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Lect and dialogue to assist Her In The Characterization Of in the characterization of characters very well Portions of this novel could be used to show students how the dialogue and dialect can affect the how a character is perceived by a reader I would use caution and choose appropriate examples during a mini esson to teach my students to use both dialogue and dialect to develop their characters this book was way to funnyit could of had a dash of matureness in it thorecomend it To Teenagers Corny Jokes teenagers corny jokes too much talk for poop and farts hated it this book was very good to me i really Second Time Loving liked imani s parts she was the most interesting to me This book was about three sisters and their mom celeste monica imani they all are very different to be sisters you gotta read it Great book about a single parent family of 3 sisters I enjoyed this fast paced dramatic surprising and humorous book I devoured it in 2 days because it was so juicy Ioved the esson at the end It made it all worth it As a woman some of us have ived through any one of the circumstances in this book I Dark Awakening love this book for all the wrong reasons and I want to read it all over againlike right nowI want to have a read outoud sessionwhere my girls I read *this book as part of a monthly book club challenge really enjoyed reading about the relationship drama *book as part of a monthly book club challenge really enjoyed reading about the relationship drama the three sisters and there mother The scenes with the kids in the book will have you Hawks Way (Hawks Way laughing outoud or wanting to spank them The tension between the sisters is very real provides plenty of drama heartache Very good read. T out of the slammer and wants her back Sure enough trouble comes knocking But when a fine Puerto Rican DJ named Kree seduces her and showers her son Jamal with attention Imani finally gets a shot at happiness and ghetto free Family Men loveFielding the curve balls tossed their way Celeste Monica and Imaniearn that it takes than sisterhood to cope with Creative Participation loveife and men–the ones they’ve got and that elusive ex facto. For Mama Bryd character alone this book is worth a It been a while since a book has made augh out oud The rest of the story is It been a while since a book has made me augh out Personnel Management in Government loud The rest of the story is with drama from three sisters Celeste is married and trying desperately to hold on to her husband who she feel is cheating Monica is a single nurse and she is having an affair with a married man Imani is a single parent to Jamal who also adds comedy to the book and is trying to hang on to Walik Jamal s father who she has been with for 10 years Man when I tell you this book had me on edge I mean itol I had to take a break a few times because I started to actually get angry It was such a good read and I just Out of This World love the way TuShonda writes I plan on purchasing all of her books including her books where she uses Pseudonyms Iove how all of the sisters evolved at the end of the book Awesome I enjoyed this book a great deal I must say it was one of my favorites of the books I have read this semester The Ex Factor is a novel that tells the story of three sisters and their complicated relationships with one another and the men they The Time It Never Rained love One sister is still inove with her ex despite all the trouble he has gotten into and all he has put her through She even continues to deal with abuse and mistreatment from her ex once a better man wants to be in her and her son s The Child of the Soul and Other Stories life The other two sisters are involved in a very dangerousove triangle with one another and one s husband Tu Shonda Whitaker uses descriptive dialogue and dialect to deepen the characterization of her characters The cha. This emotional erotically charged novel follows three half sisters and their complicated relationships with one another and with the men in their Childrens Phantasies livesCeleste thinks all she wants inife are her family and a nice home in the suburbs Yet ately she’s got a hunch that her sexy husband Sharief a New York City policeman is patrolling than just the streets Celeste is sure he’s cheating on her When she finds out. Racters in this story are African American And It Is American and it is obvious through the specific dialect that is used in their dialogue This is even used with the young characters in the novel such as 7 year old Jamal The following excerpt from page 60 shows how Whitaker uses dialogue and specific detail to further develop her charactersJamal started to whisper Uncle Rief told Aunty Monica he was goin punch her in the face What Imani couldn t belive it Yeah Jamal continued to whisper you should ve heard him he told her I can t even believe I was feeling you trick Then it was a ot of noise Like the crumble crumble crumble raaaahhhh Then Aunty Monica said boy is you crazy Jamal is asleep in the other room Then Uncle Rief said Hol up shawtie you might see me in the streets but you on t know me Imani he sound just The Soviet Union like a rapper Jamal stopyin I already told you about Gods and Heroes lyin so much Imani I ain tyin you shoulda heard him she told him My Adidas Science, Technology and Culture ll walk all over your face dawg Punkazy eye You tryna flex You booty scratchin fart face Yo breath smell No Beast So Fierce like pissy eggs And if you mess with me Il knock yo teeth out and put em back in crooked Yo that s a wild boy Imani While reading this book I felt that I could actually hear the dialogue that they held amongst one another The dialect gave me the impression that they were possibly characters from somewhere similar to my hometown and similar to people actually know that they were possibly characters from somewhere similar to my hometown and similar to people I actually know and dialogue made this an easy read and held my interest throughout the entire piece I thought Whitaker used dia. That the home wrecker is none other than her own sister Monica all hell breaks ooseMonica never intended to fall in ove with her sister’s husband But who knew that Sharief would make every inch of her body tingle with a single touch Monica knows she should have righted her wrong before Celeste found out but she’s in too deep–in ways than oneImani is not pleased that her Last Chance Bride lowife boyfriend Walik just go.

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