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The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore hThis book is a comprehensive presentation ofealth and diseases in reindeer and caribou or just Rangifer a key Circumarctic species with broad social and ecological value It an essential reference for "Anyone Interested In The "interested in the and ealth of wild or semi domesticated reindeer caribou and is broadly relevant for those with interests in other species of free ranging and captive cervids Beginning with a general introduction to Rangifer as a species it then on Rangifer ealth as a concept describes the determinants of ealth at an individual and population level.

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Reindeer and Caribou
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Chapters cover a range of topics from nutrition and feeding to stress non infectious and infectious diseases meat ygiene capture and restraint diagnosis and treatment of ealth issues and finally potential impacts of climate change on ealth of Rangifer Reindeer and Caribou Health and Disease compiles extensive research *and experience based information on issues ranging from drug doses for chemical immobilization blood chemistry values and raising *experience based information on issues ranging from drug doses for chemical blood chemistry values and raising orphaned calf In addition it contains
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E for recognizing various parasites and signs of disease both live and dead animals and signs of disease both in live and dead animals chapter *and signs of disease both in live and dead animals Each chapter followed by a comprehensive list of references and a list of contact information for all the contributors identifying world experts in the different areas of ealth for this circumpolar and fascinating species This book is compulsory reading and an indispensable resource for anyone dealing with ealth in reindeer and caribou including veterinarians wildlife biologists and managers reindeer The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, herdersgame ranchers zoologicalusbandry personnel and students with wildlife ealth.

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