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Ble to part with. Means of Grace Grace and the Means of Grace; Worship; the Sacramental Principle; Holy Baptism; the Holy Communion or Eucharist 8 The Written Word The Witness to the Christ Centered Faith; the Inspiration of the Bible; the Canon of Scripture; the Old Testament the New Testament Scripture 9 The Double Personal Religion; the Doctrine Grace; the Life of 10 The Hope of Glory The Christian Hope; Hebrew and Greek Symbolism; the Second Advent; the Millennial Kingdom; Human Destiny. Comprehensive Handbook of Christian DoctrineA college text. 1 BELIEF IN GOD I BELIEVE IN GOD THE FATHER in God I believe n God the Father Arguments for the Existence of God; Revelation Inspiration Maker of Heaven and Earth 2 The Jesus of History Historical Religion; Jesus Christ His Only Son Lord the Incarnation; Conceived by the Holy Ghost Born of the Virgin Mary 3 The Word of the The Suffering Christ; the Mystery of Evil; Suffered under Pontius Pilate; Theologies the Atonement; Dead and Buried He Descended nto Hell 4 The Power and the Wisdom He Rose Again; the. I haven t been Doctrine of the Resurrection; the Resurrection as Fact and as Symbol; the Evidence for the Resurrection; He Ascended nto Heaven 5 The Spirit of the Lord The Holy Ghost; the Holy "SPIRIT IN THE OLD TESTAMENT THE " in the Old Testament the Experience; Aspects of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit the Work of the Holy Spirit Summary the Christian Doctrine of God the Holy Trinity 6 The People of God The Church a Divine Plan Church of the Old Covenant; the of the New Israel; the Doctrine of the Ministry 7 The. .

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