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Per class with freuent references to private mens clubs such as the Corinthian and the Athenaeum The characters are foppish and callow self serving and frivolous This is the sort of thing you can get away with when you re hideously moneyed apparently The prose is written in such a way that it took me about 50 pages ntil the mention of Bucks Fizz the pop group not the drink to work out that this book is set in the 1980 s The plumy language and old school tie networking really leads you to believe that the setting is the 1920 s or 30 s and the lives loves and language would not be out of place in an Evelyn Waugh novel Or maybe that was just me and I have read too much Waugh and Wilde of late The principle character is presented as a watered down version of Boy Mulcaster and Anthony Blanche after they ve been through a blender together However this book has a moral agenda sort of a history lesson and hidden depths William is approached by Lord Nantwich a man whose life he had previously saved while loitering in a public lavatory to write his biography and through the research and reading Nantwich s diaries he Transcending Taboos uncovers elements of a sad andnpleasant past previously hidden to himI ve given this book to two gay friends to read They both hated it but were not able to explain why and while I continued to turn the pages ntil the very end it did not have a profound enough effect to make me read any of of Hollinghurst s work A wonderful romp around Londontown arguably the gayest city in all of Europe The novel is exuisite very smartly titled Swimming pool implies the superficial aspect of the gay scene Library implies all that is intelligent and witty the book is Library implies all that is intelligent and witty the book is merger of these both It s at once overly sensual incredibly literary The Line of Beauty seems to be the culmination of Alan Hollinghurst s steamycranial poetics this then is barely but a stepping stone toward that epic saga the Booker winner was turned into a monolithic miniseries by the BBC This is a novel of paramount importance it is a historical document which embodies the livid spirit of the gay scene back in the 1980 s before AIDS before pretty much stuff like this gave homosexuals a bad rap It is one of a kind written elouently written with a focus on that elusive antihero our gay leading man. Illiam Beckwith a young gay aristocrat who leads a life of privilege and promiscuity and the elderly Lord Nantwich an old Africa hand searching for someone to write his biography and inherit his traditio. ,
I found Hollinghurst s novel to be very enthralling and wonderfully erotic It s such a fantastic exploration of what it was like to be a part of the gay community in the early 1980s before AIDS altered community and its image foreverFrom my very recently influenced by some serious thought about *the west indian community in london the swimming *West Indian community in London The Swimming Library struck me as a fascinating perspective how did the majority view the other especially an other that was as highly sexualized as West Indians in London It seems that both men and women saw found them exotic and highly attractive but the attraction was than simply desire it seemed rapacious and Almost Imperialistic Will Beckwith The imperialistic Will Beckwith the character has a very lusty admirable sexual appetite However his tendency to exoticize and take advantage of men younger than him especially young men of color in the London he knows is something that I can t admire or approve of Still this lustiness is something that Hollinghurst attributes to the age and the race of the title character not necessarily something to be applauded It needs to be remembered that Will is elitist rich nabashedly egotistical and fairly narcissistic and as is noted by a character at one of the clubs if only I had the book with me right now it is Geographies, Mobilities, and Rhythms over the Life-Course uite in vogue for the white men in London to score a young West Indian or African man Will and his boyfriend at the time Phil both are in the club are assumed to be on the prowl for some brown as one of Will s former flames refers to the white hunger of the timeI definitely don t think that Hollinghurst was very critical of Will in the text at least not in an overly visible or emphatic way However he certainly expected the reader to be His sympathetic yetnembellished portrayal of Will is very much done to give the reader the independence to decide on Will s actions and thoughts Is he nothing but a narcissist The reader is forced to look critically on Will as an Oxford graduate and as the grandson of a Peer of the British Empire His boyfriends are all lower class and he seems to sometimes ruthlessly exploit them Hollinghurst as I said earlier doesn t visibly admonish Will but he doesn t excuse his actions eitherThe scene when Will is gay bashed is heart wrenching Especially because bas. A literary sensation and bestseller both in England and America The Swimming Pool Library is an enthralling darkly erotic novel of homosexuality before the scourge of AIDS; an elegy possessed of chilling.

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The Swimming Pool LibraryHing still happens to While I was reading The Swimming Pool Library I kept thinking of a really dumb phrase It s like d j vu all over againThis was of course literally true in the sense that I d read the book before and remembered the basic setup The narrator Will Beckwith leads an aimless life in 1980s London a life that centers on swimming clubbing and a whole lot of fucking His routine is disrupted when he meets an elderly peer who asks Will to read through his papers with an eye to writing his biography This sets Will on a voyage of discoverya voyage that ltimately doesn t amount to much of anythingMy sense of d j vu also had another source ConsiderA self obsessed narrator who talks endlessly about sex Sex scenes that are Than Anything Else Farcical An Older Man With A Hidden anything else farcical An older man with a hidden An awkward encounter in a hotel room The realization that people are well kind of phonyIf you re thinking you ve heard this story before you re right first as told by JD Salinger and then as re imagined by Martin Amis Hollinghurst lifts his best gag from Salinger in the way that Will keeps encountering gross smells particularly the reek of cheap cologne The Swimming Pool Library is a novel that can be read very seriously as a sort of elegy for a vanished way of gay life Early on it s established that Will is telling his story in flashback remembering that summer the last summer of its kind there was ever to be Hollinghurst has said that he originally conceived the novel as the deathbed confession of a gay man dying from AIDS and this is still visible in the text where it s strongly implied that view spoilerColin the ndercover police officer Will picks p on the Tube is HIV positive hide Spoiler Given The Number Of Given the number of scenes that Alan Hollinghurst crams into his books approximately one every other page you d think it would be enjoyable for him as well as the reader to inject a bit of variation In fact they all follow broadly the same This book is tricksily misleading on a number of fronts It has been described as deeply thrilling and darkly erotic I think I might have missed something then at first appearance it s a breezy but self obsessed commentary by flirtatious man about town William Beckwith young moneyed nscrupulous charming and gay The narrative is archly The New Goddess up. Clarity for ways of life that can no longer be lived with impunity Impeccably composed and meticulously particular in its observation of everything Harperseen it focuses on the friendship of two men ,

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