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A Pretext for War 911 Ira and theAbuse of America's Intelligence Agencies

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Work in the long run or perhaps come back to bite us in the ass In a rather frightening example *Of How Easy It Can *how easy it can to blow up a plane James Bamford in Pretext for War describes how in 1995 a terrorist group in the Philippines blew up part of a 747 They used a digital watch with an alarm some fine wires a contact lens solution bottle filled with nitro glycerin soaked in cotton to create a nasty little bomb that was placed under the seat and then detonated 4 hours later after the terrorist had left the plane at an intermediate stop Note that none of these items would appear suspicious To Airport Security Or Show Up On airport security or show up on x rayThe bomb detonated as planned illing a Japanese businessman and disabling the plane which was able to return to the airport with some difficulty The terrorists were so pleased with their success that they planned several such attacks They were thwarted only when their apartment caught fire and a member of the cell was captured Following interrogation by the Philippine police it was learned they had also planed bad pun to fly an airplane into the Pentagon in a suicide attack The terrorists claimed the attacks were in protest of American Israeli policies particularly the savage attack on a Lebanese town in which numerous women and children were illedThe Philippine police promptly informed the FBI of what they had learned This information a preview of the 2001 attack was either lost or disregarded in one of the intelligence failures that preview of the 2001 attack was either lost or disregarded in one of the intelligence failures that delineates in a most interesting book The astonishing thing is that the NSA had information about the hijackers they new Osama was about to do something big the FBI had information that airplanes would be used as weapons the hijackers entered the country using their real names they took flying lessons they lived in a hotel within blocks of the NSA used credit cards for their purchases communicated daily with Osama and others using public chat rooms and called him on the phone to discuss the impending operation Bush had been told that something big was in the works but he chose to go golfing I mean really. Merican people Filled with unprecedented new revelations from the sites of “undisclosed locations” to the actual sources of America’s Middle East policy A Pretext for War is essential reading for anyone concerned about the security of the United States. .

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Gain Could the media and public be duped again Of course Don t you agree President Trump This book makes me very sad because if it really is true what this book is telling us then we have caused the deaths of Thousands Of Service Men And Thousands Of of service men and thousands of civilians because of the personal vendetta of president BushThis book details the lies and deceptions that the Bush administration pushed on us pre Ira war to convince the country that we should go to War With Ira So Thorough with Ira So thorough the deception that congress bought into it Since then the whole thing has been shown to be a fabrication Study after study has come up with nothing to substantiate the lies James Bamford makes a convincing case that the United States was ill served by our intelligence communities before 9 11 in Pretext for War Part of the problem was the agencies were still fighting the Cold War and agents were enjoying the perks traditional with service in overseas embassies good food cars great shopping and other fringe benefitsThe beginning of the book provides a nice compliment to the 911 Commission report of the hijackings a step by step reenactment fascinating yet horrifying He then provides how the spy agencies work in this country and how information was transmitted to the policy makers The overall effect is not reassuring as evidence is provided that shows intelligence manufactured to support a policy and how Congress is routinely bypassed The implications for balance of power and the tri partite government created by the Founding Fathers are disturbing The trend is away from public scrutiny when in my opinion is needed The Bush administration appears to be heading toward increased secrecy and less congressional oversightRumsfeld has gradually lobbied for and been giving extraordinary powers for black bag operations around the world see Seymour Hersh s article in the January 24th 2005 issue of The New Yorker The idea is that we have to become like the enemy and act like them ie giving them a taste of their own medicine Aside from the uestionable morality of such behavior one wonders whether it will. Ligence community and the Bush administration A Pretext for War reveals the systematic weaknesses behind the failure to detect or prevent the 911 attacks and details the Bush administration’s subseuent misuse of intelligence to sell preemptive war to the This book is an interesting look at the problems of our intelligence system and why it has been such a problem lately It is and why it has been such a problem lately It is full of conspiracy theories and lot of unconnected dots that Bamford tries to pull together Interesting if nothing else Although all this was perfectly clear to me at the time it *Happened Bush Cheney Etc Hold Us Common People In So *Bush Cheney etc hold us common people in so contempt they thought we d buy anything this still has some pertinent disgusting details of the dishonesty and treachery to our country of those behind the decision made ON THE DAY of 911 to invade Ira They re filthy little toadies of men I count Condi as a man who deserve the death sentence I read this book when the investigations into the alleged Russian interference of the US 2016 elections were ongoing I was struck by the similarity of how the press and public were manipulated by disinformation by the US and UK governments and tactics used to manipulate voters in the presidential campaign We all Split know that Saddam Hussain had nothing to do with the 911 bombings In fact both Bush and Hussain wanted to eradicate Al aeda It seems Donald Rumsfeld considered the first Gulf War as unfinished business For Bush it was personal Hussain had attempted toill Bush senior George W s mother wife and brothers during their visit to Kuwait Blair it appears wanted his ego stroked Perhaps he felt inferior to Margaret Thatcher since she had her war to fight So the three accomplices set out to convince the world that Ira had or was about to start producing weapons of mass destruction Undaunted by the fact that the weapons inspectors had been in Ira for years telling the UN and IAEA that no weapon facilities exited they concocted evidence to proof their point The rest as they say is history except for one they say is history except for one The legacy of Gulf War 2 The vacuum left by the overthrow of Hussain and the inept plan for a post war transition gave rise to armed bands of terroristsfreedom fighters depending on your view point each vying for power These groups morphed into ISIS Bush Rumsfeld and Blair have a lot to answer for And could it happen In A Pretext for War acclaimed author James Bamford–whose classic book The Puzzle Palace first revealed the existence of the National Security Agency–draws on his unparalleled access to top intelligence sources to produce a devastating expos of the intel.