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Circle the Soul SoftlyLoved the subject matter but I had a hard time connecting with the characters I found myself getting irritated with them at time The writing was okay but I felt like it could have been a little stronger I ll probably try another one of her books to see if I like it a little better Others have really one of her books to see if I like it a little better Others have really this book but it just wasn t my cup of tea unfortunately I picked this up because I loved A Time for Dancing and I recommend it to students freuently I wanted to see if this one was as good and it wasn t I thought it tried too hard to fit in with the new glamorous rich kid genre when it really wasn t necessary Once the plot finally got moving I was pretty hooked but as a whole it was so so I can see students putting it down before it gets to the good part I was one of the first to read this book for Harper Collins as a test reader I njoyed the story very much but was surprised by the deeply disturbing situation the main character finds herself in right away I wasn t forewarned this was such a heavy piece and was caught off guard which is probably why this book gets only 3 stars Definitely not for young readers I would suggest 16 due to the disturbing themes The subject matter of a girl remembering her dad sexually abusing her as a young child is not to be taken lightly and could leave a bad taste in the mouths of some readers Katie mess up her first steps in the new school when she was congratulated for getting a leading part in the school play She had took the part that popular girl Stacie wanted and now she nd up on Stacie s bad side Thankfully Katie meets David and his sweet talks brough them together Later on Katie finds Stacie s diary and found out the sadness that was revolving around Stacie s life At the same time katie realized she had forgotten a part revolving around Stacie s life At the same time katie realized she had forgotten a part her past life and it had something to do with her dead fatherThe deepest moment of this book to me was when Katie woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly she sees a man standing on the corner of her room She didn t know it was an illusion and it scared her I was scared too I would not recommend this book to a younger audience because some parts are a bit mature and the concept might be hard to grasp Circle the Soul Softly is about a girl Katie who just moved into a fancy new school and immediately starts screwing things up Although with the help of her getting the lead in the school play she meets David who nds up being her boyfriend She is constantly fighting with her head and these nightmares she keeps having of this monster I lo. An lite school Glamorous students who have fancy cars and mansions for homes and all the haughty attitude to go with it This is Katie O'Connor's fabulous new life since her family's recent move to Brentwood –– a perfect opportunity for a fresh start at least in theoryThe only time sh. Ved the idea of the book but not so much how it was writtenI really liked the part when David talks about the psychic reading he got It s all about how the soul looks for the same soul through all of its lives soul mates and how they might be each other s That part was very interesting and sweet I did not like how this book was written It seemed other s That part was very interesting and sweet I did not like how this book was written It seemed be very choppy to me and it went one thing after the other very uickly Some parts I wish the author would laborate From the review for the ARC I wrote in 2005You can t love someone and hurt them too not on purpose Katie O Connor argues in Circle the Soul Softly Her stepfather then replies Happens all the time When I first read that Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics exchange I couldn t help thinking how true it is on so many levels not just in Katie s situation And now that I m writing this review I can t help thinking how true it must be for a critic Sometimes you have to write reviews that you don t want to This is one of those times for me In her above statement Katie is talking about how her father sexually abused her when she was a child the big revelation that this novel is centered on However Hurwin doesn t really bring anything new to the table This story has been told many times before and fore the most partffectively I got the impression that the past was supposed to unfold for us while it was finally unfolding for Katie but by the time we got to Stacey s story I pretty much knew it all Maybe I went into this novel with too many Passage Through Crisis expectations To my relief Circle the Soul Softly has the same unstilted dialogue of A Time for Dancing But without Hurwin s very real and obviously heartfelt passages depicting the girls love of dance and most of all their amazing friendshipven the dialogue falls flat To Hurwin s credit the title fits perfectly The Science, Technology and Culture end of book brings closure and in many ways the characters come full circle The last few chapters of the novel arespecially wonderful insightful and well written without being too cliched I just wish Hurwin had found a uniue and novel way of getting us there I stayed up until 130 reading Circle the Soul Softly I started it at like 4 in the afternoon I adored it When I picked it up at the library I was sort of drawn to it On the INSIDE COVER THERE IS A CIRCULAR DESIGN THAT RESEMBLES cover there is a circular design that resembles mandala and I like the wording of the title Even thought the book is pink and the jacket cover talks about a girl going to a rich kid school I still brought it home The book is written with her thoughts included The plot seems to be made to fit what her Mind needs. E can overlook the hostility of her classmates is when they share the stage for plays Onstage directed by her awesome drama teacher Tess she has the confidence and talent that she cannot seem to muster in her The Road to Einsteins Relativity everyday life And it doesn't hurt that one of Katie's fellow actors is smart and. To do instead of the other way around I m not sure how much I can tell without revealing too much I m not sure it s actually a good book I liked reading through her thoughts Yay someonelse has Mind dialogue The book did skip around a little The format was about her mind so some parts were just listed and some were gone into detail It felt like reading someone s journal and their thoughts at once I skimmed the book this morning knowing what the outcome would beLines I really liked from Circle the Soul Softly by Davida Wills HurwinThis Being Present thing sucks I hurt people I hurt myself I spit out little barbs I don t Black Boy even know I feelMy truths have shifted There s no final answer no absolute right or wrong There is an order that works a relationship between souls that allows them to grow But no one truth Each soul seeks its own I have to search for mine and the way it fits into my life nowThat s the purpose of painEach time the crying stops another fragment of anger and hurt is sliced off the gigantic mass of ugly feelings I ve collected and hidden all these years It floats out and away and in that instant I sense what it will be like whne I fit into my self like I did when I was fiveMy soul shifts and I circle it softlyI try to stay here in this moment I try to breathe And listen And just be my self It s really all anyone has to do It s very simple Oh wait And that is how the booknds the last uoteCircle the Soul Softly has one theme in common with The Last Safe Place on Earth which I read before this Both families move to Nighttime Sweethearts escape problems in school and with teenagers But really the problemsxist where they MOVE JUST IN DIFFERENT FORMSI M just in different formsI m to read her next book There is some dark backstory here plus a decidedly non zero amount of drinking and it flies through the first 3 months of the school year way too fast but oh that David is pretty darn uality as boyfriends go Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire especially first boyfriends The San Francisco trip is the most magical chapter in relationship perfection I couldnvision They do test my boundaries on the hookup Front Than Once But Outside Forces Keep than once but outside forces keep nicely in line so I m not ven mad Katie is mostly just a darling innocent and the pair of them make me clasp my hands together

my heart Bonus Awesome Drama Tess This book was amazing I absolutely loved it It was super sad though so if you aren t in the mood to tear up I would not recommend this book However it was awesome I love this book Emotinally gripping and so heart felt at the same time I m re reading it agai. Cute and interested in her But beneath the glossy surface there are secrets buried deep ven in Katie's own pastNightmares and dark memories continue to plague Katie's consciousness and in order to deal with the present she needs to come to terms with the past If only she could remember.