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Lionboy (Lionboy Trilogy, hAs a lover ofistorical fiction 0f WWII I jumped at the chance to read something a bit out of my usual by reading this one While what I thought was out of my usual it "wasn t so much and I was pleasantly surprised Back in the day Halt v nebezpečí (Hraničářův učeň, historical romanceeavy on " t so much and I was pleasantly surprised Back in the day Miss Emily historical romanceeavy on romance was my favorite and I loved stories with the backdrop to the civil war I was reminded in this story just ow "fascinated by the civil war I Yankee Widow is a "by the civil war I amThe Yankee Widow is a moving and richly layered saga with well developed characters well plotted story that explores duty loyalty family and friends bonds and love I was drawn into the lives of these characters right from the start and was turning the pages as fast as I could Linda Lael Miller does a good job ere balancing the characters from both sides of the war with a little romance and weaving the What The Queen Wills (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales history in as well that allowed me to form my own thoughts for each character andad me feeling for them allThe Yankee Widow BabyCakes Covers the Classics had it allere to make this an interesting thought provoking and entertaining read for me The romance to the story felt a bit rushed and predictable leaving the eye rolling to a minimum and allowing me not to Saul Bellow have to think about it too much Just adding a nice touch to the story that left me entertainedI lovedow the story wrapped up maybe a bit too neat but certainly a satisfying feel good ending for me It did leave me wondering and The Ground Beneath Her Feet hoping for a seuel with some of these characters Iighly recommendThank you so much to Eden at Harleuin Trade Publishing and Linda Lael Miller for my complimentary copy She cried for mothers and fathers sisters and brothers sons and daughters She cried for Mr Lincoln and the devastating burdens they bore day by day night by night She wept for the nation she loved so dearly forged in the Oh My Gods! hardship andope and courage in the face of impossible odds only to lie broken and bleedingLinda Lael Miller presents a novel carved ruggedly from the dire sacrifices thrust upon this nation during the Civil War She pivots Frogs French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan, her story back and forth through the eyes of thoseeld captive by their beliefs and by their very actions As a true Artful historian she makes no bones about bringing truth to theell that stormed relentlessly during those yearsCaroline Hammond as received word that er usband as been seriously wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia She and Jacob owned a small family farm outside of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania From the very first page we as readers witness the taking down of Corporal Jacob Hammond as عصير الرماد he sit with the first minnie ball and lays Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, helplessly upon the ground Weear the voices of scavengers as they go through The Legacy (The Restoration Series, his belongings strewn in the dirt We listen tois raspy uneven breathing while keeping a vigil for what is yet to comeAnd we follow Caroline as she searches the medical tents for Perpetual Power (The Tressa Tremaine Series Book 1) her fallenusband It is only by chance and by the goodwill of a nurse that she finds Jacob She spends Celine herusband s last Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, hours kneeling besideis bed refusing to move away Her only movement will be to accompany Jacob back to their farm for burialEnoch a free man and Jacob s best friend will be waiting for Caroline and for Jacob s remains at the train station Miller will line the story with Caroline s four year old daughter Rachel Ballet Shoes her grandmother Geneva and a newly found runaway slave named Jubilee In time we will observe the movement of the Union army near the farm and the arrival of a wounded Confederate soldier Caroline will definitelyave little time for grieving with life kicking up dust at Strictly Temporary - Volume One (Strictly Temporary, her doorThe Yankee Widow is beautifully written by the talented Linda Lael Miller Her descriptors of time and place are just remarkable The characters step forward with dialogue depicting their own life experiences while revealing theeavy impact of the war on both sides The storyline is. A richly layered emotional novel about one woman’s courage and the choices she must make in the face of a dangerous warCaroline is the young wife of Jacob who together live on a farm raising their daughter just outside of Gettysburg When Jacob joins the Northern army no one anticipates e will not return Then Caroline gets word that er Cheri Red husband is wounded and she must finder way alone to Washington City and sea. ,

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The Yankee WidowDefinitely elped with softening the mood to this eartfelt period in time "The Historical Aspect To "historical aspect to novel with the Civil War and this time period totally fascinates me Also I must add that this book opens up with uite the strong opening scene "and where the story settles a little bit it is definitely one to savour and enjoy Loved everything " where the story settles a little bit it is definitely one to savour and enjoy Loved everything this novel Norma s StatsCover Intriguing lovely mesmerizing moving and an extremely fitting and meaningful representation to storyline coverlove Title An intriguing interesting meaningful emotive and extremely fitting representation to storyline WritingProse Well written beautiful affecting vivid assured captivating moving and readable I totally connected and loved MILLER S writing stylePlot Perfectly paced interesting refreshing eartwarming Aladdin heartfelt moving touching and fantastic Ending I was totally taken with this feel good ending and absolutely loved the direction this novel took Leaving me feeling totally satisfied and warmed all over I think there might be a possibility for a seuel with the way that this story ending I would definitely read it if there was Overall This novel totally captured myeart and made it into my 2019 Favourite Reads Shelf Would Daddy Must Die highly recommend Thank you so much to Eden at Harleuin Trade Publishing and Linda Lael Miller for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book It was an absolute pleasure reading this phenomenalistorical fiction novelReview can also be found on our blog Beautifully written and rich in detail The Yankee Widow will transport you back in time to an era that is seldom talked about let alone experienced With a country literally torn in two with brother again brother and friend and foes alike this atmospheric novel will make you feel like you are in the very eart of the battle both on the field and off A time when war raged the country the very eart of the battle both on the field and off A time when war raged the country women O Cérebro de Broca had to be strong and independent and children grew up way too fast When men were gentlemen still and freedom was a thing that not everyone experienced or got the luxury ofaving Wonderfully told in alternating point of views The Yankee Widow will tug at your Damia's Children: Rowan 3 (The Tower Hive Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (1994-02-03) heart strings and keep you thoroughly engaged the whole way through Truly a riveting story that you will be glad you took the time to read enjoy and learn from ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for anonest review I loved The Yankee Widow by Linda Lael Miller I gave Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales her book 5 big stars I really enjoy reading Civil Waristorical fiction and I don t mind a story with a little romanceThe book begins in Pennsylvania during the war when Caroline Hammond is notified A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, herusband Jacob ROMANTIC TAKEOVER has been wounded she leaveser farm and travels on er own by train to find out what appened to Keeper of the Light him ise dead or aliveThis begins the story about Caroline Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, herusband Jacob and their daughter RachelCaroline lives in near Gettysburg prior to during and after the famous battleYou re soon reading about the terrible battle at Gettysburg The Homing how it effected the soldiers on both sides and the local peopleLinda Lael Miller writing styleas you engaged in the story you care deeply about the character s and what The Women of Easter happens to them Caroline sired Why Are You So Scared? hand Enoch a escaped pregnant slave called Jubie a Yankee soldier called Rogan McBride andis best friend Bridger Winslow The Power of One he s a Confederate officer Later in the bookis young sister Amalie Winslow is mentioned and she s living alone at the family plantation in Georgia I m sure there will be another book to follow about Amalie experiences during the war and I can t wait to read itI The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, have posted this review on Goodreads Australian Twitter and my bloghttpskarrenreadsbooksblogspotcom RATING 4 STARS2019 MiraHarleuinIave read several novels by Linda Lael Miller and on the whole He Who Dares have enjoyed most of them I really loved the first twoistorical. Fight Each is wounded Each is drawn to The Thing About December her beautyer kindness Both offer comfort but only one secretly captures Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar hereart Still she must resist exposing t her vulnerability in these uncertain times when so much is at riskIn The Yankee Widow gifted storyteller Linda Lael Miller explores the complexities andeartbreak that women experienced as their men took up arms to preserve the nation and defend their way of lif. ,

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A creative one that showcases the uandary thrust upon this young woman vested with such fresh and recent widowhood Even if you re not a typical fan of istorical fiction there is a truly raw view of umanity Stand Up and Fight here The Yankee Widow is a story of survival and the choices we make in order to keepope alive In the past six months I ve grown to love istorical fiction I was stuck in the same two genres for years and I m so glad that I ve finally opened my mind to read a diverse selectionI received this book in a Goodreads Giveaway and the opinion expressed in this review is my ownThis novel of istorical fiction tells a fantastic Civil War story "THE STORY FOLLOWS CAROLINE A YOUNG "story follows Caroline a young and mother who learns late that Now Is the Hour herusband was wounded in battle The story that follows will tug at your Londons Glory (Bryant May, heartstrings but it also paints a striking picture of life during that era Caroline and all of the other friends and family in the book show the strength and courage that was necessary for survival during that time in Gettysburg This book is a beautiful example of 1863 Southern life strong men fearless women courage and fierce love Take your time and enjoy the read Five stars for the setting of Gettysburg PA during the Civil War 4 stars for the two charming and chivalrous wareroes from opposing sides of the conflict who vie for the affections of the beautiful war widow 3 stars for descriptions of Jingle Bells how the war affected one family and their attitudes towards each other towards blacks and towards their country 2 stars for characterization that was just too wooden and one dimensional 1 star for too much repetition A beautiful story about going where youreart leads no matter
beliefs Miller pulls out all stops on this emotional gripping tale set during the Civil War She puts you smack in the center of the action with multiple viewpoints ranging from a war torn widow to a slave to two best friends fighting on opposite sides Grieving widow Caroline Hammond lives on a farm outside of Gettysburg and finds erself in the middle of one of the biggest bloodiest battles of the war In the aftermath er farm becomes the site of a Troys hasty fieldospital of sorts only without a doctor She does what can to try to save the wounded and the two friends who fight on opposite sides In doctoring the Rebel she s forced to examine Knights Templar in Britain her beliefs about the Southerners and this man whose side st 4 stars Beautiful writing Charming characters Unforgettable storyCaroline is a young wife and mother who is left to manage the family farm whene Immersive passionate vividTHE YANKEE WIDOW by LINDA LAEL MILLER was an interesting riveting compelling Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, heartfelt moving andighly entertaining Nature Cure historical fiction novel that immediately grabbed my attention andeld taut right to the very end I was thoroughly impressed and fascinated with this storyline and with MILLER S storytelling It as been uite a little while that I ave been this entranced and absorbed in a istorical fiction that I ave been this entranced and absorbed in a One of Your Own historical fiction I was glued to those pages LINDA LAEL MILLER delivers uite the atmospheric engaging intriguing beautifully written and well plotted readere that I was totally drawn into There were so many scenes within this book that totally touched and warmed my Nina heart along with moments that twisted myeart to shreds The characterizations of place and time along with the characters themselves were absolutely wonderful and so vividly descriptive placing me easily into the eart of this novel I absolutely loved all the characters in this book and I was definitely emotionally invested in themI do love a little romance within my novels and I totally ate this one right up I was completely besotted with these male characters and couldn t decide who I thought was the better catch for our lovely main character Caroline The romantic touch to this novel. Rch among the thousands of casualties to find imWhen Jacob succumbs to Jay McGraws Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies his injuries she bringsis body Legally Sane home on the eve of the deadliest battle of the war With troops and looters roaming the countryside it is impossible to know who is friend and who is foe Caroline fights to protect those sheolds most dear while remaining compassionate to the neediest around Shadowspell Academy her including two strangers from opposite sides of the.

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