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Her than a male adult who introduces her to the lucha libre history in her amily grandma was a luchadora how many kids books have grandmas her amily grandma was a luchadora how many kids books have grandmas were badasses in their youth especially badasses in a physical capacityI love that she inspires all the other kids on the playground to start wearing lucha libre masksI love that she never has to compromise her physicalityThe ending is a playground to start wearing lucha libre masksI love that she never has to compromise her physicalityThe ending is a confusing view spoilerThe bullies return with their jeer that Girls can t be superheroes Girls are just made of sugar and spice and everything nice Luc a gets mad but is distracted by rescuing a dog Everyone cheers but she is bummed out by seeing the pink crusader look so sad and responds by choosing to take off her own mask This reveal made approximately no sense to me but Betsy Bird wrote Yet it isn t until Lucia sees another girl teased by Nick and Mick that she discovers that sometimes the greatest thing a hero can do is simply to be seen or who she truly is but I went back and reread the ending of the book and Luc a is excited to to see the pink luchadora and wants to play with to to see the pink luchadora and wants to play with But before I can run over I hear something amiliar PAGE TURN And on the next page we see one of the bullies repeating the jeer he had previously directed at Luc a and the pink luchadora watching him and looking sad with Luc a spicy mad in the background so I think we re meant to understand that whereas the bullies were The Soul Of A Thief first directing their jeers at Luc a she looks gender neutral in her silver costume and this second time they were jeering the pink luchadora so Luc a unmasked herself to stand in solidarity with the pink luchadora and show that girls CAN be superheroesI admit that some of my misunderstanding camerom not paying close enough attention to the illustrations but I think just a little bit text could go a long way toward making that narrative arc significantly comprehensible And Luc a s But then I spot the pink crusader in the crowd Why does she look so sad makes it unnecessarily confusing Luc a could instead say something like But then I spot the pink crusader in the crowd still looking sad which would remind the reader of what happened before the dog rescue interludeAlso one reviewer noted that Luc a refers to the dog as Little Coco as if she knows him but we have only seen her with a cat so it s not clear if it s her dog or a riend s dog or whatAnd yes as another reviewer noted although we see the pink crusader wearing a skirt and tights the text only tells us One day I spot a crusader in a pink mask with red glittery hearts and so it s a little bit of a bummer that the narrative encourages us to assume that pinkgirl since boys can wear pink too I m not sure what a better way to handle this would be would it have been less bad if Luc a textually noted the skirt as well boys can wear skirts too so that doesn t really solve the problem Would it have been better if the bullies assumed the pink crusader was a girl but it turned out to be a boy we d then have some awkward misgendering and the reveal would shift the ocus away Secret Baby, Surprise Parents from Luc a and I like that she gets to be the center of the story throughout since not a lot of Latinas get to star in superhero adventure stories In theinal pages after everyone unmasks we see that many of the crusaders are girls wearing a variety of colors which I appreciated hide spoiler So cute I Mystify (Mystyx, found Lucia the Luchadora on multiple listsor diverse literature and realistic iction books Additionally it was recommended to me by the librarian In this story Lucia believes she is a superhero her sparkle was dimmed by classmates telling her girls are not superheros With help rom her grandma she learns her Wild Streak families heritage of luchadores and regains her confidence The problem arises when she has to chose between what she wants and what is right The pictures are beautifully done and colorful surely to entertain any age This story would be great to teach students about choosing to do the right thing even when it is not the easiest thing to H a case of injustice Lucia must decide if she can stay true to the ways of the luchadora andight or what is right even if it means breaking the sacred rule of never revealing the identity behind her ma.

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Lucia the LuchadoraLuc a the Luchadora is the powerhouse debut picture book of author Cynthia Leonor Garza and illustrator Alyssa Bermudez It reinforces that girls can eual and surpass boys in sport encourages compassion and helping others all while being a heaping ton of Say Youll Stay And Marry Me funShe enters the playground with a Pow and a Bam but the boys tell Lucia that girls can t be superheroes Luc a tells her Abuela about her problem and learns a secret her Abuela used to be a special kind of superhero a luchadora Luc a is given her Abuela s mask and cape and when she wears them to school other kids start to wear capes and masks too When an emergency arises at school Luc a is the one to swoop into action and save the day proving that girls can be superheroesThe text is splatted and swirled onto the pages in unexpected places in rainbow colors The illustrations areresh expressive and bold with plenty of details Rafaellos Mistress for young eyes to dive into on every page Besides the great look and message Luc a the Luchadora can be used by educators as an example of onomatopoeia From the eye catching cover to the beautiful end papers to all of the pages in between this book winsMy rating 45 of 5 stars This is a great bookor any parent trying to teach their child that girls can do anything It also provides cultural context into the world of Lucha Libre I loved the illustrations in this book as well Lucia enjoys imagining herself as a superhero during recess but is bothered by a couple of boys who say girls can t be superheroes She goes home and shares this with her grandmother who gives her a special mask and cape and tells her about Mexican wrestlers or luchadores Empowered by her grandmother Lucia returns to school the next day sporting her mask and cape and saves the day in ways than one by helping a small dog stuck at the top of a slide and later by revealing her true identity when another little girl is pestered by the same negative boysAn author s note about luchadores provides some background info on the sportHighly recommended The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, for PreK 2 Luc a loved to play in the park enjoying imaginative games of make believe in which she starred as the superhero When the boys tell her girls can t be superheroes she gets a little down until her Abuela tells her about the amazing wrestlers known as Luchedores and gives her the beautiful mask and cape that transform her into a Luchadora Feeling empowered she enjoys the splash she makes in her new disguise But when this idea of girls not being superheroes once again surfaces she must reveal her identity to put a stop to itAn immensely engaging book one which pairs an engrossing story with colorful appealing artwork Luc a the Luchadora is the picture book debut of both author Cynthia Leonar Garza and illustrator Alyssa Bermudez It is published by POW the new children s book imprint of the Brooklyn based publisher powerhouse I appreciated theact that Luc a s stint as a superhero ended up involving both Rascal feeling great about herself and doing somethingor others as the narrative Another Day of Life felt a little me me me at the beginning I was glad to be proven wrong and delighted toind a story about Luchedores as these popular Mexican wrestlers are an important part of many American children s culture and have hitherto been under represented in our books There is even an afterword giving information about Luche Libre The accompanying artwork is lovely with a vibrant color scheme that reminded me a bit of the work of Brigette Barrager The decorative endpapers were a nice touch as well Recommended to anyone looking or children s stories about being well Recommended to anyone looking or children s stories about being superhero in general or about Luchedores specifically Could give Jack Black a run Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, for his moneyThe main character is a little girl named Luc a who is wearing a cape in the playground and pretending to be a superhero Two boys playing in the same playground are also pretending to be superheroes and she tries to play with them but they don t let her saying Girls can t be superheroes Girls are just made of sugar and spice and Lucia zips through the playground in her cape just like the boys but when they tell her girls can't be superheroes suddenly she doesn'teel so mighty That's when her beloved abuela reveals a dazzling secr. Verything nice Understandably she gets mad Her grandmother who was watching this tells #Luc a that as a young woman she was a luchadora a Latin #a that as a young woman she was a luchadora a Latin masked wrestler She gives the granddaughter her silver mask and silver cape The next day at the playground the two boys are playing around and she comes with her silver mask and silver cape and the boys try to ight her For Some Reason Attempting To Crash Into Her But She some reason attempting to crash into her but she ast and acrobatic She leaps off the monkey bars and sticks the landingBefore long other people start wearing Lucha Libre masks on the playground Then she sees another girl on the playground wearing a pink mask with red glittery hearts and she says she wants to run over and say hi to the girl but those same boys rom before tell the new girl that girls can t be superheroes So Luc a climbs up to the top of a scary tall slide that all the kids are scared of going down and she slides down and all the other kids are amazed and cheer The girl in the pink mask still looks really sad Then Luc a seems to realize it s not explicitly stated that with Luc a seems to realize it s not explicitly stated that with mask on nobody can tell she s a girl so she breaks the luchador s code and takes off her mask to reveal her secret identity Then other kids start clapping and other luchadores pull off their masks revealing that some of the other kids were also hiding the act that they were girls And then the kids all play togetherI really like the message of euality and The Longevity Diet female empowerment and how it doesn t say that girls are better than boys just not to discriminate against people because they re girls Asemales if it takes us hiding who we are Grassroots Innovation for people to notice us then maybe we need to do that temporarily but it s important to also show who you truly are to help others I really enjoyed the bookMessage Girls can be whatever they want to beFor children s book reviews see my website at I m torn over this book I m all about the messages Girls can be super heroes and Fightor what is right and Don t listen to bullies however the writing and art are uneven The dark swirly slide is mentioned right away but NEVER shown on this page WHY Instead a merry go round is which doesn t make sense It s shown on the next page out of context where the Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh focus is on the boys so that the reader would never even really notice Next uestion Who is the cat who is shown throughout the WHOLE bookor Pete s sake The cat is dressed like a super hero but never named How does the dog get up to the top of the terrifying slide Weirdness uestion at the end WHY does the pink crusader look so sad This is never answered and somehow Lucia taking off her mask just makes everything magically all better This doesn t make sense ESPECIALLY if as it says on the back of the book and throughout the book Most importantly a luchadora never reveals her true identity It was probably seven or so years ago I was working as a children s librarian in New York City We were hosting a class of kids Architecture and Utopia first or second graders and after I had read them some picture books and covered the rudimentary basics on how to treat the titles they checked out we let them runree to Perfect Cities find whatever subjects they wanted As I returned to theront desk about Prometheus Wired four orive of them trailed me I sat down and they said voices bright with hope and anticipation Where are your Mexican wrestling books And I had nothing or them Absolutely nothing Sure we had a section on wrestling but it was all WWF stuff No DK compendiums of the greatest Mexican wrestlers No biographies of the most amous ones Not even a single solitary picture book A couple years passed and Yuyi Morales wrote two picture books that involved wrestling Nino Wrestles the Worl I love that Luc a talks about Special Topics in Calamity Physics feeling spicy mad It s a nice contrast to the bullies jeer that girls can t be superheroes because they re just made of sugar and spice and alsoeels rooted in her Mexican heritage and it gives us a great illustration of her surrounded by various chiles all looking angryI love that it s her grandmother rat. Et Lucia comes Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks from aamily of luchadoras the bold and valiant women of the Mexican lucha libre tradition Cloaked in a Scenes from a Revolution flashy new disguise Lucia returns as a recess sensation But when she's confronted wit.