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Sexy sweet and hot It was OTT cheesy goodness and I adored it It was just what I was in the mood for dirty talking alpha maninnocent shy heroineboth virginsinstalove steamy sex scenes although the first almost half of the book they are communicating via email and phone callsno pushing awayno cheating whatsoever om drama noneow drama a girl who had a thing for Griffin tried to cause problems but did not succeed great epilogue which waw 6 months then 10 years out Loved thata couple great seconday characters that had potential future storylines set up which would be great because then we may hear from Griffin and Talia This book was PERFECT I absolutely oved this both the hero and h were awesome I fucking Forever His Bride (The Wedding Party, loved Griffinoved the way he Girl Trouble loved the h He was so sweet but also very alpha which Ioved I really The Trouble with Valentines liked Casey as well Ioved she didn t push the hero away especially considering they way she grew up We get TWO virgins in this and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE virgin heroes I m not sure why it s just my thing but it s even better when both are virgins So yeah this was a hot book super steamy sex scenes with a hot as hell hero who is OTT crazy in love with his Wildflower 5 PERFECTLY IMPERFECT STARSI ADORED THE HELL OUT OF THIS ONEThis book with his Wildflower 5 PERFECTLY IMPERFECT STARSI ADORED THE HELL OUT OF THIS ONEThis book just an amazing story of perfectly imperfect first jlo Journal love which started with a kiss and grew into aong distance relationship Via emails etters and phone callsA real modern day relationshipThe whole storyTalia is our heroine who has just turned 18 and is a sweet innocent A complete homeschooled angel who has so many insecurities about her plus size figure When the state #FORCES HER TO ATTEND PUBLIC SCHOOL TO RECEIVE HER #her to attend public school to receive her she is pushed into modern day society She was subjected to ridicule and hate from the other girls in school after she sang ike an angel at a school function They take pictures of her and rip her clothes She is humiliated But she keeps her spirits up and refuses to et HATE into her heart She needs to go home She runs off and finds herself in the arms of our worthy hero Griffin Griffin Who Spotted Her At who spotted her at party before feels the strong pulling power of her innocent appeal For him she is his Wildflower he thinks If you were mine I d tell you every day how perfect you are just exactly the way you are He wants the chance to be with her but her controlling father who fear she will end up ike his first daughter a sad backstory here takes her away the following day Griffin who is under contact with the DOD department of defense has to The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City leave that day for EuropeHowever he can t forget his Wildflower Talia I need her I m on fire Herong hair and those innocent frightened golden green eyes The Holy Grail lit when she d turned into the moonlight have me achingTalia is having the same problem herself Homeschooled and under the stifling grip of an overprotective father Talia Fielding’sife is pretty miserable Playing her beloved ukulele and writing songs is as close as she comes to having fun But that all changes on the night of her eighteenth birthday She’s invited to her first party where she earns two things girls can be very very mean and Griffin Stanford kisses better than any fantasy she’s ever had To most of his friends Griffin Stanford is the handsome footb. Perfect AUTHOR Dani WyattTer I don t need oxygen I need herAnd Virgin Widow like it wasn t already at the max of its potentially add that they are both waiting for that special person their one to have their first sexual experience Wow Guaranteed win in my mind For me there are no other women and there never will bePerfect doesn t exactly follow Dani Wyatt usual style because her sweetloving elements are taken her to a wholeevel in place of the normal ratio of sex sce 45 Stars Very over the top insta Wife in Exchange love with super sweeteads in Griffin and Talia Talia is sheltered and innocent Her first party is very much a disaster yet in the process meets Griffin It s The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, love at first sight for these two virgins but Griffin has accepted a job andeaves the next day Their separation though it contains enough angst to get your fill is actually super cute They get to experience a Night And Day little of that residual spark and awareness with newove without yet confirming how the other feels Talia has a heartbreaking background that adds some dimension to her character Griffin is the popular guy with depth that often gets written off I really enjoyed this short read and found myself smiling at the cheesy Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow lines If you are a fan of Alexa Riley you willove this book Safety No others for the smitten virgins No rape Yes to emotional abuse ARC received in exchange for an honest review 45 stars ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Ridiculously sweet and sticky as molasses Perfect by Dani Wyatt is your happily ever after virgin romances where two strangers who just met instantly knew it was The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid love If you are a fan of innocent virgin romance trope that are cute and sweet then I have found the perfectight read for you Since this book is not that ong I won t spoil it for the readers All you need to know is that you have a sheltered home schooled plus size virgin who meets a boy that knocks her world upside down And this young man happens to be one of the popular kids in town who is highly intelligent Griffin Stanford could get any woman he wants but he s saving his virginity for that one person and this person happens to be Talia Fieldings a very innocent and sheltered woman So what happens When A 24 Year a 24 year male virgin claims his perfect woman Well of course you get the perfect sweet happily ever after of course You just need to read the book in order to get the smutty and sexy scenes as two virgins discover orgasmic bliss So if you are ooking for a very ight and over the top sweet romance to brighten up your day then I suggest you give Perfect by Dani Wyatt a try Dani Wyatt "This was me reading this book In a romance book I generally ike my hero "was me reading this book In a romance book I generally Life Changing Smiles like my hero to spend than 5 minutes in each others presence This couple spent 90% of the book on opposite sides of the oceanI was bored out of my skull. P her from slipping through his fingers when the world seems determined to keep these two virgins apart Author Note These two fall inove instantly If you’re ooking for a filthy fantasy fix complete with a Dani style dirty talking hero topped with heaping helpings of swoony romance you’re in the right place This is a standalone novella with Kindle melting heat safe no cheating and filled with virgins who magically know exactly what they’re doing from the very first ki. He wants him and she wants to be able to ive her without fears and restrictions She is finally allowed to ive on own as her mother gives her the means to allowed to ive on her own as her mother gives her the means to to her home town Now if only Griffin would return to claim his sweet wildflower then their ives Would Be PERFECTOn A Personal Note I Thought The Author be PERFECTOn a personal note I thought the author a superb portrayal of the real ife struggles of most plus size teens With all the drama and hate that a teen may face when they don t fit the norms set by society BRAVO Now I am hoping we get a spin off story from this one by Dani Wyatt Maybe the story of Rodrick and Katie I would Brooklyn's Song love that Worth a read and a reread with an EPIC EPILOGUE 10 yearsaterSafety it s perfect without any cheating they are both virgins and there is some mild OW drama when the hero comes back to town to claim his Wildflower I Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide like this one so at the start than the end because it was really sweet It has the whole instaove aspect without it being insta short Both of them are virgins He s 24 she s 18 Completely safe They meet one night separate due to unforeseen circumstances she contacts him because he couldn t findcontact her he s also super obsessed since he s Plain Jane The Hotshot left and they start a LDR before they both move back to their home town And just so I m clear when I said it s a bitonely here I want you to know I don t date here I don t go out much at all I m a runner so I run a Family of Her Dreams lot to keep myself in shape and my mind clear And you What do you do for fun That s my pathetic attempt to find out if you are dating anyone If you say yes I can t promise I won t uit my job fly home immediately and punch him in the nose But during our phone callast night for the first time the conversation turned a corner and he ended up telling me some of the things he thinks about Things he wants to do to me and it got steamyA Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed lot steamyWhat do youike I mean when you touch yourself I don t really knowI can t wait to help you find out Let me tell you what I d Girls Night Out like to doOur very first phone call was about a week ago He was so sweet and I was so nervous I mean Talia probably needs to have ambition the antagonists in the book didn t suddenly need to be redeemed if I m frank and I noticed one editing issue but it was a cute and sexy read 35 cause I m stingy I m ready for some PERFECTLY sweet smut Two virgins no waiting IT S LIVE 5 Sugary sweet and Smutty StarsPERFECT Yes that s the title but it s also the best word to describe this book through my eyes Absolutely PERFECTPerfect hero everything weook for and crave in romance Perfect heroine strong but with an irresistible fragilityvulnerability perfect settingplot Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) line and perfect development of their relationship with slow burn pure sweetness and bombastic chemistry and sexual attraction Like I said PerfectDoesn t mat. All star However under those goodooks Into the Wild (The McGraws, lies the heart of a geek His passion for numbers has ensured him aife changing job straight out of college The contract he’s signed has him boarding a plane to halfway around the world the morning after he meets the girl of his dreams The obsessive draw Griffin feels toward Talia has him uestioning his ife’s choices One night one kiss and Griffin knows this may be his one and only chance to capture the perfect girl How can he sto.

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