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Written royal politics is perfectly #interwoven with the romance The politics is written in such a way that it actually # with the romance The politics is written in such a way that it actually both Margot and Arran to grow as characters and as a couple Margot s character growth is particularly worth highlighting She grows from a pampered and naive young woman to a woman who realizes her self worth and refuses to be sed as a pawn by the men in her life And the romance is sooooo swoonworthy Arran is such a great hero It takes him time to trust Margot again even though he is so The Stephanides Pregnancy utterly in love with her The characterization is so well written it was easy tonderstand both the hero and heroine as well as their motivations The epilogue was also the cutest thing ever It looks like the rest of the series is about the next generation I was kind of hoping Knox would get his own story but nfortunately I don t think the author has written a book about him ARC from Harleuin and Netgalley35 375I have mixed feeling on this oneWell the synopsis for the story covers the overall gist of the storyline I m going to share of what my feeling on the book are and overview of the characters Margot and Arran s "marriage was one of political and monetary value to both Actually so Arran then Margot "was one of political and monetary value to both Actually so Arran then Margot her Father pretty much forced the marriage on Margot Margot was a young very young eighteen year old when she married She had been pampered and spoiled by her Father and brothers all her life Arran was a Scottish chieftain who took care of his clan worked hard and was a total Alpha We have a story of two opposites forced to marry and both very stubborn The story begins with a Prologue with their forced marriage and then dives into the

Present Tense We Find 
tense We find returning three years after their marriage She had left Arran not even a year into their marriage This was a very well written character driven romance The story had me connected and engrossed throughout the book I found each character multi dimensional with new layers being revealed of who as well as why they were throughout the story The writing and description of the time period was excellent and made me feel as if I was right there The desc What a book 45 StarsThis book drained me Cause every time I read a book I put myself in the heroine s shoes and what Margot went through I don t know how she remained standing I detested her father and her brother and basically the entire England UghArran was such a raw character After the prologue and first chapter I was firmly on Margot s side and expected him to be a villain But when I read the chapters explaining his side of the story my heart practically bled And then how he tried to stay strong despite his weakness towards Margot Yet it all blew p in his face Ugh mehn This was just such a bookThe emotions were perfectly written it was easy to nderstand both parties It was also easy to accept how Margot changed and grew to accept the Scottish life The only reason it s not a perfect 5 stars for me is cause I often prefer simpler story lines with less conflicts But I can t deny that this was a very impressive boo. Im but her return threatens everything he has gained As the Highland mists carry whispers of an English plot to seize McKenzie territory he must outmaneuver her in games of espionageand seduction But even as their secrets tangle together there's nothing to prevent love from capturing them both and leading them straight into danger. ,
Rran is repeatedly described being wild and wicked when he s nothing of the sort he s just a man with lusty appetites for all things and is a loyal honourable man with oodles of integrity right from the beginning and he s certainly no push over I also couldn t believe that Margot s father would have accepted her return to his house after only four months especially given the trouble he went to to arrange the match Margot is somewhat redeemed once she begins to see Arran as he really is and sets out determinedly to win his love and trust but her character is definitely the least engaging of the twoThere is a reasonably well developed plot which deals with the estion of Arran s loyalties but because of the inconsistencies in the romance I was taken out of the story and found this fairly important point overshadowed The author s attempts to More George W. Bushisms use the highland vernacular in particular her overly freuentse of the word aye were also very distractingOverall Wild Wicked Scot is an neven read and is raised to the slightly above average bracket by the character of Arran who is simply gorgeous The story is nicely "written so I would be interested to see how the rest of the series plays out This was a win "so I would be interested to see how the rest of the series plays out This was a win the English maid and Scottish laird trope but it is served p with some realism about the radically different spheres and environments the two come from and the challenges it presents that makes this interesting Honestly Arran is one of the most romantic male leads I ve read in a long time By the end if you re not right there believing it you got lost along the way For a coherent and substantive review see KyrarykerWhiskeyintheJar who was also the one who alerted me to the splendid pricing deal that I took advantage of Cheers WHAT A BOOK Now this is a historical romance My kind of historical romance at least I slowly devoured this book and every single morsel was delicious I am thanking my 2018 self for picking p this book at a sed booksale Wild Wicked Scot takes place in the early 1700s We ve got a rich English heroine whose father forces her to marry a sinfully handsome Scottish Laird for political reasons Margot is only 18 years old when she marries Arran Mackenzie When she moves to Scotland she experiences an extreme culture shock which makes it difficult for her adapt to her new home Arran on his part is very caring toward his new bride and he tries his best to ease her into her new environment But he is also kind of clueless and Margot is too young to be able to really articulate her needs and wants Four months into their marriage Margot ends Taming a Dark Horse (Men of the West, up leaving her husband and Scotland The story picksp 3 years later when Margot makes a surprise return to the Scottish Highlands to reconcile with her husband Arran doesn t The Child Who Rescued Christmas / Firefighter with a Frozen Heart understand why Margot is back and he is sure that she isp to something For the first third of the book the chapters alternate between the present time and flashbacks from 3 years agoThe romance is intense sexy and so romantic The best combination if you ask me I love both Margot and Arran The plot is solidly. Ive the moments spent in wild rugged Arran McKenzie's passionate embrace But as their respective countries' fragile The Sabbides Secret Baby unity threatens tonravel Margot must return to her husband to ncover his role in the treachery before her family can be accused of it Red haired green eyed Margot was Arran's beautiful bride Her loss has haunted ,
A marriage of convenience is a favourite trope of mine and in Wild Wicked Scot Margot Armstrong certainly hits it lucky in her father s choice of "husband the deliciously rugged Scottish chieftain Arran McKenzie Baron of Balhaire However these are dangerous times "the deliciously rugged Scottish chieftain Arran McKenzie Baron of Balhaire However these are dangerous times England and Scotland and this marriage of convenience is built pon very shaky ground with Margot a pawn in the games of powerful men and the politics of the two countriesThe story opens with a prologue and a series of flashbacks In the prologue Margot is an Immature Seventeen Year Old With seventeen year old with entrenched ideas as to what makes the perfect man and Until Again unfortunately for her Arran McKenzie doesn t tick any of those boxes But she has no choice in the matter and in the interests of her powerful father and her Wild Wicked Scot she is the sacrificial lamb in their machinations to help broker anneasy alliance between Scotland and England not to mention the added bonus of money and lands which such a The Heirs Proposal union will bring As the story getsnderway Margot has already left her husband and is now returning to him after an absence of three years Their marriage had floundered after only four returning to him after an absence of three years Their marriage had floundered after only four when she ran back to EnglandArran McKenzie is a lovely character well developed and extremely likeable and my sympathy was with him all the way through To begin with Margot is ite irritating although to be fair she was very young and she did her limited childish best to fit into Arran s world But her attempt to transport her much loved tonnish lifestyle into the depths of the Scottish Highlands was ite obviously doomed to failure especially as she only half heartedly attempted to become the Laird s lady in truth Margot considered herself to be neglected outside of the bedchamber but she failed to Blaze Duo understand what a busy man Arran was with his many responsibilities to his clan his prosperous time consuming continental sea trading business and the personal training of his first rate soldiers And so Margot runs away and returns to her frivolous lifestyle in England Then after three years during which she has no contact whatsoever with her husband her autocratic father again pulls her strings and she is sent back to Balhaire this time with the hidden agenda of spying on her husbandite The Highlanders Redemption (Highland Brides understandably she is subjected to a host of suspicious Scots not least of whom is her husband who cannot believe that she has suffered a complete about turnThere are a number of inconsistencies about the relationship between Arran and Margot that niggled at me They obviously enjoyed a very satisfactory love life after their marriage which I would have thought would have counted in Arran s favour But no this isn t enough for Margot to try to build a life with her gorgeous husband so she justps and leaves without a word That said the problems don t all fall on her side because Arran just lets her go without even asking her why Then he meekly sends her enough money to live comfortably even though her desertion has humiliated him in front of his entire clan None of this rings true Nor does the fact that Wicked intrigue His Christmas Bride unfolds as annlikely marriage leads to a path of risky desire in the lush green Scottish HighlandsBorn into riches and groomed in English luxury Margot Armstrong didn't belong in a Scottish chieftain's devil may care world Three years ago she fled their marriage of convenience and hasn't looked back except to rel. ,

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Wild Wicked Scot