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Act a story that was good without the religious references With that in mind I will base my opinion on the story without taking this in references With that in mind I will base my opinion on the story without taking this in account Fans of Christian fiction should enjoy this story Though Edward was a ittle hard shelled in the beginning I couldn t wait to see why he felt and acted the way he did and to read how he would change by the story s end And I was not disappointed I ove the author s style of writing and way with words and her subtle nuggets of humor made me augh out oud words and her subtle nuggets of humor made me augh out The Majors Daughter loud mooking "forward to the next book in the series "to the next book in the series this book First of all one of the ualities I iked about A Soldier Finds His Way by Irene Onorato is the Christian perspective I had not read anything by this author before but would now read another book by her in a heartbeat She Warning Once you start reading this book YOU won t be able to stop reading until you have finished the entire book I so enjoyed this book Seriously I couldn t put the book down once I started reading This is a great book No an amazing book I assure you you will thoroughly enjoy this book Good job Irene Onorato What a sweet sweet book Few books move me to tears This one did Loved it from beginning to the end Easy read I want to read books by this autho. Escued her from a near deadly car accident   Edward too has not stopped not thinking of Audra After making peace with God and with his difficult past he’s ready to re connect with her and reveal his feelings Edward knows that opening his heart will mean risking pain but he’s prepared for whatever comes from a perilous deployment to Audra’s meddling fath. ,

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A Soldier Finds His Way A Veterans Heart #1

Summary A Soldier Finds His Way A Veterans Heart #1

A Solider Finds His Way by Irene Onorato is what I would classify as a Christian Romance It was a good story towards the end it did get a The Touch little preachy but not too bad Iiked that it wasn t an instant romance There was a On His Majestys Service lot of build up Iiked that it centered around family Family is very important and this book really highlighted on that Great job Ms Onorato Survivor A blizzard one man and two young Different Class ladies Plus one big escape Family and aoner fall for each other when one is s soldier Wait and see for yourself This book was full of action and real The Essential Good Food Guide lifeike characters RedemptionA sweet story of redemption and finding Textbook of Wisdom love and forgiveness It was a sweet and Iiked the characters Clean Review also found at received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is October 11th 2016Disclaimer This book is in the Christian fiction genre which I was not aware before starting While I have read several stories in this genre I do tend to struggle with this genre if it has too much religion spirituality or religious references This book has it all so for others "who feel as I do this may not be a good choiceThis book started out "feel as I do this may not be a good choiceThis book started out for me I can t go Sometimes getting In Defence of Dogs lost is the best way home   After a painful youth spent in foster homes Special Forces soldier Edward Giordano has all but given up onove Returning to New York from a dangerous mission in Costa Rica with no one to welcome him home he knows he must find a way through his bitterness and embrace faith or he’s destined for misery and onelin. ,

N to details as it is not outlined in the synopsis but how Audra and Edward come to meet was exciting and somewhat original It is clear that this meeting will set Edward on an emotional journey that you want to be a part of The attraction is gradual and believableWhere the story turned for me was after Audra and Edward cam e back to the real world This is where I found there was too much reference to God When Audra started her days reading much reference to God When Audra started her days reading bible I knew that the fine ine between spirituality and preaching was being crossed I ean towards the side That It Was Preachy As it was preachy as seemed random compared to the beginning of the story Almost ike it was making up for only fleeting references to faith prior to that The rest of the story continued this way for meAs I do not want to knock this genre I do feel I have to add my two cents In order to appeal to the masses and not just the niche market of Christian fiction I feel stories need to be very careful in how they balance the religious aspect Too many bible references can alienate the audience and distract "From An Otherwise Good "an otherwise good This is how I felt when I read this storyThis Revenge (The Red Ledger leaves me in a predicament on how I should rate this story I do not want my personal opinion to negatively imp. Ess But he never expects that saving someone else’sife might help him save his own   Audra Lorenzo is a first year school teacher with a bright future All she’s missing is a man to share her happiness Her father wants her to rekindle her relationship with her ex boyfriend but she can’t stop thinking about the handsome kind and courageous soldier who ,