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Eantime read this collection Read it now I m sitting here staring at this mpty review box drinking my coffee wondering how the hell I m going to review this book without sounding like a ridiculous fangirlOkay So My girlfriend Emily had this book and I kept lusting after the cover very time she posted it on Instagram One day I get my mail and I had a package from Emily it was this bookI put the book on the top of my TBR cover and I swear that blooming skull called to me at night while I read other booksSo finally I couldn t resist it any and I figured I d just read a few of the short stories and go back to my regularly scheduled stack of booksAfter reading the first story League of Zeroes I Knew I Wouldn T Be I knew I wouldn t be to stop until all the stories in this collection were read It was so bizarre the way Johnson was writing startling things in this very normative way where you are just accepting what s happening but at the same time completely horrifiedI xplained to one friend that reading Jeremy Johnson s stories is like O Colégio de Todos os Segredos eatingxotic food in a *Foreign Land Every Dish Is *land Every dish is and March Violets (Bernie Gunther, exciting The flavorxplosions in your mouth Zoete tranen engage your whole body in the act ofnjoyment all of it strange dangerous horrifying immersive thought provoking and unpredictable After Water Music each story I would turn to the Author s Notes in the back and read the short blurb Jeremy wrote about it I ve never been so captivated I honestly didn t want thexperience to Revived end Some of the stand out stories deserve mention Of course the first one I already highlighted and it s the perfect way to hook a reader and make them want Persistence Hunter the second story is a totally different narrative style and voice I found it to be a magnetic sexually charged character studyDissociative Skills was unflinching and upsetting Loved itSnowfall was beautiful magicalMy real time uote after reading a story called When Susurrus Stirs Holy Shit BARF Hahah that wasEWWWWW Loved itBut then the story right after that made me cry At this point I m growing addicted to Johnson s style of gut punchy prose that startles you out of your regular flow of reading He ll just throw a line at you that slaps you in the face and you re like WHATAnd then these crazymotional trips you go on from one story to the next was so fun and Student Research Projects in Calculus entertaining I feel like I m ruined for reading a novel nowTrigger Variation and A Flood of Harriers were the scariest storiesSaturn s Game Swimming in the House of the Sea and States of Glass were the ones that invaded my thoughts the most in fact I couldn t fall asleep for awhile after States of GlassI ve rambled onnough but I think my main point here is that there is not one thing I didn t love about this collection I highly recommend it I ll be interviewing Jeremy Johnson for the blog soon and I hope you ll be joining us I have lots of uestions BUY THIS BOOK final words This short story collection is just utter perfection In fact it s so damn good that I think it might just be my favourite book I ve read all year And that s saying something because I ve read some pretty damn good books this year But this one This one is just BEYOND stunning As soon as I read the first story I INSTANTLY knew that I was holding gold in my hands With ach story I kept saying to myself okay this one is my favourite because it just can t get better than this But then it did keep getting better with ach story and I can t pick a favourite because they re all bloody BRILLIANT Seriously if you read only one short story collection this year let it be this one And to think I originally only picked this up because I loved the cover never in a million years did I think I would find such treasures between its pages There is something for Love for Imperfect Things every horror fan here whether younjoy dark satire straight up gross out horror or psychological terror Beginning with The League of Zeroes which takes the art of body modification to blood curdling A Heart of Stone extremes andnding with the novella The Sleep Of Judges which was an unsettling tale of the aftermath of a burglary In between is a wild ride of love desperation and how to survive the Taking Instruction (Taboo, end of the world just like the cockroaches will This was my first time reading anything by Jeremy Robert Johnson who in my humble opinion is a master story teller This was an incredible collection of dark fictionhorror stories I received an advance copy for revie. Dently published short fiction as well as anxclusive never before published novella “The Sleep of Judges” where a father’s fight against the denizens of a drug den becomes a mind bending suburban nightmare Entropy in Bloom is a perfect compendium for avid fans and an ideal Language and Linguistics entry point for adventurous readers seeking the humor heartbreak and terror of JRJ’s strange new worlds. Chaos andntropy are two of my favorite words In a world in which we try to keep ourselves carefully defined and ordered *Random Occurrences And A Breakdown *occurrences and a breakdown systems Divertimento euate to freedom of impulse Is this a good thing Probably not but the release of pressure and defiance of natural laws provide a measure of primal satisfaction The stories in this skillfully written collection confront us with situations that we would neverxpect to Love Is a Fairy Tale encounter Body modification separates the physical form from the cogitation process A sociopath in space observes the apocalypse and decides to put his own spin on things A young manxplores what he is made of with a scalpel and horse tranuilizers A parasite invades a body that fully Promise at Dawn embraces change A pool in the canopy of The Redwoods providescstatic happiness but at what cost A man designs a living suit to survive the nd of the world Straight dge mentality and steroids beget harrowing violence A brother succumbs to immolation to save his young sister These stories are made of the difficult situations that catch us at our most human moments Whether our choices are wise or primitive there will inevitably be blood and tears shed This collection put me though a gamut of motions and high wire tension Most highly recommended I picked this one up because my friend Sadie said that I needed it and when Sadie says I need something she s never wrong Boy was she right about this oneThis is a collection of stories that will seriously be burned into my brain forever They are all so disturbing a collection of stories that will seriously be burned into my brain forever They are all so disturbing unflinching and uniue I ve never read anyone like Jeremy Robert Johnson and I can t believe it took me this long to discover him I owe Sadie a huge thank you and one hell of a favorThese stories are all so different but definitely maintain a voice that is distinctive to Johnson The collection starts of with a bang and offers the reader a dystopian future where body modification is so popular and xtreme that a man admires a woman in a coffee shop after she s had her lips removed Yep you read that correctlyThis collection starts of bananas and just keeps upping the grotesue eriness Dissociative Skills is a story that is seared into my brain forever now There s body horror in this one that will make you sincerely ueasy Snowfall is such an erie and melancholy story about a deaf boy who wakes up to a such an Darkmere eerie and melancholy story about a deaf boy who wakes up to a different world than the one he fell asleep in When Susurrus stirs is a story about a parasite that is so disturbing it will make you never want to leave your house againI think my favorite story in book is Swimming in the House of the Sea because thending is so unexpected and shockingly sad The Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? entire time I was reading it I kept trying to figure out where Johnson was taking the story and thend is like a punch in the gut You don t see it coming and it s so heartbreakingThis is a fantastic collection and one that I m sad I didn t discover sooner A big thank you to my friend Mother Horror for getting me to pick this one up already It s a new favorite A major leap but only for those just joining what s in progress Jeremy Robert Johnson s Entropy in Bloom gives us right down to the author s notes at the Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den end an update on the State of ThingsSomehow it feels like it s here now this year and one finds oneself looking back to the publications date What year did this come out what seasonven It s like a moment frozen in time a monolith of Scraps Of The Untainted Sky exactly this size and height a totem pole of 250 some pages All the remarkable and multifaceted for being compactAs with In the River released later you ll feel like you re living in bones again and yikes will happen as many times as could only differ with the reader and their level of surprise andxpectation This is well past mere horror stories here what impresses on is how much Johnson knows and how he can dispense it in always that The Eric Carle Gift Set enable us to follow him down these paths Plus it s like yeah I ve been there tooWell worth reading A collection of short stories by Johnson many of which were bizarre or I don t want to say violent but gritty maybe I reallynjoyed some of the stories but others were just okay I didn t like the last one as much but I really like the first two and god I can t remember the names of any them because after reading them all I kind of just lost track because I was njoying them I do think that if drug abuse mental illness disabilit. For than a decade Jeremy Robert Johnson has been bubbling under the surface of both literary and genre fiction His short stories present a brilliantly dark and audaciously weird realm where cosmic nightmares collide with all too human characters and apocalypses of all shapes and sizes loom ominously In “Persistence Hunting” a lonely distance runner is seduced into a brutal life of. Y death gore depictions of self harm tc Fashion Design Course etc *are hard for you to read you should avoid this one but I really really didnjoy it I *hard for you to read you should avoid this one but I really really did Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, enjoy it I how so many stories blurred the line between reality and perception where the narrator may just be mentally ill Ispecially liked the one view spoiler with the guy driving his brother

Who Is Mentally Disabled 
is mentally disabled one made me cry I m not sure why because the conflicting feelings were really well done and the one with the runner who breaks in and at the Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga end Ava just betrays him I literally felt so upset like Ava fucked me over and Jesus the one where the women s husband dies and she just wants to have sex really got across the uncomfortable guilty feeling of havingmotions that don t match up with the ones Cincinnati and Other Plays expecting in a situation hide spoiler His carefully crafted suit had gone cannibalistic Weird books for jaded readersHuhabsolutely nailed it Chris Chris provides me with all the internet wandering I need she s my GR dealer and I love her for it Granted I m not a big internet wanderer So when she had a link to a bunch of recommendations for weird books for jaded readers I was like That s meSkullcrack City was the one I wanted but when I got to my library website they only had one Jeremy Robert Johnson book available to lend now And I wanted it NOW Plus the cover is so pretty and the title seductive that I couldn t resist Couldn t InconceivableThis is a collection of short stories that appeared in various places over the years and well you know that when the introduction says this The kind of readers who are willing to stand on the side of the literary highway and thumb down whatever vehicle comes by who are willing to take chances than the average reader Every reader thinks that s them I m a rebel so I wasn t totally drinking the Kool Aid until I read the next line and I knew that this is where I wanted to be It ll be a wild ride but after a little shaking you ll get to your destination and be able to get out unharmed mostly and it ll still be you Or at least someone who looks and acts like youWell someone who will be able to pass for you in most circumstances Honestly the real you probably won tven be missed How right you are Mr Brian EvensonThis is the sell I don t want to go into too many details and spoil the fun of discovery and the delightful twists that just make you go OO and then OoSo the guiding themes of these stories are invasion loss of control and spectacle Shuffled and dealt in bizarre ways that highlight the visceral There s a definite sense of betrayal running through it and it is very male perspective focused Frankly there were a few that I read that really made me think there are a bunch of unresolved issues with women and I struggled with the rating It wasn t misogyny but frustration resentment and a rather depressing surrendered acceptance beyond resignation Sometimes he felt as if he was training towards a gold medal in the Dumbfuck Olympics League of Zeros was one of my favorites Take the concept of celebrity and go go far Beyond reality tv YouTube keep going This is one place you Speak Out! end up Freaky and the business of spectacle The Oarsman Cathedral Mother Persistence Hunting and Swimming in the House of the Sea all right up there too I loved the stretch in these stories They re out there but rather glittering in all their sualid splendor How hard do I have to deny thisntire day to make it disappear This is the best book I ve read so far in 2017 Truth is Jeremy Robert Johnson s short stories are the finest I ve stumbled upon since I had the privilege of discovering Cameron Pierce and Jordan Harper s work in 2015 A couple names came to mind while reading ENTROPY IN BLOOM Harlan Ellison Richard Matheson Clive Barker Dan Simmons Johnson definitely belong to that group of I Like You the Best enthralling storytellers Brian Evenson astutely points out in the foreword that anything goes in a Johnson story but that he treatsvery premise with the utmost serious which is what makes his work so uniue and vivid Among my favorites were Persistence Hunting The Gravity of Benham Falls When Sussurus Stirs Luminary and a glorious new novella called The Sleep of Judges I liked his novel SKULLCRACK CITY a couple years ago but I LOVED this Short form Jeremy Robert Johnson is another ball game He truly mastered the form Loved it Absolutely loved it Full review to come but in the Crime with an The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles ever narrowing path forscape In “When Susurrus Stirs” an unlucky pacifist must stop a horrifying parasite from turning his body into a sentient hive Running through all of Johnson’s work is a hallucinatory vision and deeply felt The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico empathyarning the author a reputation as one of today’s most daring and thrilling writersFeaturing the best of his previously indepen. ,

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