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One thing he doesn t anticipate is the beautiful temp sent to do his mother s bidding No flirting no touching no eye fucking no dirty talk between nine and five And that includes lunch Temporary was a slow build that admittedly I struggled a bit to get into at first The first 30% really sets everything up but at a pace that didn t uite hook me I immediately fell for the main characters There was always so endearing about both Grace and Callan Perhaps it was the fact that there s so much to them than first meets the eye Callan is not the typical bad boy and playboy that you expect This is a man with plenty of depth to him and the you find out about him the harder you fall for him Grace is a woman that s barely getting by but there s this tenacity to her that you can t help but respect She s doing her best and try as she might to ignore the pull to the handsome man that she has no business getting involved with inevitably it proves to be too much Don t get used to it This is only temporary The secondary characters of Claire and Olivia added to the mix perfectly and come the second half I was hooked This was a delicious slow burn romance with characters that you can t help but root for It was swoony sexy humorous and utterly endearing ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on IT S ALIVESurviving 100 days with Callan WalkerI think it s easy to be selfish when it seasy to be selfish Do you know what I mean I ll give you an example I can t cook so hubby does most of the cooking in our house Now when I say I can t cook I m kind of fibbing I can cook ust not very well or not as well as hubby does So while hubby is cooking dinner each night I happily spend the time reading Am I being selfish Maybe I should keep him company or could help chop vegetables or something But I don t I don t because it s easy to be selfishCallan Walker has found it bloody easy to be selfish He s a good looking bloke with plenty of money and a Flashback My Life And Times In Bollywood And Beyond jet setting lifestyle The life he s lived has been fun and pretty frivolous Why change a good thing If it s not broken don t mess with it And if it happens to piss your overbearing controlling mother offwell that s even betterCallan s life takes a pretty big nosedive when Jack his beloved uncle passes away It makes him stop and assess where his life is going When he finds out that his estranged mother took it upon herself to have Jack cremated with no funeral Callan is livid He decides he better head to New York and oversees that Jack s last wishes were honoured Imagine his disgust when he finds out his mother hired a stranger to pack up Jack s goods and calculate his assets for a uick sale Over Callan s bodyor when Callan meets the strangerunder his bodyGrace has a temporaryob she HAS to keep She has the sole care of her 15 year old sister and needs the temp City Improbable job to become permanent She s determined to ignore the extremely hot Aussie and his sexy accent especially considering he s the boss s son Grace is sure that his flirting is a ploy to get whatever he wantsand it mayust workI really enjoyed Temporary It made me laugh seeing the American character swooning over Callan s hot accent HAHAHAHA I ll have to make a recording of hubby to see if we can make my overseas friends swoon If I sweet talk him we can get him to say Bloody Hell a few times or maybe even get him to offer to shout us a beer buy a beer As an Aussie myself I can vouch that Callan is the real deal I ve met Callan or blokes like him Actually that s a lie I can t say I know too many Aussie blokes with six pack abs unfortunately They must be all hiding overseas Temporary kept my attention from start to finish There were plenty of scenes that packed an emotional punch Both Callan and Grace have pretty messed up mothers at completely different ends of the scale Callan s mother is a woman up mothers at completely different ends of the scale Callan s mother is a woman loves work over everything else She s controlling manipulative and evil Grace s mother is not thereliterally She s a drug addict who chose that life over her children and now it s Grace s responsibility to raise her sister Olivia As a mother myself I found it very hard to relate or imagine acting in either way I m far from perfect but I do love my kids unconditionally and want

"only their happinessthe "
their happinessThe between Callan and Grace was evident from the very start Considering Grace s need for her The Big Bookshelf job she held out as long as she could I understood her logic of why she eventually caved Even on your hardest days facing the toughest battles a little time out for yourself should be a treat to yourself She didn t plan on forever Graceust wanted a bit of a spark to brighten her day Turns out that spark lit uite the inferno for both of them Temporary was a great story about finding love when you re feeling lonely Callan because he d No Future for You just lost the one family member he respected and loved and Grace because she was struggling with the pressure of raising her sister on a temp s salary Two very different people living very different lives finding a connection that neither could deny It wasn t easy and it was definitely bumpy Luckily Callan can make a mean lah tay that s a latte I m trying to sound out how I say it and offer an Iced VoVo bikkies to tempt your taste budsand help you forget he s a drongoI will definitely be back for from this author duo and by that ending there s hopefully already in the works Stacey is Sassy received an advanced copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes 4 stars When reading a book that s co written I love when you can t tell who wrote what When the flow is so great you would never know That is how Temporary was Sarina Bowen is one of this authors I will always read I love her work Sarah Mayberry is a new to me author I thought they did a fantasticob with this book I m already looking forward to from this duo Grace is working for a temporary agency hoping to land a permanent SOS Schlank ohne Sport - job It s important to her to find steady work She s young and living in NYC but most importantly she s raising her teenage sister so she s notust supporting herself When a temp Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, job comes up that could offer her a permanentob with a company she Making India Work jumps at the chance She s got to do a goodob and prove herself and then maybe she can get a stable income While Grace is working she meets Callan Oh Callan Callan is a hunky Australian guy who comes to the estate Grace is auditing as the estate is Callan s uncles Callan and Grace have immediate chemistry but Grace is pretty focused on her work Or at least she tries to be Callan is pretty irresistible to her Don t get used to it This is only temporary Callan and Grace s temporary tryst turns in to with time but there are a lot of complications surrounding them Temporary was a book I didn t want to put down There was never a dull or boring moment I loved the premise of the story and both of the main characters I loved the build up the emotional parts and of course the steam It also was a lot of fun to read Definitely recommend this book to lovers of cont romance. C girl I used to be and not the tired person I’ve become And it works if only for a moment Our night together was a mistake I can't afford to get sucked into his high powered family’s treachery But the closer I get to Callan the layers I find beneath those expensive clothes Though I can’t forget this is temporary He’s temporary I have too much to lose Too bad my foolish heart didn’t get the mem. He assests of a deceased family member of the company Grace is expected to itemized and get the value of a giant art and wine collectionCallan is the nephew of the deceased and he encounters Grace in his uncle s apartment An agreement is made that Callan will work with Grace but not interfere or hinder her progress But Callan has an alterior m Honestly now thinking about it it made me uncomfortable reading how ashamed she was of being poor I mean it s one thing you get tired of working so much and barely make ends meet But it s something completely different to think that being poor is shameful and try to hide that fact from people because you can t allow people to find out how simple you are Like avoiding to take people to your house because you re embarrassed of where you live I was raised thinking nobody is better than anybody because of money What makes people better than others is behavior attitudes choices you make You re financial condition doesn t define you character She was embarrassed of eating her sandwich in front of the male mc and she would rather eat outside and being cold than eating inside because God forbid what would he think if he saw her eating a peanut butter sandwich I can t relate to shallow vain people like this So yes I save myself from become annoyed Zero chemistry I can t connect with these characters I don t see lust much less love between the 2 Cliche story about a poor girl and the rich guy She needs the Everwar (Cal Leandros, job to pay the bills and support her sister Of course her hormones are out of control in the presence of the maleSeeing him in a towel is reason enough to forget what she was going to do and starting babbling Like one of my GR friends said why so much blushing and astonishment in seeing a naked man In her early to mid 20s she probably saw at least one naked man I assume Because she had lived with a man before Maybe he took showers like the old days wearing a white gown Who knowsBesides nothing happens in this book Every morning he makes coffee for them They work around the apt sorting the dead uncle s belongs She thinks about how poor she is and how she needs theob He regrets he did nothing productive with his rich ass She goes home to her sister He walks the dog and goes to sleep Rinse repeat This for over 30% of the book She was staring at me so I picked up the tamper and compressed the coffee grounds I fitted the filter into the grouphead and turned on the machine male mc Everything was dreary But at least I was wearing Chanel female mc priorities lol pathetic I didn t know where to look because there seemed to be nothing but stupendously hot hard male as far as the eye could see The towel hit him a few inches above his knees showcasing muscular thighs and calves His belly was a work of sculptural art all peaks and valleys and firm looking muscle I stared at first one flat nipple then the other Then somehow I managed to hinge my gaping aw shut and lift my gaze to his face from female mcWhat led to this when he offered her the coffee I almost forgot to close my fingers around the hot glass but some self preserving instinct kicked in at the last second from female mcIt still amazes me how a person can go from smart to extremely brainless stupid because of a man Is this supposed to be cute Or show how attracted she was to him Itfailed miserably because chemistry here is negative 10 So I decided DNF I m too annoyed and bored with this book If at 30% it didn t catch my interest of keeping turning the pages and see if something else happens I should do as much as cut my losses There is precious time was wasted here Sarina Bowen is an auto read author for me whilst Sarah Mayberry isn t I ve read as many of her books that haven t worked Versus Those That Have So those that have so ll admit to being interested in seeing how Temporary would work out for me This man would be the death of me The foundations for a great story were there wealthy Aussie playboy Callan arrives in New York following the death of his beloved uncle to discover his callous mother has hired a temp Grace to create an inventory of her brother s estate He s grieving and determined to find the missing will his uncle wrote to stop his mother claiming everything she has a ob to do and can t risk it no matter how attracted to him she is as she s raising her younger sister on a shoestring budget It was all there for the taking yet I didn t get much of a connection from Grace and Callan for a good 5060% of the book which was a real shame as they were great characters No flirting no touching no eye fucking no dirty talk between nine and five And that includes lunch Everything good about this story came in the last 40% the depth and chemistry it was lacking the intimacy and some great humour courtesy of Grace s 15 year old sister Olivia And it was all this albeit late which saved it for me and the boredom dissipated boredom being something that never ever occurs when I read a Sarina Bowen book and I ve read many but it is something I ve experienced from Sarah Mayberry so I can t help but come to certain conclusions over why this was the case hiring Grace had been her greatest gift to me After turning the final page I don t think I d be too far off the mark in thinking that there may be another potential opportunity for these two authors involving Callan s sister Claire And whilst I didn t love this they ve done enough to piue my interest if this is the case Copy received in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion 4 STARS The most beautiful man I ve ever seen is the one who can ruin everything A woman barely making ends meet and a playboy that holds a piece to one of the world s most powerful business empires couldn t possibly have anything in commonor could they I had ignored the fact that we could not have two wildly divergent lifestyles I had ignored everything and let myself get swept away Grace is barely keeping a roof over her head while taking care of her teenage sister With an addict for a mother and a father long out of the picture Grace is all her sister Olivia has A temp ob for the Walker empire is exactly the chance that she needs The possibility of turning it into a permanent position is what she hopes But finding herself at the beck and call of the powerful and cold head of the business is not what she expects When her assignment is make sure that The Estate Of Her Boss estate of her boss recently passed are documented and uickly taken care of the last thing she needs is the meddling of the prodigal son He wasn t looking to strike up a thing with a cash strapped temp who acted as guardian to her teen sister and I was not looking to have a fling with a playboy ladies man I found way way too likeable Callah has left behind everything that made him a Walker A ruthless mother that cares nothing for his happiness and a sister blindly serving his mother s whims his beloved uncle was the only person that showed him any love He ll be damned if he allows his estate and life to be packed up in boxes with a cold efficiency that only his mother is capable of The. Te I can’t afford either one I’m the only thing standing between my little sister and the foster care system He may have money and charm on his side but I have something even powerful pure desperation This temp ob at his mother’s company can become a full time Sequins and Spurs job for me It has to But when Callan’s eyes rake over my body sometimes I forget my obligations His piercing gaze finds the fun optimisti. 4 Duo Author Stars Spoiler Free and It s LiveOne of the things I love most about Goodreads is all of the wonderful people I have met and become friends withThere is something to be said for those who love books chatting about them and sharing their ideasAnd to have the ability to interact with those around the globeJust perfection Those who know me know I do not believe in reinventing the wheel If Someone has written a review which totally nails the book says everything I wanted to say but of so much better than I will point you in that direction I happen to enjoy both of these authors and it turns out my pal Stacey is Sassy does too I am fortunate to have her as a friend so I get to read her reviews all of the time and People She does Great Reviews Stacey read Temporary she nailed the feel of it and gave you her perfect twist Enjoy Thank you Stacey is Sassy for letting me show how it is done Before Reading What do you do when a beloved author Sarina BowenJoins forces with another favorite author Sarah MayberryWhy you rub your hands together in anticipation of the terrific story that will happen Temporary September 12 2017 A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways 4 STARS There s a new writing duo in Town and they come bearing the gift that is Australia s hottest export Callan WalkerA man like Callan isust the kind of distraction Grace needs but one she simply can t afford She s desperate to find a stable permanent DK Adventures job in order to support herself and her fifteen year old sister so when the opportunity arises to doust that she won t allow the walking temptation that is Callan Walker to stand in her wayGrace Kerrington stands in the way of Callan being able to fulfil his beloved late uncle s last wishes More content to spend his time Island hopping Callan has no desire to take his place in the family s multi million dollar business It s been a bone of contention between himself and his mother and their relationship flits between frosty to non existent By default any one employed by his mother is on the side of the enemy but in order find the information he reuires he needs to temporarily play nice with GraceForced to work together they have no choice but to come to an uneasy truce An unease that is made greater by the ungodly amount of attraction they for have one another As Callan Playboy fa ade begins to slip so too do Grace s career prospects I really enjoyed peeling back the layers and getting down under with Callan There s a vulnerable boyish charm to him and seeing that side to him was wholly endearing Whilst Grace s social predicament may have been a precarious one I was instantly enamoured by how resolute she is in making sure she is able to provide for her sisterI m really looking forward to from this duo Whilst I m well acuainted with the goodness that is Sarina Bowen it s always great to add a new author to the roster as I feel I have with Sarah Mayberry The most beautiful man I ve ever seen is the one who can ruin everything I love Sarina Bowen and in my opinion her colabs with other authors have always worked and I have enjoyed those books So it is no surprise that I couldn t wait to read Temporary a collaboration by Sarina this time with an author that is new to me Sarah Mayberry This book was a fun and easy read and kept me fully engaged with great character development The I read about them the I loved them It had some emotional and intense parts which In The Name of God just added to the dynamic mix that is Temporary Grace is working as a temp for the company Walker Holdings in the hope that by working hard she proves herself and in turn lands a permanent position and a steady income That income is not only to support herself but also to support her fifteen year old sister whom she is singlehandedly raising An opportunity presents to Grace to prove herself to not only her immediate manager but also to the CEO of Walker Holdings Victoria Walker Grace is approached by Victoria to take over the dealings of the estate of her recently passed away brother Jack When Grace arrives at Jack s apartment to start the appraisals she meets Callan Jack s nephew Grace is automatically attracted to the hot Aussie but she won t let that cloud her focus She has aob to do and is determined to do it well but the hot Aussie is becoming too damn hard to resist The day we met I d been disgusted by my mother hiring a temp to dispose of Jack s life Now I understood that hiring Grace had been her greatest gift to me My mother didn t know it but she had changed my whole outlook on life The time Callan and Grace spend together the their relationship develops into something so much The attraction and chemistry between the two was intense and even though they come from two different walks of life they worked well together Will they stand the test of time or will it all fizzle if Callan s snobby mother finds out What s going to happen with Grace s ob These were uestions I kept asking myself and the intrigue of what was going to happen meant I simply could not put this story down I m a 100% born and bred Aussie and I m always a little worried about reading stories with Australian characters whether the author will use correct slang and terminology synonymous with Australia Having an Aussie co write Temporary Though Was The though was the on the cake because it made it that much better for me natural and realistic I am in complete agreeance with Callan Tim Tams are so much better than iced Vovo s Temporary was an enjoyable story from start to finish I loved the lighter fun side and the heavy and emotional side It was ust the perfect mix for me The writing was flawless which kept me engaged and I loved the characters their passion and steam I definitely recommend this story to anyone who loves their contemporary romances about two different People From Two Different from two different coming together and finding love and comfort within each other which at times is not always easy and sometimes things get worse before they get better I can t wait to read what this dynamic duo comes up with next I have a feeling it s going to be a cracker 4 stars This is my first book from these authors together and I really enjoyed itI hope we can see from these two the my first book from these authors together and I really enjoyed itI hope we can see from these two the was beautiful and the writing flawlessTemporary was amazing it has everything I wanted in a story and even It has angstintensitytension and a great romanceI loved Callan and Grace and I enjoyed their dual points of viewI felt intimidate with both of themTheir romance was great and their dialogues were smart and flirtyOverall it was refreshing and I would be happy to read soon of Sarina and Sarah 4 stars He wasn t looking to strike up a thing with a cash strapped temp who acted as guardian to her teen sister and I was not looking to have a fling with a playboy ladies man I found way way too likeable Grace is raising her teen sister and needs a good Operation Lipstick job which is why her new temp gig at a renowned company means she has to do amazing work Given the task of handling The most beautiful man I've ever seen is the same one who can ruin everything The first time I lay eyes on Callan Walker I know he’ll be trouble With his smug grin hot Aussie accent and thousand dollar shoes he’sust the kind of rich guy who always gets what he wants And he wants two things a night of sin and my cooperation as he outmaneuvers his powerful mother to take control of his uncle’s esta. .