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35 ratingThis was a journey to one Mid Twentieth Century Ff Relationship I Seem twentieth century ff relationship I seem think based on the few books I ave read of that era that gay relationships by at least one upper I ave read of that era that gay relationships by at least one upper partner pretty much means they lived in many ways as normal as such a time would allow In a way I am pleased by this but also uite upset that a classified few only ad such privilegesThis book was engaging emotionally revealing of one particular relationship It kind of echoes a message of NOW because we never know tomorrow I Decoding Air Travel have got to say I enjoyed it Perhaps it does deserve a full 4stars What I expected tawdry lustful trashy filthWhat I got a lesbian romance story perhaps very shocking in the 1950s but fairly straightforward for our times if somewhat overblown in a soap opera wayAnd still I read it cover to cover because somehow March Hastings is very readable Yes Iave read four March Hastings books now I m not even sure Dragon's Curse (The Hearts of Dragons Book 1) (English Edition) how thatappened I picked up a few in a bookstore in the States mostly based on the covers And then I bought this one on KindleSpeaking of Kindle Someone Clearly Took The Physical took the physical scanned it into digital and never proofread it There were multiple glitches in the text than once the word I ll was made up of three 1s As in 1 11 In a few places a word was actually unreadable because it as glitched in some way Can t they pay someone to read digital scans to correct for this kind of thing Apparently notI can t make that part of my review it s not March Hastings fault but Keys to the Ultimate Freedom had to mention itIf you pick this book up expecting filth you ll be disappointed But maybe in a good way Instead it s a soap opera with a thin plot and big feelings The sex scenes are of the fade to black variety with no explicit details beyond kisses and bodies pressed together All the same I found the emotional experiences of Paula our main character enjoyableIt s an interesting piece ofistory I enjoyed this ueer pulp novel an awful lot It was such a wonderful mixture of realism and fantasy The main character Paula was living poor in New York with an alcholic father and a soon to be proposing boyfriend At 18 she was working a dead end job as a secretary and looking forward to being married But then she met Hollands Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences her fiance s aunt and all that changed Paula s relationship with Byrne definitely bored on the fantasy part of the story She met a lesbian instantly fell in love and changeder wh. 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Three WomenTers being willfully asshatted as appens so freuently in novels where there s a third act breakup And the ending in this edition seems to be the 80s era ending which I m told is less depressing than the originalThe cover amused me because all three women on the cover are very generic pretty women and while I KNOW WHICH ONE IS THEORETICALLY WHICH BASED ON HAIR which one is theoretically which based on Rozwazania o Psalmach hair there is so much character in the book Par for the course I suppose It is amazing to me at leastow so much pulp fiction of the 50s and 60s Is Well Written Especially is well written kind by women like March Hastings Though definitely a sign of their times often failing to Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book have aappy ending because popular culture and even the postal office demanded it novels like Three Women can still جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها have value today Societyas certainly progressed these past five decades but very few gays and lesbians manage to escape their lives untouched by Tug Hill Country hatred whether from the world in general or their own family membersAlso amazing isow once you peel away the contributing factors to what sets up the major conflict in Three Women you are actually addressing an age old uestion both straight and gay people face in relationships no matter the era What do you when your partner s ex is always in the background even when she isn t physically thereTwo of the three women in the title definitely and tragically fall victim to a society that tells them being gay is not only wrong but sinful as well The third woman Paula falls victim not so much to Dragon Ball Anime Comics, Vol. 2 homophobia as she falls victim toer own impatience and lack of faith in the woman she loves The reader wonders if things would end differently if Paula just didn t push so muchNo doubt about itThree Women does not What Well Leave Behind (Thirty-Eight, have theappy ending anyone who believes in true love would like it to Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, have Refreshingly though it never condemns the love found within these pages I could be reading too much into it out of someopeful need to see it but I think Hastings was actually suggesting tragedy befalls everyone when a 8 1/2 harsh world dictates who should and shouldn t be able to love each other Awesome lesbian pulp Picked it up foristorical purposes as I Health and Healing for African-Americans had never read anything from this genre before Thought it would teach me something about lesbian community in the 50s To my pleasant surprise I enjoyed it back to front Nothing to writeome about but you can read it like you eat jube jubes Soft sweet junk foo. 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Ole world It was like there was a story of this ordinary girl trapped in this world of poverty and alcholism who practically invented this perfect rich lesbian who d be able to takeer away from it all The mixture of the reality and the fantasy was odd but made for interesting reading Part two where you learned of Bryne and Greta s relationship felt much realistic Here were two girls who fell in love and started The Sorcerers Soul having sex Not realising there was anything wrong This was a really fun book taken in context Mine is the annotated kindle version and the note in the end describing the rise of paperback pulp and the general position and demand for lesbian up within that is great Especially as it relates to the absurd endingThe book itselfas some really great moments of writing though it s often stilted and awkward as would be expected Paula is a bit of a typical obnoxious selfish and silly romance eroine and Byrne is sort of the dissolute duke type but it s extremely entertaining as a istorical exercise Definitely going to be reading 50s lesbian pulp ASAP So apparently this classic lesbian pulp fiction was targeted mostly at small town lesbians who didn t Satans Mistress have the benefit of living in Greenwich Villageand prurient men I think I know which category I belong to Actual Rating 25 stars I one clicked this because of the cover and the fact it was considered lesbian pulp It was written in 1958 and Iave always loved the pulp covers from this time period I don t know what I was expecting but this was not it I enjoyed the writing and the characters but the pacing and plotting was strange Also there was absolutely no description of intimacy It was ridiculously fade to black I guess I assumed the contents would be as racy as the covers Maybe a woman falling in love with another woman was the What My Mother and I Dont Talk About height of raciness in 1958 Three Womenits most of the notes of lesbian pulp fiction from its era It Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, has a young na ve lesbian an experienced older woman a jealous douchebag guy andeaps and eaps of tragedy view spoileralthough bucking tradition a bit the main love interests do get to stay together at the end ide spoiler It s nice for what it is It definitely reads like pulp the author never tries anything fancy with the text everything is straightforward about what it is saying but that s a nice change sometimes There was never a point where I was rolling my eyes at the charac. 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