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Montana Dreams eYbrook s hisccentric interest in all things chocolate Saybrook not only discovers that the accused chef is a woman but als Pros Arianna had a strong personality I find that readers are often told that a historical fiction heroine is strong when they don t act that way uite a few of the standard regency novel tropes are avoided or subverted Chocolate appreciation The mystery had intriguing Immerwelt - Der Pakt elements which I didn t guessCons Purple prose Every dialogue was a witty repartee and after awhile it becamexhausting to read You can have too much of a good thing Real people don t always have time to come up with a clever answer specially in the heat of an argument Too much chocolate appreciation I love chocolate but once again you can have too much of a good thing Although I like cooking I found the recipes boring not to my taste Romance for the sake of romance without much chemistryI recommend Sorcery Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot Cecelia and Kate 1 by Patricia C Wrede and Caroline Stevermer Clever mystery featuring an unconventional heroine as well as lots of chocolate lore and recipesI liked our two main characters Lady Arianna and Sandro de uincy Earl of Saybrook I found the mystery twisty with a very clever and unusual scheme at its core There are some nicely fleshed out secondary characters specially Saybrook s doctor friend Baz and the Machiavellian government minister GrenthamI m looking forward to the next book While I have and the Machiavellian government minister GrenthamI m looking forward to the next book While I have her romances written as Cara Elliott this was my first time reading one of her mysteries It was a delight and I will definitely be back for And as an added bonus not only is there a good story but Picture Theory each chapter starts with a delicious chocolate themed recipeAs the book begins we learn that Lady Arianna Hadley has disguised herself as a male French chef working in the home of a lady known tontertain aristocrats and Ancestral Voices even the Prince Regent himself She is on a uest to discover who murdered her father an aristocrat who was forced to flee to the Caribbean in disgraceThe sudden illness of the Prince Regent following one of Arianna s unusual desserts brings trouble to the house including the Earl of Saybrook a chocolate aficionado The initial verbal sparring between Arianna and Saybrook is highlyngaging and when it becomes obvious that Arianna is in grave danger the two must flee Arianna abandons her male disguise and can move fairly freely as a woman since her previous ruse was largely unknownThe number of mysteries Arianna and Saybrook must solve continues to build and yet they all seem to tie together That was one of the aspects of this book I greatly And Bid Him Sing enjoyed I really liked the lead characters but I alsonjoyed seeing how the various threads of plot kept weaving together to build uite a web of intrigueThe book drags at a few spots because the time dedicated to Aristotle Detective (Aristotle explaining the characters and their world sometimes interrupts the flow of the story However this was a veryntertaining read overall and I want to read of the series Super into this book It s been sitting on my kobo for months and I finally picked it up I really really njoy how Andrea Penrose sets up her plots and characters This is particularly xcellent It s a good xample plots and characters This is particularly xcellent It s a good xample two characters who don t uite fit into traditional society finding ach other I really Building the Cold War enjoy how Arianna and Saybrook complementach other and both are uite competent They work as both adversaries and then allies Plus the supporting cast and dialogue are strong and there s lots of discussion of chocolateVery much a fan This was a fun Regency historical mystery Fairly predictable I still really njoyed it and it was a uick read This is one that I think Regency fans would njoy and it s a shame of them don t know about it There s not much romance fans would Counter-Amores enjoy and it s a shame of them don t know about it There s not much romance far but it looks like that might change in the next book The Regency flavor is there thoughI have to say all of the chocolate descriptions and recipes made my mouth water and may have influenced my rating Yum I m off toat some truffle. Et in xchange for help in tracking down the real culprit As their search takes them from the glittering ballrooms of Mayfair to the slums of St Giles it becomes clear that someone is looking to plunge England into chaos and Arianna and Saybrook to the bottom of the Thames. I picked up this book after skimming the back covermurder Mystery AND Chocolate Sign Me UpLady Arianna Hadley S Had AND chocolate sign me upLady Arianna Hadley s had rough lifetraveling to the West Indies with her father after his banishment from England she grew up with little money and then lost her father when he was murdered She gets back to England with the determination to find the scoundrels behind her father s downfall and murder Posing as a French chef Arianna is staying under the radar until the

prince becomes ill 
becomes ill dining with his paramour Lady Spencer interesting touch and the chocolate dessert is the suspected culpritEnter Alessandro De uincy the Earl of Saybrook chosen to investigate because of his knowledge of chocolate It takes Saybrook little time to discover Arianna s subterfuge and soon approaching danger spurs him to get Arianna away from Lady Spencer s The Earl devises a plan giving Arianna a new identity designed to get her into the inner circle of the Ton where she ncounters some of the men she holds responsible for her father s deathThere are many twists and turns in this story and while Arianna and Alessandro are attracted to Double Jeopardy each other the romance takes a back seat the the mystery The finalncounter will have you unable to stop reading until the final page The characters are well written and you can Composition and Literature easily see the scenes in your mind sye A very well done first installmentthe teaser of book two promises another great story Meh I like historical mysteries but while the research is clear in this one there is also a messiness about how the characters think and act that made it not work for me Maybe I m not Cezanne and Provence enough of a chocolate fan In fact I m not much of a sweets person I had a friend back in school though who confessed that she buys pounds of chocolatesvery week and inhales them So there are apparently people who are addicted to chocolate If these people are looking for a chocolate cookbook that happens to also have a historical whodunit in it they might Dark Voices enjoy this bookThe chocolate recipes and historical tidbits would perhaps have worked better if they were shorter and placed at thend of the chapter in Contested Reproduction ebook form In paper form the recipes would be great at the beginning andasy to find In book format it s tedious But that s not the author s faultMaybe it was because all the characters seemed like caricatures The book opens it was because all the characters seemed like caricatures The book opens with Ariana posing as Alphonse but right from the beginning her flashbacks in italics are incredibly frustrating and jarring There are flashbacks regarding all sorts of people from her past and something about the wording just made it terrible to pick out what was going on Or it may have been the xcessive historical prelude to Creating Country Music every chapter seeming to derive from someone s diary that had me skimming Then there is the introduction of Grentham the person in the government who s supposed to guard the Prince Regent described as ruthless but coming off as a malicious head honcho who s constantly buffing his nails He calls in Lord Saybrook who s an Earl in his own right but is so rude to him that I found it untenable They banter maliciously about cooking with Grentham finding itffeminate but are not all great chefs at the time male and Saybrook stating that highborns on the Continent are well versed in household affairs This conversation also has Grentham ssentially asking Saybrook if he s gay by asking if he likes boys or knitting because that s also womanly This conversation is RIDICULOUS to me Homosexuality was at the time punishable by hanging so for Grentham to accuse a Peer of this is simply incredible And comparing cooking to knitting What century are we in nowAll the government officials are terrifically rude to Saybrook who looks like a cadaver and is limping due to soldiering with veiled hints that a saber cut might have cut off his unmentionable Again also incredible because the man is an Earl He goes over to Lady Spencer Prince Regent s current mistress and lo and behold the butler is also rude to him and doesn t recognize him How. England 1813 Lady Arianna Hadley’s desire to discover her father’s murderer has found her acting the part of a French chef in one of London’s aristocratic households But when the Prince Regent is taken ill after consuming Arianna’s special chocolate dessert she fin.

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Is this possible in all dictates of the Regency world as stablished by publishers and writers alike They should have known he was uality from the cut of his coat Evolutionary Patterns etctc Not to mention a newly ascended Earl who was limping there really wouldn t be that many in the top 1% of England who happened to also be in LondonThen there s a confrontation between Saybrook and Ariana in her disguise as Alphonse who s outed in a matter of minutes and the only clue the reader has is that Saybrook has been staring at her fingers for a long time The way he chooses to out her is he stabs her in the down filled chest and then they Evolution As Entropy engage in aknife fight The action isn t very clearly written Then there s anxplosion of some kind or a pistol shot and people are in the small kitchen and they re fending off two assailants in masksYes a cook is going to pad herself with down feathers and cook in a poorly lit badly ventilated kitchen Oh not to mention with a false moustache and a cotton roll down her pants as well How is she not to overheat and die while cooking There were just too many unbelievable Forging Gay Identities elements and the characters and the writing both were turnoffs I was happily surprised how much I adore Lady Arianna s mystery Sweet Revenge With a mix of cozy and hard political mystery and a dash of romance the book was a great mix that was hard to put down Unlike other cozies and mysteries it s told in third person then the popular first person This gives you a better understanding of all the players in the game From the main characters Arianna and Saybrook to the villains I found the characters to very appealing almost at times putting the mystery to shame Arianna is out to get revenge for the death of her father by the hands of his so called friends Hard shelled and at times hard headed Arianna at times is a hard character to truly like due to her actions and keeping clues back from the case Arianna grew up knowing and seeing others make pawns of people playing with their lives and trust very hard to her but Arianna has the grace to know when she s been acting dumb and childish and when to finally let the barriers down I loved Saybrook a mix of gentleman and crafty fox He holds to his own morals that are true and knows how to play the game without being an asshat but willing to get his hands dirty if need be He tries to help Arianna out and at times wants to lock her up and throw away the key just to keep her safe he understands her way of thinking better then she does He goes out to prove there are good people out to Arianna and slowly breaks down the barriers that Arianna has around her while having her drag him out of his own personal hell he put himself in Everything between them is a believable with a slow build in their relationship While the crime and mystery bring these two together it s their love of cooking and chocolate that bind themven closer Penrose added the cozy Forbidden History element at the beginning ofach chapter with a delicious chocolate recipe and a little snippet from Saybrook s grandmother s diary These sometimes have a small clue or a foreshadowing The rich history had me reading of the financial swindle that played a big part of the story the author did an amazing job of interweaving Fiche Blian ag Fás everything so nicely that the book was a perfect balance Plus had my sweet tooth crying to try one or two of the recipes History Mystery Chocolate and Romance Sweet Revenge hadverything that made this a very sweet keeper Lady Arianna Hadley has been xiled in The Caribbean For Years Due To Her Father S Disgrace Caribbean for years due to her father s disgrace he father is murdered Arianna vows to get revenge Years later Arianna is finally in the position to xact her revenge and disguises herself as a male chef
in an nglish 
an English However when the Prince Regent falls ill after ating from her table Arianna finds herself under suspicion bringing her plans for revenge to a haltThe half Spanish Earl of Saybrook Alessandro De uincy is called in to investigate the apparent poisoning by chocolate of the Prince Regent due to Sa. Ds herself at the center of a dangerous scandal Because of his xpertise in chocolate the Earl of Saybrook Alessandro De uincy is the ideal candidate to investigate this crime When the Earl’s intuition leads to Arianna’s xposure she convinces Saybrook to keep her secr. Sweet Revenge A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery

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