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Surrogate And Wife Silhouette DesireGh he s working arson now Jake comes to offer her his help but she refusesKate works on the bench and that combined With Her Being Abandoned Into her being abandoned into foster care system has made her aloof cynical and self sufficient She doesn t believe in HEA so when she thinks her job may be threatened she asks Jake to marry her in name only till the child is bornThey start living together but leading separate lives all because of Kate even though Jake tries to get her to accept help The book ending seemed abrupt to me I really liked Jake he was a good guy and so understanding Le do en Enero 2013 I have joined Manali Dey a friend on Bookstagram for the MillsandBoonReadathon for which we are reading 18 books coz it s 18 This is Book 3Set in Georgetown Texas this book is about Kate Bennet who is around fourteen weeks pregnant She is a surrogate for her sister Beth and her husband Stewart The same Beth who herself is eighteen weeks along and didn t even tell Kate till then Now the sperm donor in Kate s case is not Beth s husband Stewart but his best friend Jake since it was highly improbable that Stewart and Beth could ever have a baby And just like that is up to Jake and Kate now to decide what to Do With The Baby with the baby is now Morgan is a firefighter turned arson investigator while Kate is an associate district judge She believes she doesn t have a maternal bone in her body and that Jake and her will not be good parents Jake still offers to help her out which she vehemently denies To achieve his political ambitions Judge Hatcher Kate s boss is using the morality card And an unmarried mother to be is at the top of. He had the unexpected chance to eep her childAnd Jake had married herbut only to save Kate's career from politically motivated lies They had yet to share a bedThen the unexpected. No me gusto muy lenta sin mucha acci n regular I always finish every book that I buy Some books I can t put down while other books I want to stop reading before I hit the half way mark this was one of those books that was torture to read The heroine was insecure and focused on the pain of her childhood She never trusted anyone to help her She wanted to be perfect in everything she did Heroine s that wine are just annoying to me She did learn by be perfect in everything she did Heroine s that wine are just annoying to me She did learn by end of the book to rely and trust others She let down the walls built around her heart I was glad the hero and heroine found love by the end of this book Hey you may enjoy this book It is impossible for everyone to love the same book Just because I didn t care for it does not mean that you won t love it Not the usual type of Desire story but not bad I thought it lacked some of the romance element though There was little actual affection between the two They spent a lot of time away from each other physically avoiding each other emotionally and otherwise Surrogate and Wife wasn t a typical Desire it didn t really feel like one to me actually Kate became the surrogate for her sistersister had been trying to have a child for eight years when she gets the news that a miracle has happened and her sister and her husband are expecting her sister tells her to think about what she and Jakeis the best friend of Kate s sister s husband wants after all they are the biological parentsKate is sure she doesn t want to Two Wrongs Make a Marriage keep the baby she feels she has no maternal instincts and she has never liked Jake who she met at her sister s wedding he s too charming and he s a firefighter thou. HE WAS HER BABY'S FATHERHE WAS HER HUSBANDBOTH STATEMENTS WERE TRUE AND FALSEJake Morgan's seed had created the baby Kate Bennet was carrying But she was only the surrogateuntil