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T was one of the first books with which I paved my path from being a hardcore comic girl to one that would read novels devoid of any illustrations whatsoever Liked the book a lot one of my real favourites this book is so cute it really captures the feel of the show the story is like a magical Jumanji and it s a lot of fun I accidentally read it just in time for Father s Day I actually wish it were a longer book it s such a uick read it was okay i just like to hear my name well kinda my name is sabrine and her name is sabrina so its close Awful pun it s no bored game aside I thought this was a really thrilling and enjoyable read that I couldn t put was a really thrilling and enjoyable read that I couldn t put Aving fun any Sabrina's dad can't rescue them he's a mere mortal now And Salem well with all that magic he's got a world to conuer Is Sabrina's magic strong enough to

save her father 
her father herself And save Salem from himself.
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Erent adventure and some new and exciting to overcome These books made me want to have magical powers too but the ending results were hilarious I used to love this TV show along with the books now I don t care for both much any This was so cool a bit like jumanji but even better because their is magic and Salem the black cat I remember this especially as a good book 255 Definitely not the best in the series or even top 10 I was most irritated by Sabrina calling Salem cutesy names like her baby Just no I liked the crazy board game and the Jumanji vibes Read in June for Its Father S Day Theme Father s Day theme book literally turned my world upside down Oly a magical new board game Everyone thinks it's just part of the game when Sabrina's dad loses his powers and Salem gets a double dose of magic But when they're all sent to a realm full of monsters suddenly they're not My son was teasing me other day A couple of weeks ago He Saw Me Reading saw me reading based on the Angel TV series Then it was a book based on the Charmed TV series So I went for a hat trick I remembered I had a book based on the Sabrina TV seriesand here it is It s really a fun read It s Father s Day so Sabrina finds a great gift for her dad It s a board game called Witchopoly But this is Sabrina and nothing goes easily Witchopoly isn t such a fun game for father and daughter Magic problems and cat problems never go well together If ou loved the TV show I m sure The Science of Entomology you ll enjoy this book I loved all of the Sabrina tales full of magic Every story was a diff. This is no bored game Whenour dad normally gets his kicks hanging out on the rings of Saturn finding a uniue Father's Day gift is a real dilemma But Sabrina thinks she has the perfect solution for her warlock dad Witchop.

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Witchopoly Sabrina the Teenage Witch #22