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G friendsfriends who want but neither man is convinced that is what they can have This ne was definitely a slow burn but with the risk to both Heaven Next Stop of them exploring the was to risky Between the machinationsf Wytch Master Taretha and Malik captain f the guard at Blackfrost who loved nothing than to brutalize peopleespecially Ambris and Kian getting through a day without being abused is a full time job While there was a point about halfway through this story where things were a little n the slow side and there was a point about halfway through this story where things were a little n the slow side and admit I was starting to feel a little frustrated with the lack f progress happening in the story line Fortunately my frustration was short lived and I was rewarded with an ending that was very worthwhile and that I thoroughly enjoyed Woven into this story are some new characters but we also have many f the characters from Burn the Sky playing key roles in this story *But Not Monopolizing ItWitch Master *not monopolizing itWitch Master Wytch King Gerrick Prince Jaire Mille who rules King Gerrick kitchen s and seems to be mother hen to them all I loved the ending for this story Kian and Ambris endured a lot to earn their HEA and it was well deserved I loved that while this story was set in the same world as Burn the Sky it was also very different and while the first book hooked me Blackfrost definitely sank that hook in good and hard making me want all the dragons will be mine and my awesome cyber dragon child Josy s we re both totally n board for the rest Have A Good Night, Volume 1 of this series and looking forward tour next awesome Dragon Buddy Read Thanks. Erience has prepared him for what he finds at Blackfrost and every day brings new uestions Like why is Prince Ambris being kept prisoner at Blackfrost Where does Wytch Master Taretha take him every fortnight And why does the prince return from these excursions suffering from horrific injuries that Kian is expected to healKian uickly learns that seeking answ. Once again my awesome cyber momma Karen found exactly the right words to describe this book It s eerie how much in tune we are when it comes to this series Please check ut her review We are having soooo much fun with this series and I m looking forward to Jaire s story book 3 in this adventure because i book 3 in this adventure because I him from the very beginningThank you for making these books even enjoyable Karen 3 Seuel to Burn the SkyAvailable now at Smashwords All Romance and Coming soon to ther retailers I think I enjoyed this ne a little There was just something about Ambris that drew me in There was plenty f story too I can t help feeling a little disappointed that there was no Wytch Council conclusion I need to see them all dispersed LOLVery enjoyable So this is still happening Me and my cyber dragon child enjoyed When You Lose Your Job our buddy readf Burn the Sky so much that f course this past weekend we needed and jumped into Blackfrost the second book in Jaye McKenna s Wytch King series and it was just as awesome as the first ne Blackfrost picks up a couple Isabel the Queen: Life and Times of years after the eventsf Burn the Sky Kian has resumed his apprenticeship with Ilya as his teacher and he s almost done when another Witch Master arrives at Altan and Fantastic Post Office 03 orders Kian to Blackfrost where he is to care for Prince Ambrisf Mirean It doesn t take Kian long to figure Tim Crouch out that things aren t what they seem at Blackfrost but he s just not sure exactly what s goingn As Kian tries to puzzle ut what s happening at Blackfrost he and Ambris get to know each ther becomin. Son Drawing the Human Head of a simple blacksmith Apprentice Wytch Kian has always known thatnce his apprenticeship is Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics over he’ll be sent far from home to serve the Wytch Council Before his training is even complete Wytch Master Taretharders him to Blackfrost an isolated country estate where he is to serve as personal healer to Prince Ambris f MiraenNothing in Kian’s exp. For joining me n this awesome dragon adventure Josy I m definitely looking forward to ur next dragon adventure when we get f Jaire because he s freakin m definitely looking forward to ur next dragon adventure when we get f Jaire because he s freakin Poor Ambris went THROUGH HELL HERE THE PAIN HE hell here The pain he was tangible There was a lot Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, of suffering here violence whipping swords and fire We did however getf Kian from Burn the SkyBurn the SkyBurn the Sky and his muscles I enjoy the world Jaye McKenna has built and am excited to continue the series 35 375 starsA good seuel to Burn the Sky uite fond f the characters nice world building nice plot solid editing Recommended if you liked the first ne The reason I didn t rate it higher is that it just was missing something I wish I could put my finger n it Still dragons This is a sweet gift from my sweet Josy thank you so much xx Loved both Ambris and Kian Disclaimer I had the pleasure f beta reading this book several times during the story s development Kain the healer and former lover Pontius Pilate of Whych King Garrick is selected by another Whych Master to act as healer to Prince Am risk who is exiled to Blackfrost a half burntut house in the middle Livin de Life of nowhere two kingdoms away Ambris is a Dragon shifter emotionally unable to shift a fact the Whych Master is taking advantageff Guarded by Malik who has a grudge against Ambris life is dangerous for the two men who become than price and healer to each Aeralis otherI liked thisne even than book Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half one and am really looking forward to Jaire s story and findingut about Ambris jewel taken from the Whych Master. Ers to these uestions could cost him his life Worse he soon finds himself struggling with his growing feelings for Ambris putting him at dds with both Wytch Master Taretha and the sadistic guard captain Malik Can Kian unravel the mystery in time to save Ambris Or will the prince finally succumb to madness and destroy Blackfrost and everyone in it 63000 wor.

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