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Shift Hot Rides #2This was just an okay read for me I found it ifficult to get into this story it never really got my interest the It never really got my interest The was good thoughARC received from story It never really got my interest The writing was good thoughARC received from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this one It started out a bit slow for me but once the action got started I couldn t put it Memory Boot Camp down I love the Hot Rides crew and Tori and Roni were great in this story Then there is the yummy computer geek Emery sigh Tori always knew that her past could catch up with her oneay but why now Life is good and running just London Calling doesn t feel right but a Russian hit suad has arrived in Miami and the only hope Tori and Roni have lays in the hands of Emery Who knew the computer tech had all that muscle and brawn hidden behind those clothes As the action heats up sooes the chemistry between Tori and Emery and Emery is Orchard Valley Grooms determined too everything he can to keep Tori and her sister safeThis is an action packed story that you on t want to miss I Recommend It I Received it I received free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads4 StarsThis was an enjoyable read it just starts out a bit slow Once it hits about 25% though the action picks up and it becomes fast paced I ve not read book one and this can be read as a stand aloneEmery is the computer geek on the team of FBI agents undercover as the Hot Rides crew Tori is the mechanic on the team and has always secretly had a thing for Emery what she oesn t realize is that he also has the same crush When Tori s past comes back to haunt her Emery steps in to protect her and while they re in hiding together the sparks fly I found it a bit Rancher Daddy (Saddlers Prairie, difficult to like Emery because of his one word answers to everything Tori pretty much has imaginary conversations with herself especially in the beginning and she pretends he s actually talking I just never felt like his character was super likeable and you never really get to know him Iid really enjoy that the two The Tycoons Very Personal Assistant don t immediately jump into bed with one another they really get to know one another first well as much as you can with the silent Emery This book is a good mix of suspense and romance and I llefinitely be reading the next book in the series I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Oh what an emotional journey these books take us on I loved the first in the series but I think I might even like this one I certainly would recommend that you read them in order as there is background that makes a ifference although I am sure it would be a great read even on its own I like strong women and both Tori and her twin sister have been that since they were tiny She has fallen for Emery the IT geek who says very little To compensate she has eveloped a brilliantly funny habit of supplying his relies in her head I really enjoyed how that worked and how her conversations The Amazing SAS did not exactly tally with reality Alongside this smouldering passion is a fast and furious adventure which involves the mob the Russians the FBI and the police and of course the team themselves It is well plotted andoes not stay away from some of the harsh realities of that kind of adventure which may necessitate a tissue or two Whilst we are nowhere near uncovering everything the end is satisfying for now Cannot wait to see what. Nothing shines like classic cars under the Miami heat With engines revving hot and emotions running high sparks are sure to fly Tori Chazov isn't exactly the girl next The Conquerors Lady / The Mercenarys Bride / His Enemys Daughter door For one if the neighbors found out she's an FBI asset and theaughter of a KGB Broken Prophecy defector she'd have to grab her go bag and run Then there's heray job making magic.

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Irst book in the series Drive centered around the couple and Madison and introduced readers to this group that works out of a classic car garage that is a for an FBI operation Shift now picks up the story a couple months after the end of the first book and centers around Tori and Emery so even if you haven t read the first in the series this one would read find as a standalone novel Tori Chazov works as a mechanic in the garage that is a front for this FBI operation and Emery Martin is the tech genius for the group Tori and Emery have a bit of chemistry between this somewhat mismatched couple but then they end up working together when it s found out that there is a vicious Russian hit suad is on the way to Miami to take Tori out for good I actually The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, did read Drive and rather enjoyed that book You have a high speed romantic suspense novel that was completely action packed with a rather fun couple However with Shift I found that while the action still appeared in the story it got off to a rather slow start for me I say with this installment of the series I just never fully connected because I really couldn t get myself attached to the romance between Tori and Emery I liked Tori well enough with her toughness in the first book and also in this one but Emery just really Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, didn t appeal to me as much as a character The start of the story it seemed he was barely one step above a cave man with his one word or even no response at alluring times Tori interacted with him Not MUCH OF A TURN ON IN MY OPINIONOVERALL I of a turn on in my opinionOverall I rate this second book of the series 25 stars unfortunately Not as big of a fan of the romance in this one Still full of action and hot rides though so I The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker d probably continue on the series I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visit Shift brings us to the world of undercover FBI hired assassins sexy computer nerds and kickass mechanics Tori and her sister have been on the run hiding from the Rissian Mafia for most of their lives But now their past has finally caught up to them and Tori needs the help of Emery the teams go to tech guy if she wants to protect herself and her sister Having people after her isn t exactly pleasant for Tori but itoes bring her closer to her crush so maybe something good can come from it I really liked how the suspense was brought into this book and how neither that nor the romance took over the story It was an eual mix of what was going on so that nothing ever got lost in the world of Tori and Emery and the fight they were up against I loved the parts with the characters were able to be relaxed and getting to see Tori try to get Emery to open up was really fun My main problem with the story was how slow it was in the beginning and even at some parts in the book the story seemed to slow Quadruplets On The Doorstep down It made it hard to get into from the very beginning so at first I couldn t connect to the story very well I was still happy with the story though and Iefinitely recommend it for romantic suspense lovers like myself I idn t read the first book in the story and never got lost in what was going on because of that so I would say it s okay to read as a standalone ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest revie. Pon in the mysterious scars under his snap button shirts She can see it in the way his eyes follow her around the room even though he never says a word He's going to have to start talking now though A vicious Russian hit suad is on the way to Miami to take Tori out for good And without Emery's help she might not make her last great esca. .
Happens next and I can see myself having a marathon when they are all written so that I can get the whole picture 35 StarsClassic Rides may be their legitimate business to the outside world allowing all of the team to remain be their legitimate business to the outside world allowing all of the team to remain but Emery s job tends to keep him separated from them as you can usually find him in his own little fortress surrounded by his computers oing what he needs to o to keep his teammates safeEmery thanks to a certain set of skills that landed him in trouble now secretly works for the FBI as an agent and field tech Although his j DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED AN E ARC FROM THE PUBLISHER THROUGH NET GALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW RECEIPT OF THIS BOOK ARC REVIEW YAY I love Sidney Bristol and her Hot Rides series especially this book feeds my loves romance fast cars and computers I really can t wait until her Beauty and the Geek comes out A group of people under contract to the FBI with one purpose to take own Michael Evers But with him in jail now and no Word From The FBI Powers from the FBI powers be everyone is just waiting around for the other shoe to A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy drop Itrops it The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning drops in the form of Russian assassins out to kill the twoaughter for former KGB spy My two favorite parts had to eal with one a Tesla Roadster and the other a 57 Chevy Bel Aire This book was super good high speed chases shoot outs car sex fast paced story I inhaled this book was super good high speed chases shoot outs car sex fast paced story I inhaled this Martin the uiet computer expert eep undercover FBI agent for the Classic Rides team finds out that the Russians have put out a hit and the uber assassin is on his way now Emery s priorities switch and his only goal now is to protect Tori at all costs Just when they think it couldn t get any worse the FBI is releasing Evers the idiot rival street gang The Eleventh are in eep with the people out to get even with Classic Rides and Michael Evers and their is someone even worse than Michael Evers out there pulling the stringsTori and Roni were raised by their father former KGB he raised them like little soldiers When he finally ied Toni and Roni became contract agents for the FBI an easy way for the government to keep on eye on them Tori has had a crush on Emery for years she s trust him and so when he says the Russian mob sent their best assassin to kill you and Roni we need to leave now she goes It s nothing new for her she is use to just picking up and changing herself to someone else but she likes the life she has here and she likes Emery Emery always had a thing for Tori but never thought he was good enough for her With her life on the line and everything going to shit they both finally realize they share the same feelings for each other Trust is what will keep them alive and togetherOverall I think I liked it than the first book it was The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated definitely intense and well hot nerd The geek gets the girl Or course this geek is totally hot but it s not readily obvious which is refreshing Sidney Bristoloes a great job creating very real and uniue characters with both Emery Martin and Tori Chazov Tori who s been crushing on Emery for ages Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue doesn t realize that under that computer whiz exterior lurks a lust worthy body Emery is conversationally challenged His monosyllabic answers make it hard to get to k Shift is the second book in the Hot Rides series by Sidney Bristol The Happen under the hood of big beautiful muscle cars She's likely to be wearing engine grease than mascara and most guyson't fantasize about their mechanics But then most girls on't fantasize about FBI tech geniuses either and Tori has it bad for Emery Martin Emery has a past She can see it in the way he keeps his body honed like a wea. .