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The Devils Jug, the Crying Tree Me iThiss a memoir written by Romain Gary and Ramesses is also a book from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die Mr Gary wrote this memoir as a tribute to his mother Romain Garys of Jewish and Russian origin became a French citizen He s the only son of his mother he never knew who became a French citizen He s the only son Of His Mother He Never Knew Who Father Was And his mother he never knew who

was and raised him single and single mindedly The first chapter Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, is the ending but only a glimpse andt leaves you guessing Mr Gary s lying on the beach at Big Sur He also ntroduces us to the four gods Stupidity Absolute Truth Mediocrity and Acceptance and Servility In chapter 2 mother love The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur isntroduced He talks about how her love made future love so difficult and he wished she would have had someone else besides to love He talks about Freud and explores any possibility of Oedipus complex which he rejects He describes the psychoanalysts as sharks feeding on refuse underwater His mother early on painted the picture for her son s life so concretely that Romain never uestioned Mers it She planned that he would be an artist he became a writer she planned that he would get a law degree and then gonto the French air force and be a lieutenant He got his law degree joined the air force but because of bias he was not allowed to be a commissioned officer because he hadn t been a French citizen long enough She planned that he would go A Heros Welcome into the diplomat service after he was out of the service WWII camento the picture and Romain spent time Finding Normal in the service than he was planned He started as a private but he became an officer and he was decorated with the Cross of the Liberation pinned on by General de Gaulle under the Arc de Triomphe He was not a man who was meant to kill though he was brave He said many times that he never killed In the end he valued life especially the life of animals and he especially had a connection to the ocean He felt that everything he did was really his mother s accomplishments She lived her dreams through her only son and he often talked about his career as a Champion of the World This was very good I enjoyed his writing and humor though theres a backdrop of sadness throughout This 'Promise at Dawn' begins as the story of a mother's sacrifice Alone and poor she fights fiercely to give her son the very best Gary chronicles his childhood with her n Russia Poland and on the French Rivi. ,

S not n the book but Mr Gary died The Broken Sword in 1980 by selfnflicted gunshot His actress wife Jean Seberg committed suicide Haunted Houses in 1979 Among his literary works are A European Education publishedn France n 1945 and The Roots of Heaven which one the Prix top French literary honor It also became a motion picture THE MAIN THING THAT REMAINED IN MY IS main thing that remained n my memory s Romain Gary said about his mother love to him when you grow up with love as big as the ocean you keep looking for such love all your life and end up dying from thirst beside At first I thought I had never read anything like #It But After A While Parallels Began To Suggest Themselves #but after a while parallels began to suggest themselves effortless brilliance and endless streams of believe t or not anecdotes I thought of Surely You re Joking Mr Feynman but Feynman despite being a wonderful storyteller The Romanovs isn t literary and Garys with good reason proud of his ability to create perfectly balanced French sentences Feyerabend s Killing Time has the same stylistic sophistication absurd bragging and refusal to acknowledge authority but Feyerabend Cravings is primarily a philosopher and Gary has nonterest The Wedding Date in the philosophical Ingmar Bergman s Laterna Magica has the searching self examination matter of fact heartlessness towards women and artisticntegrity but Bergman comes across as completely anchored Swan Song in realityTowards the end of the book however I remembered another exiled francophone Russian guiltily recalling all the terrible things he had done during the course of his life and trying to justify themn terms of his one great love and I began to Learn Better identify Gary and with the narrator of Nabokov s Ada Alas there would be no miraculous reunionn Geneva Je crus mourir de honte Il va sans dire ue j avais beaucoup d Harbor Me illusions car si on pouvait mourir de hontel y a longtemps ue l humanit ne serait plus l I wonder El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, if that hasn t happened to the world Has the kind of human being whos still capable of feeling and dying of shame been pushed aside to the benefit of another vulgar and therefore stronger breed that Processing Pain in Play is completely shameless Romain Gary suffered from a loving mother She loved him to the extent th. Era And he recounts his adventurous life as a young man fighting for Francen the Second World War But above all he tells the story of his extraordinary mother and her huge expectations for his future and. .
At his whole life was determined by Her Dreams For His Success As A dreams for his success as a officer diplomat and writer All his actions were based on her need for redemption her need for repairing a failed life through her childIt s a need for redemption her need for repairing a failed life through her childIt s a of gigantic proportions and I shuddered than once reading the autobiographical account of Romain Gary s life moving from his Jewish Russian roots over Poland to the C te d Azur before and during the Second World War La Promesse De L Aube de l aube promise made to his mother The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever in the beginning that he would fulfil her dreams That promise narrowed his path butt also served as the ultimate motivation when others around him gave up He understood the attitude of the French capitulation and acknowledged that they were right to arrange themselves Patton on Leadership in order to stay alive but they were rightn the same way Van Gogh would have been right to take a decent job and to stop painting Romain Gary could not give up as he had to keep the promise he made to his headstrong embarrassing motherHow did he copeL humour est une d claration de dignit une affirmation de la sup riorit de l homme sur ce ui lui arriveWhat a brilliant way of describing La Impostura Perversa intelligent and empathic life And again what happened to the dignity of a humorous approach to lifen our times of public sulking Romain Gary s Zones of Instability ideas that he has something he The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, is willing to live for whichs distinctly different from being willing to DIE for something and that he considers the true tragedy of Faust not his act of selling his soul to the devil but the discovery that there Once More With Feeling is no devil who wants to buyt Orange World and Other Stories il n y a pas preneurIn the end when he arrived at homen Nice after his years fighting for la lib ration as well as for literary fame and success euipped with all the military distinctions and the news articles reviewing his first published fiction he discovered that his mother had made a great sacrifice for him as well A heartbreaking tale of love and power beyond human reachMost of the time I choked on the omnipresence of this mythical mother figure but What Matters Most in one respect I fully support her claim for her sont should have been a Nobel Laureat. Their wonderland for two born out of a mother's murmur nto a child's ear a promise whispered at dawn of future triumphs and greatness of justice and loveA remarkable memoir that has become a French class. La Promesse de l'aube

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