main couple in Roman were mainly Finance just acuaintances with the potential of maybe one day being a romantic coupleI m having some doubts I will read book 4 Constantine It will feature a heroine who immediately after giving birth has her child taken from her I am assuming Constantine helps take care of her and reunites her with her infant This reviewer isust not a fan of a storyline with with another man s baby drama As Constantine s wife and son were murdered this is likely what heals his wounded broken heart A lot of drama but little romance isn t my preference for my romantic reads folksTitle Roman Series Brotherhood of Fallen Angels Book 3 Author Heather Grothaus Pages 352 stand alone but highly recommend you read book 1 HEA some violence attempted rape scene tiger attack injuries heroine is a former prostitute series starting to feel overly drawn outBook 1 Valentine Valentine Mary Pages 352 62315Book 2 Adrian Adrian Maisie Pages 254 122215Book 3 Roman Roman Nothing will defeat his love Unjustly accused four daring Crusaders have banded together in the Medieval Holy Land to clear their names and protect a kingdom in peril With their uniue gifts the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels Abbey are prepared to face any challenge But are they ready for love   It is not the first time Roman Berg has escaped death and it will likely not be the last There is a price on his head and his tall Nordic bearing makes him stand out in Damascus The skilled builder has witnessed the dest. ,
Roman The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels #3