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The Mane Attraction Pride #3LOVE IT MY FAVE SO FAR I REALLY LIKE LOVE THIS SERIESMITCH AND SISSYARE THE BESTDamn I could re read this over and overLove Nectar Its gross but so so funnySissy came out of my womb with her middle finger raisedRE READ SO GOOD I LOVED IT EVEN MORE SISSY AND MITCH ARE PERFECT COUPLE Not the best in this series at all I was trepidatious about this story because of my dislike for Sissy Mae I was right Sissy Mae I was trepidatious about this story because of my dislike for Sissy Mae I was right Sissy Mae did not move me Of course the author remains funny and the story the author remains funny and the story smoothly However I did not like that Sissy Mae and Mitch remained friends for most of the book By time they both were willing to explore their mutual attraction I didn t really care and I was wondering where was the sparks I also felt that the chase of the bad guys hunting Mitch down was ushed in the background Sure there was some action and you knew he was hiding out but they were Sri Sumarah, Pariyem dan Bu Bei playing and moving around entirely too much for someone who had to be keeping a lowrofile I still look forward to the next book in the series and other secondary characters getting their own books I don t know uite where to Class Struggles put Shelly Laurenston s The Mane Attraction on the shelf Does it go under romantica It s not uite erotica but than romance And it sacked with humor that kept me giggling and snorting and had my husband looking at me strangely OK MORE strangely than usualHe s a werelion You know gorgeous and mostly lazy happy to go all night and have someone else take care of the detailsalot like lions in the wild He s also a cop with a target on his back The mobster he and only he can finger for murder is looking to get rid of the only witness That would be Mitch It s enough to Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) put a lion off his feed But it could be worsenow he s got Sissy Mae taking care of him and watching his back If only he could stop staring at his buddy s buttSissy Mae is a born troublemaker She s also got a streak of a mile wide so when her buddy Mitch is wounded a murder attempt she decides to take him hometo her home and to hell with what anybody else thinks She ll take on weredogs werewolves werelionesses and werebears to keep him safe even if she can t seem to stop lusting for him Oh well as long as she s in charge there won t be anyroblems Hey have you heard this one A lion and a wolfwell you ll just have to read this one for the rest of itHumor hot sex mystery and roller derby auto racinghow can you Study to Teach pass this up This book is so funny I had tears from laughing in somearts The series grows on you with it s weird sense of humor and sometimes I think it s happening in a real life kind of way When I read it I feel like am enjoying a good tv show More than 5 stars And the best book so far in Pride series I don t hesitate to Global Corporations in Global Governance put this one for my Top Ten Read at 2011 WOW I love I heart I fallin hard for MITCH SHAWHe is definitely fun and crazy alpha hero that I ve ever readI love the relationship between Mitch and Sissy Mae From friend and then turn to be lover They complete each otherMitch is my new boyfriend and the fact that this book had Paul Marron as the model cover love this XD XDI can t write a better review this is syndrom when I decided to give book than 5 stars Still so excited I can t think clear gBut I ll give you some of my favorite uote D He glanced at her flat belly and asked his daily uestion since finding out she wasregnant with Smitty s love child And how s Mitch Junior She d smiled up at him those big brown wild dog eyes of hers making him feel all rotective of her and then she d told him Because dude you re our karaoke king and we worship at your altar But Sissy had a way of bringing out the. Even the king of the beasts can find himself unexpectedly tamed by the right woman Weddings have the strangest effect on eople Exhibit 1 Sissy Mae waking up in Mitch Shaw's bed the morning after her brother Bobby Ray's nuptials Exhibit 2 the gunmen trying to kill Mitch Exhibit 3 Sissy Mae escorting a bleedin. Fun side of anybody if she d a mind to To uote Janie Mae Sissy came out of my womb with her middle finger raised Sissy rubbed her face annoyed and Mitch answered honestly I m really too lazy to try and tame anybody If I had my way I d spend all day sleeping under a tree maybe rolling out occasionally to sun my belly and then I expect someone to bring me food I could live like that forever If you want a light and humorous read never hesitate to read Shelly Laurenston s book These books should be marketed as anti depressants Seriously It should be on the list of treatments Medication Counselling Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Reading books by Shelly LaurenstonShe is a PMS Demon Slayer Fighting the good fight for woman kind May also treat male PMS too Sex with fast cars how can they not like itThis woman knows how to instantly ut you at ease and have you laughing your head off consistently throughout And after you ve finished you ll find yourself still chuckling over the antics of her colourful charactersAlthough Sissy Mae isn t one of my favourite leads I loved her friendship with Mitch which turned friends with benefits to lovers for life with a shared sex addiction If only I could find a man like that SighI love the strong sense of family and community in these books closing ranks and turning on the enemy outsiders even when you don t get along with the ones you re The Princess and the Three Knights protecting The characters have strongersonalities linked to their animal and the women areuhevil Even the men are scared and rightly so They are Crazy Never ever get on their bad side EverThe stories may be redictable but they are always entertainingWords that will forever trigger laughing fits related to this book crocodile tug of war wedgies and NASCAR I m now sporting a huge grin 25 Trouble making StarsSpoilers Ok so The Mane Attraction is the 3rd book in the Pride series and it was okay read for me Not as good as the others I thought after book TWO AND THE WAY SISSY WAS SUCH A and the way Sissy Mae was such a to Jessie Ann when they were teens that I would be hatin on Sissy in this book I wasn t I didn t really have a big roblem with Sissy Mae in this book In fact I liked her than I thought I would Even though I still thought she was a shit disturbing bitch Mitch was okay for the most art although I found his lazy feed me wipe my ass and take care of me behavior annoying Just sayin The real roblem I had with this book is it was very slow building and I got bored a lot A LOT It wasn t just that the story dragged It took like forever for Mitch and Sissy to get together and there wasn t this like awesome sexual tension build up or anything It s just tons of friend zone then well into the book they share one kiss and that was it Sissy was draggin him to a bed to fuck after one kiss There really wasn t much of a romance to their relationship because sissy wanted them to just fuck and that s it Towards the end there was a little romance but not much No real build up I didn t really find this book all that funny either I might have giggled a few times but no where near the humor that was in the other books Then the book finally does start to Forbidden Love Unchained pick up at the end only to let me down with a big anticlimactic nothing view spoiler It starts to build you up A hit woman is gunning for Mitch and he runs into the woods where the evil witch lives They don t really tell us what kind of witch or if she is in fact a witch or just a crazy shifter that killseople it just kinda hints no real details to get away from the gun woman The evil witch kills the gun woman within a few seconds and is going to take Mitch kill him and use his body fo. G yet sexy lion shifter to her Tennessee Pack's turf for safe keeping It doesn't help that Mitch's appraising gaze makes her feel like the most desirable creature on earthMitch is an undercover cop about to testify against some dangerous ex associates Even worrisome he's harboring hot X rated fantasies about. .

R God knows what because details in this aranormal world are always Lacking She Freezes Him In She freezes him in so he can t move I guess by magic again guessing since no real details Enter Sissy The witch laughs and tells her she better leave unless Sissy wants to see the bad things she is gonna do to Mitch and there is nothing Sissy can do to stop her because she has him frozen in Christianity place For some reason not giving to the readers Sissy can t be frozen inlace So how does Sissy defeat the evil witch that has frozen her man and Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, plans to do unknown bad things to him She backs up a few steps and rubs her head on his neck and wham that some how breaks evil witch woman s spell and he can move Yay And the witch is so mad that Sissy has foiled her evillans that she just tells them to leave and don t come back cause they re are not welcome any longer hide spoiler 2nd read April 2014Buddy read with JoI seriously love this series Seriously 1st read November 2012Buddy read with MaruCan t Alice-Miranda at Camp put this series down its just too funny I know i will be rereading it one day Now my favorite uotethat i actually saved Brendon watched his brotheret Ralph s head Speaking of comfort zonesare you okay doing that Not really Mitch told him his free hand still The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) petting Ralph But I m afraid if I stop he ll rip my leg off I can t remember when he Sissy Mae Smith and Mitch Shaw are friends best of friends even which means Sissy Mae Alphaack female in waiting of the notorious Smith Pack is racticing hands off with the admittedly smokin hot lion shifter Imagine her surprise when she wakes up in his bed after her brother s wedding and cant remember how she got there But that s to be sorted out later as a gunman who s been trying to bring down Mitch for months now finally hits his target To KEEP MITCH SAFE UNTIL HE RECOVERS AND TESTIFIES AGAINST Mitch safe until he recovers and testifies against mobster Sissy Mae takes him home you know the home she grew up in The one she swore she d never go back toMitch has no idea how he arrived in Hickesville TN but he knows the ballsy shewolf who recently made him think twice about not taking to his bed also makes him feel safer than he has felt for a long time Recovering uickly he s retty sure he wont be able to keep his Wilderness Survival Handbook paws off the surly Sissy Mae and that her hometown is gonna make him certifiable But when theerson who wants him dead sends someone to find him he s determined to clear out to keep every one of them safe Including the shewolf he s also The White Mans Burden pretty sure is his mateBefore I got to it I was less than enthused to read this entry into Shelly Larenston s Pride series Up until then I thought Sissy Mae was a rude jerk especially after reading how she treated Jessica Ann her brother s mate in The Beast in Him But Mitch made me like her He was fun loving but strong and that softened her I liked seeing how jealous he got over the other males sniffin around her all the while charming her into feeding his voracious appetite both for food and for sex bobbing eyebrowsSo yeah in the end I liked this one uite a bit Slap fighting is fun until someone getsoked in the eye These two they fight light cats and dogs Visit the Sick pardon theun Setting Time Genre Current New York Somewhere in Tennessee Series Third in the series Sexy times Typical Laurenston Be warned Lots of body Carry Me Over the Threshold parts Plan on reading by the author Currently reading the fourth in the series so yes Synopsis You ve got the lion Mitch cop heading in to witsec since he witnessed a major crime boss offing a woman And you ve got Sissy Mae wolf Smithack big mouth Alpha Sissy and Mitch are best friends Sissy takes Mitch to the backwoods of Tennessee to hide him till his court One fast talking little canine and he has to deal with every male in Sissy Mae's Pack sniffing around her in a way that makes his hackles rise Mitch has his The Courtship Basket pride and he intends to show Sissy Mae that when a lion sets out to make you his mate the only thing to do isurr roll over and enjoy one hell of a ride.

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