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If I were a woman this book would make me very "excited about being a woman Instead it s just me "about being a woman Instead it s just made me to marry one starsI picked up this book from the library after several girls who I trust recommended it to me I ve been interested in reading about feminism lately specifically it s negative effects and how it matches up to a biblical perspective on womanhood Eve In Exile looked interesting to me because it attempts to answer the uestion of what God made women to do and accomplishI have to say this book was really excellent and worth a read But first to get a couple minor disagreements out of the waythere were a couple points the author made in this book that I would contest The first is in an earlier Chapter Where She Is Discussing Some Of where she is discussing some of experts who have come out criticizing modern feminism in recent years the author suggests that we can t really take these women expert s opinions seriously because by achieving the feminist ideal of high profile careers they have bought into feminism themselves and their points are moot I don t agree with that I think anyone no matter their apparent ualifications or lack thereof has a perfect right and inherent ualification to speak against feminism including men I think no matter who you are in today s culture you cannot escape being affected by feminism in some way which gives you a right to speak about it In Eve In Exile Merkle also restrains a lot of her discussion to the effects of women being taken out of the home by 1960 s feminism but I do think there are a lot of other effects that she doesn t really address in this book which is what experts are often discussing ex the downplaying of the importance of men and boys to society I think all these elements are worth discussing You don t have to be a certain ind of woman to observe some of the negative impacts and speak against them You don t even have to be a woman I don t think it s necessarily fair to shut down discussion based on arbitrary ualifications The second thing I wanted to give an opinion on was her timeline and discussion of the history of feminism in this book It was interesting and I could see the connections she was trying to draw I thought she made some good points such as not getting caught up in how ideal it would have been in this or that century Often we The swooning Victorian ladies and the 1950s housewives genuinely needed to be liberated That much is indisputable So First Wave feminists held rallies for women's suffrage Second Wave feminists marched for Prohibition jobs and abortion Today Third Wave feminists stand firmly for nobody's uite sure what But modern women who use psychotherapeutic antidepressants at a rate nev. .
Eve in Exile and the Restoration of FemininityEt wrong ideas about how things really were in history because of romanticized versions we see in movies or books and she rightly criticizes some non feminist women for not looking at history accurately However I read this book at the same time for not looking at history accurately However I read this book at the same time I was reading The Flipside Of Feminism by Phyllis Schlaffley which also gives a brief history of modern feminism It was interesting to read these two analyses side by side because the perspectives are pretty different In Eve In Exile Merkle assumes that there must have been widespread dissatisfaction among American housewives in their vocations as wives and mothers and in how they were treated by men and Friedan s The Feminine Mystiue Tapped Into That Mystiue tapped into that only evidence she gives for this assumption is that The Feminine Mystiue sold so many copies but I don t think the number of books sold necessarily means anything Controversial books naturally sell a lot of copiesit doesn t mean everyone who reads it agrees with it In Schlaffley s book mean everyone who reads it agrees with it In Schlaffley s book argues that this dissatisfaction was present for some women but wasn t nearly as widespread as feminists would like us to believe This makes me wonder if Merkle may have fallen into the same trap of accepting as fact the characterization of all women being stuck as dissatisfied housewives in the 1960 s which is often portrayed in books and movies when perhaps we should take a closer look I m apt to buy Schlaffley s view of the history of feminist revolution in the 60 s since she actually lived through it All that said I still appreciated reading Merkle s opinions about the history of feminism because she made some good points about the different ways men and women have turned aside from God s design for women over the centuries which was a necessary backdrop for the rest of her book In this book Merkle presents biblically based arguments about the role women are actually made to play and why it s a role filled with honor and a role that can provide deep satisfaction when we view it rightly I also really appreciated the few practical examples she gave on the things we women could accomplish in our God given spheres as wives and mothers when we take our creativity and intellects and really apply them to these rolesMerkle holds a high view of the role of women and reading this book really inspired me to think. Er before seen in history need liberating now than ever The truth is feminists don't now what liberation is They have led us into a very boring dead end Eve in Exile sets aside all stereotypes of mid century housewives of China doll femininity of Victorians fainting of women not allowed to think for themselves or talk to the men about anything interesting or important It

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Of my role in the home differently as well She encourages us to view our modern conveniences and the extra time they give us as a true gift from God and an to view our modern conveniences and the extra time they give us as a true gift from God and an to apply our creative powers as women to accomplish even for the Lord within the context of managing our families and our homes This book gave me so much to think about and is definitely worth a re readit s now on my to buy list since the copy I read was from to buy list since the copy I read was from library Listened to the audio book in 2019 The second part is fantasticRead again in the summer of 2018 Excellent and most needed in this generation 2016 What a book It is like a cold bucket of water thrown over the comfortable and conservative Christian women of our times which we now are times in which the biblical role of women is being attacked from all fronts including women in the church This book is a wake up call to embrace our calling in this world in our churches in our homes and thus start rebuilding what the Feminists have torn apart It is also a call to fight hard and to advance the La libertad primera y ltima (CLAVE) kingdom of God steadfastly and cheerfully with all boldnessThis is a book that will be hard to uote on Pinterest or Twitter because it doesn t give simplistic and easy answers Hard uestions have been asked to the women who embrace the historical and biblical role in their homes and churches and Rebekah Merkle has done an amazing job in giving answers to those uestions with biblical and historical arguments Rebekah Merkle has written in an intelligent powerful and captivating way a book that all Christian women married or single young or old need to read soon NOTE I was provided an advanced reader copy and they didn t ask me to write favorable review but I felt compelled to do so because it really is a great book I read portions of this in manuscript but have been working away at the final version since it came out And it is of course fantastic Now one of you will say to me that I am rating it this way because it was written by my daughter But the fact that Bekah wrote this does not make me rate it this way It would be fantastic and greatly needed regardlessThis book will be a great encouragement to women who want to think live and adorn biblically I recommend it particularly to girls in high school and college a great time to get your thinking straight on these issue. Ismisses the pencil skirted and stiletto heeled executives of TV the outspoken feminists freed from all that hinders them the brave career women in charge of their own destinies Once those fictionalized stereotypes are out of the way whether they're things that make you gag or things you think look pretty fun Christians can focus on real women What did God make real women

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