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I absolutely love this series as far as I am concerned each one is better than the last In this one our rumpy old mad dragon Maddox finds his love in the Grand Priestess Calysta As an older person I was happy to read of an older couple Murder Shoots the Bull (Southern Sisters, getting together Now I know the dragons are a century old but I meant Calysta being older Maddox called Doxie by his team and Maddy by his mate has a never seen softer side which Calysta brings out He found his team mate Kyran but something is wrong with him So this story tells of Kyran and what happened to him as well as the continued back story with the huntersIf you love hunky dragons and discovering soft sides torumpy mad ragons then this is the story for you Fate cannot be denied and this story cannot fail to be enjoyed by allI was Hudson Valley Mediterranean given an ARC in exchange for an honest review I also love this series so much that I pre ordered this one too This book was veryood now I really have to catch up on the books in this series that I haven t read Calysta Kyra s Mom Maddox "S Story Started Mostly After "story started mostly after mated the dragon way Maddox Doxie or Maddy kept hearing Kyran s voice in his head he was the only one so he took it upon himself to try rescue him But nothing Doing Democracy in Indigenen Gemeinschaften goes his way as Kyran captures him ties him upside down Kyranoes between knowing MaddoxDoxie not knowing him Kyran is one of the dragons that was with Drago Kayne when they were captured long ago Kyran is re captured by one of the evil twins called Adam Eve after Kyran was captured the other dragons came Whilst this did not flow like the previous stories you understand why once you have read the bookIf you have not kept up with THIS SERIES I BELIEVE YOU WILL series I believe you will this book hard to follow as it really is bringing so much together and aiming for the future of this seriesThis series is really becoming something special it has always been a ood read but is

Becoming Than Just An Ordinary 
than just an ordinary this story we have an older couple as the H s which is lovely The Grand Priestess Calysta is finally acknowledging that she is the mate of Maddox whom the other uardsmen call The Mad DragonMaddox also known as The Keeper of the Ancients is a lone dragon who lives up on the mountain he prefers solitude and his own company so to find. The books can be read as stand alone stories but it is advisable to read them in order to et the most enjoyment from the series One lone dragon pulled from his mountain to save the clan he's sworn fealty to and the only family he's ever known One Gra. .
Her Mad Dragon Dragon Guards #11Each story builds on the last and sets up the next and the anticipation of what that future books contains is excruciating Further Ms Mills continues to introduce new characters and spotlight familiar ones and so the possibilities are endless I was pleased to have received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and as you can see I finished it in a day At no time did the story lag or become predictable and it is a truly loving joyous and exciting journey into the world of the Dragon Guard I wholeheartedly recommend this book and series to all fans of paranormal romance If you haven t started it you owe it to yourself to start now You will not be disappointed Maddox s story is packed full of action and his love for the fiery Grand priestess Calysta is amazing This story pulls you in keeps you on the edge of your seatyou fall in love with the characters hate their enemies and bum out when the story is done and I can t wait to read the next book 15I was halfway through the first book when I realized I was
In Love With Dragons I 
love with dragons I finding I may have to purchase a third Kindle just for all things Dragon Thank You Miss Mills for doing a reat job of feeding my love of dragons I have found a few other authors of Dragon stories but so far you are leading the way Can t wait for 16 I liked the protagonists I liked the humour in this story at least most of the times but the narration style threw me a bit humour in this story at least most of the times but the narration style threw me a bit was like a summary with some parts fleshed out a bit The storyline seemed erratic it was not but I blame it on the narrationIn all fairness the author herself warned that although these books are standalone they are best read in chronological order and oh was she right I always had the nagging feeling the I was missing something of the plot or something which happened in the past and has bearing on this storyFurther I thought this was a shifter story for me that means that the protagonists do shift from time to time in the story this did not happen here at least not that I noticed The only ones shifting were the ones the dragon clan tried to rescueOn the whole though I still liked the story it is not something I personally would recommend further Luckily tastes are just that very personal and this is only my opinion. Aith in all they hold dear be enough to defeat the evil that's sworn to destroy them all Only Destiny knows Fate Will Not Be Denied This book contains explicit sexual material and violence It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.

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Himself with a mate at the rand old OF 220 IS A TOTAL SHOCK TO HIS SYSTEM 220 is a total shock to his system really are another powerhouse couple and with the way the series is oing I believe they are Il sale della vita going to be neededThere is so muchoing on with matings and ceremonies happening which have to include some dusty old crone witches the hunters attacking the Lair Kyran the mystery dragon from the last book causing mayhem "and attacking Drago You will just have to read this book "attacking Drago You will just have to read this book find out I loved the camaraderie between Kyra her mother Calysta and Della Calysta s sister but I do miss having all the other ladies not aroundVery interesting and clever how Ms Mills is bringing the younger computer literate My Favorite Things generation into the bigger picture to aid in the fightIet confused as to where we are sometimes which Lair and with whom Need a map LOL This book was artfully crafted and uniuely designed to pull you into the pages where secrets and fairytales live and dreams come true for those who believeMaddox and Calysta s story is extraordinary enchanting enthralling and endlessly entertaining where stubbornness and determination to rise above conflict with a heart of old and a core of steel to et to where love and happiness livesOne of Your Greatest FansLena deLeonlenadeleon2004ldgmailcom Great storyI really liked this book That cranky old Dragon has made me laugh then once Happy him and his little witch The Nine of Us got there hea Off to read the next one I received ARC in exchange for an honest review I love this series I can t believe there are 15 Each and every one is uniue You fall in love with these beloved characters Maddox is very old school and he s over 200 years old Calysta is the Grand Priestess and what a pair They totally belong together and they made me laugh and smile Now this book comes trouble Tari had children Sick people Adam and Eveyeah so notood Kyran was found but he s been messed with along with others by these siblings Far worse than you can imagine I really enjoyed the book and look forward as always til the next because Eve is still on the loose I love their nicknames for each other so cute Maddy and Callie All swoony It s hard to believe this is book 15 of this marvelous series and it just keeps etting better and better. Nd Priestess the most magical witch of her time the leader of her kind and a survivor of torture Two powerful beings blessed by the Goddess destined by the Universe a couple unlike any other Can their combined magic all the love that they have and a .

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