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Rovided as an ARC from "NetGalley for an honest review The chemistry was good but the story was just kind "for an honest review The chemistry was good but the story was just kind didn t make me xcited It had suspense romance and all that but it didn t click with me Having said that it was Chastity enjoyablenough to not struggle to get through I don t know what I wanted but I guess is a vague response to what I wanted Nick and Olivia made me laugh a few times because of the fact that Nick just happened to be there at the right times and Olivia didn t find that weird I don t know but I would have uestioned it his abilities and why he was so invested in my safety if I was her Another great installment to the series I found myself sympathizing with the heroine She s a fun chick who has been put in a bad situation but Livy is making the most of what she s got She has a bit of a sarcastic streak which I liked tooI also really liked US Marshal Nick Brady He s smart driven and kind of has a rebellious streak He also has a dirty mouth and you know I can t resist that The romance is a slow burn building in small increments because it has to With the sensitive situation that Nick and Livy are in it had to move slower to be believable For readers thinking this is a straight up Romantic Suspense it isn t I d actually categorize it as a Contemporary Romance with Suspense Experiential Learning elements Think along the lines of Julie James FBIUS Attorney series You can definitely read this book as a standalone but why would you want to Go check out the first book in the series ONE NIGHT MORE. The one they can't survivePraise for Mandy Baxter's US Marshals seriesA little bit of suspense and a whole lot of passion make this the perfect read for adventurous romance fans RT Book Reviews 4 StarsFast paced and full of heat this is romantic suspense done right Julie Ann WalkerThe perfect mix of steam and ontheedgeofyourseat suspense I couldn't turn the pages fastnough Tracey Garvis GravesPageturning riproaring action Publishers Weekl. .
US Marshalls Livy has done well by staying under the radar and nded up in a small Idaho town She stayed to herself and kept all contact to a minimum She had A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings every right to be scared for her life because she knew that Meecum would not think twice about killing her for the information she held Nick has secretly been on the Meecum case trying to find hisx girlfriend which he hoped would lead him to Meecum So once Nick is forced to take a mandatory vacation because of his unwillingness to play nice with the marshals he figures what better place to vaca than at a cabin right next to the person he believes to be Meecum s A New Philosophy of History ex What Nick doesn txpect is to fall for Livy and possibly put his career on the line Does Nick think that loving Livy is worth all the trouble it will bring on him and possibly ruin his career that he has worked so hard for Will Livy stick around to see how Nick feels about her or will she go on the run again trying to stay one step ahead of Meecum and Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction everyone he has out looking for her This book was packed full of suspense and some pretty hot lovin Nick is a bad boy that I wouldn t mind being handcuffed by A really good read and a new author I plan on followingThis book was Ist one last hungry chance to feel aliveFor US Marshal Nick Brady taking his vacation next door to Meecum'sx girlfriend seemed the smartest way to find him But suddenly nothing is making sense How could this feisty straight talking brunette Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer ever get mixed up with Meecum's brutal crew And why is he breaking his oath and getting so close that all he wants is to keep her safe Now as the clock ticks Nick and Livy's only chance atscape may be.

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At Any Cost US Marshals #4An awesome read and an xcellent addition to the series I really loved these characters Olivia is fun and uirky although she has very reason to be skittish and standoffish is that a word And the very last thing she needs complicating her already complicated life is a cop renting the cabin next door Nick Brady is ambitious and determined to move ahead with his career with the US Marshalls but some of his antics have landed him in hot
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and on a vacation So he decides to combine a little business in with his vacation Locating the girlfriend of Joel Meechum is his top priority and when he finds out the cabin next door to her is available he springs into action However the woman he finds there is nothing like he xpected and he uickly finds himself wanting to protect her rather than arrest herDefinitely a book I recommend Nick is a US Marshall hell bent on taking on the bad guys on the most wanted list without doing his time as a rookie US Marshall with taking prisoners to court He doesn t play by the rules and he is focused on getting what he wants and in this case it is Joel Meecum who happens to be on the most wanted list Joel Meecum also has an agenda and that is finding Livy and getting his ledger back That would be the same ledger that has information of all of his illegal "dealings How did Livy happen upon this ledge you may ask Well her stranged dad was Meecum s "How did Livy happen upon this ledge you may ask Well her stranged dad was Meecum s accountant Nothing like trying to skim money for a ruthless biker It just so happens that Fast cunning and driven he'll do whatever it takes to nail the most violent federal perps But she is the one danger he'll never see coming She can't remember when she wasn't afraid She can't go to the police And Olivia Gallagher is only a day away from fleeing her Idaho wilderness life before biker gang leader Joel Meecum finally catches up with her So keeping her rugged new neighbor at arm's length is the only safe play Until Livy can't res. .