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I am slightly frustrated as I write this review As I read the book I made notes on what I felt were the key themes emerging there are several but when I got to the end I discovered a note from the translators that Now Cavales longlisted for the International Booker Sheooked at my doubtfully passed me a cup of hot iuid and said tea in English assuming correctly that I wouldn t know the word Tea she said to me and that word which in Spanish ti sounds ike a gift to you for you is apparently a daily custom in England and that s how I Cengage Advantage Books: Business Law: Text Cases - Commercial Law for Accountants learnt my first word in thatanguage which was my mother tongue And tea is what I m drinking now while the world seems beset by darkness and violence by a furious noise that is in fact just one of the freuent storms that shake this river Translated by Fiona Mackintosh and Iona Macintyre from Gabriela Cabez n C mara s 2017 novel Las aventuas de a China Iron this book is part of a welcome recent trend to retell classic iterature from a different perspective Here the foundational Argentinian epic poem by Jos Hern ndez about the gaucho Martin Fierro is re told from the viewpoint of his wife mentioned only briefly in passing in the original and the whole including Fierro s own story given a LGBT perspective At the start of the novel Fierro having been forcibly conscripted his wife meets a red headed Englishwoman or possibly a Scot as the translator s note EnglishScottishBritish are used rather interchangably in the original reflecting an Argentinian view Liz whose husband was also taken Fierro s wife has no parents and is In-Depth Sport Psychology likely an illegitimate child of aandowner father with someone from a different social class and doesn t know her real birth name She is known by her husband as China which as Liz points out is a generic and not particularly flattering term meaning womangirlservant rather than a personal name and so she ends up known as China Josephina Star Iron Josephina an adopted name and Star and Iron the Anglicization of her dog s name and her husband s surname Fierro for the English reader the similar but different sobriuet China in Cockney rhyming slang does cause some confusionThe two women travel together across the pampas reaching a fort and then on into Indian territory seeking their husbands rather half enthusiastically in China s case and some and that Liz and her husband had come to Argentina to farm eventually finding them all although not in the way they and the reader conditioned by the original epic poem might suspectThe set up of the novel is excellent and ambition admirable and the execution is also very well done but I didn t find it a particularly satisfying personal reading experienceI found both the first and third sections of the novel dragged a ittle They are filled with Madam President lots of nature writing plus in the final section a rather magic mushroom fuelled idealised view of the pan sexual nature infusedifestyle of the Indians they encounter The intention showing the beauty of both the Star Wars Meet the Heroes Chewbacca local flora and fauna and the indigenous culture and the harmony between them before this was spoiled by settlement and industrialization I understand but the subject matter didn t hold my attention I rather appreciated the middle section at the fort The fort turns out to be run by a Colonel Jos Hern ndez here in a meta device reinvented as a keen enthusiast for economic development as well as having stolen the songs of the gaucho Fierro and published them profitably as his own And for the English reader his admiration for the blueprint presented by the English industrial revolution and the development of the railways makes for an interesting point of referenceBut herein I thinkies my personal issue my own failing not the book s with the rest of the novel In this section the authorial Dancing Queen link to the original poem is very clear but it made me suspect I had missed much of the intertextuality elsewhere This Spanishanguage review suggests a proper appreciation reuires much greater familiarity with the original poem than I haveAnd this knowledge gap was I think exacerbated by the translators understandably deciding to use their own translation where Cabez n C mara uotes from or alludes to the original rather than the classic 1935 Walter Owen version I can see their rationale but it does make cross references harder to spot eg Liz s husband Oscar is referred to as what Fierro called in his famous song a Jimmy gringo from Britain but I am not sure what this refers to in the Owen version In the Owen version when Fierro is conscripted others caught up are A gringo hurdy gurdy manWith a dancing monkey thereWas doing his bit to help the fun They roped him too though he tried to run A big soft ooking fellow was he And he cried for sheer despairAnd an English digger of ditches TooThat Had Dodged The Draft had dodged the draft telling the Justice I understandThat he came from Inca a Perra Whats the Big Deal about Americans land He took to his heels and got to the hillsBy the skin of his teeth no Which if either is the Jimmy Gringo I am unsureSo overall 4 stars for the conception and execution but 25 for my personal experience I was in a dreamlike trance while reading this book The author is an expert in painting a vivid and evocative description of theandscape which did a great job transporting me to 1872 Argentina Although this is a short read it packs a serious punch This is a novel with such an uplifting energy to it as it follows the adventures of a young woman caught in a time of bloody conflict and the formation of a modern nation But it s also a clever and self assured historical satire in the way it upturns patriarchal values in favour of those who are marginalized especially female and ueer individuals The Adventures of China Iron feels ike a comedy in the classic sense of beginning in tragic circumstances and ending with a joyous resolution Set in Argentina during the political turbulence of 1872 the story concerns a journey of a heroine born into nothing she is an orphan without a name raised by a tyrannical woman and forced into marriage during her adolescence to the gaucho Martin Fierro a heroic masculine figure from Argentine folklore After giving birth to two sons she is cast aside by her famed husband and this is where the novel starts with this heroine establishing her own name as well as naming a stray dog who has become her only friend She reclaims the name China from its dismissivenegative connotations it s a uechuan term for a ower class girl or woman and maintains her husband s surname of Iron the English word for Fierro From here she bands together with Liz a Scottish woman travelling across country and Rosario a cattle farmer searching for somewhere to set up with his herd We follow their entertaining journey to find a home and establish a family that is inked by than bloodlines Read my full review of The Adventures of China Iron by Gabriela Cabez n C mara on LonesomeReader 35 I was not familiar with the classic poem about the gaucho Martin Fierrro that this story was based upon before reading the book The book focuses on Fierro s wife who makes only brief appearances in the poem The andscape descriptions were vivid and I enjoyed the writing but I got a The Witch’s Warning (Aberrations Book 2) little tired of theengthy The Healing Power of Plants landscape sections by the end of the book Wow This is uietly revolutionary And funny Educational Expansive BrilliantDrawing inspiration from other texts that have in turn been inspired by aife or experience And Another Thing... (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, lived in Argentina whether it was the epic poem the gaucho Martin Fierro aament or protest for a disappearing way of life or the autobiography of self identifying British naturalist he was born and ived in Argentina until or the autobiography of self identifying British naturalist he was born and ived in Argentina until age of 33 William Henry Hudson Far Away Long Ago The Adventures of China Iron is another The Truth (Almost) about Bharat lament or brilliant feat of the imagination that takes readers on a different journey that of a woman cast in this version as China Iron the wife of Martin Fierro who in the original version is given just a fewines Mr. Christmas likely not of her perspectiveike to be in relation to the man s Where My Heart Used to Beat loss1872This adventure for the woman is a heroine s journey from dystopia to utopia from naive to knowledgeable from woman to young brother toover from unconscious to awakened from survival to aware to thriving Part One The PampasChina was passed over to Martin Fierro in holy matrimony thanks to a card game She bore him two children before he was conscripted what a relief Scottish Liz had her husband Oscar taken in error so she packs a wagon to go and find the The Truth (Discworld, land they ve procured taking China and the dog Estreya with her This is the beginning of China s awakening sheearns many things from LizWho knows what storms Liz had weathered Maybe Mr. Perfect loneliness She had two missions inife to resuce her gringo husband and to take charge of the estancia they they were to overseeLiz informs her about the ways of the British Empire clothing manners geography Indian spices Some things she understands others take Secret Suffragette longer for her to reconcile She discov. Radianteuminoso El desierto es un prisma de perros cardos polvo y cielo La China Iron acompaña a Liz una inglesa ue va tras su marido 7 Secrets of the Goddess llevado pora Indianomix leva Ella en cambio no busca a Martín Fierro ese gaucho ue sea ganó en un partido de truco La China escapa Y es su viaje exploración de My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, la textura dea seda del sabor del té del sofoco en ue estalla el sexo Descubre palabras Sonidos nuevos para cosas ,

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Las aventuras de a China IronRy and no doubt real An Officer and a Spy life tradition China has her hairopped off and dons men s clothes to travel safely and avoid being recognised and becomes Jo The great advantage of a historical setting for this sort of thing is that characters do not have to define themselves according to or match up exactly to contemporary terms for gender and sexuality they simply feel say and act Jo s narrative in Part I of III is suffused with a childlike sense of wonder at the beautiful and brutal sights of nature on the pampas and the information about the wider world colonialism and trade which she Fates (Fates, learns from Liz Liz is the daughter of an artist farmer Robert Burns was a poet farmer so why not which perhaps renders plausible herevel of education relative to her class in the 1870s Cabez n C mara via translators Fiona Mackintosh and Iona Macintyre is very skilful in relating Liz s tales of the British Empire and its exploits and abuses One can see that the author is critical of imperialism and that Jo has Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, littleove for it whilst also being aware that Liz despite a few reservations is a woman of her time prepared to use colonialism to further her and her relatives uality of ife that she takes pride in many British achievements and sees some of the unsavoury aspects of empire as a necessary evil The intertextuality ramps up in Part II when the travellers now including a stray young gay gaucho Rosari arrive at a fort where Liz is to meet with a general on her employer s behalf This turns out to be none other than Jos Hern ndez a fictionalised version of the author of Mart n Fierro This General Hern ndez when he s not passed out drunk oves to bloviate about his ideas to improve and modernise Argentina with railways industrialisation civilising the populace especially gauchos and similar Victorian projects and is a drooling fan of the British Empire and its representatives My knowledge of the real Jos Hern ndez is OBaby limited to the introductions of two editions of Mart n Fierro and a Wikipedia page but it soundsike there are at east a few clear differences between real Hern ndez and China Iron s General Hern ndez real Hern ndez was opposed to political centralisation for one thing I don t know whether there is a credible theory that Hern ndez appropriated any of the Fierro text from real gaucho poets But making this part of fictional General Hern ndez s story allows him to be the novel s emblem of male European hegemony and the wrongs it wrought on disadvantaged people Liz does her best to play up to the General and to a political archetype of the white middle class woman assisting her menfolk in the repression of the working classes and people of colour Jo is hungry with ust for Liz regardless of her being a somewhat ambiguous figure in these scenes and wants to enjoy their time together as much as possible before Liz s husband is back on the scene Amid the Zack (Areion Fury MC luxurious surroundings of the fort they have several erotic encounters Both are enthusiastically consenting but as Jo is still only 15 some readers from countries with older ages of consent may have reservationsFurther unsympathetic aspects of General Hern ndez s schemes emerge He explains that in his poem he deliberately made the Indians sound crueller than they were because Argentina needed theirands and because the gauchos needed an enemy to unite against An enemy that wasn t the authorities is the unspoken point The most graphic brutalities in this novel are between gauchos and the authorities trying to tame them such as some years before Liz and Jo s arrival the gang rape of a white teacher from the USA and her authorised torture of the perpetrators Life for underlings at the fort is regimented with its teams of tamed gauchos who do work that they would have once considered beneath them in a de skilled production Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, line setup and who on command recite a version of the didacticast stanza of Mart n Fierro II This rigid almost Taylorist ContamiNation life holdsittle appeal for Liz Jo and Rosari who are keen to strike out for Liz s claim regardless of the General s warnings about it being on Indian territory The freedom of pioneer ife is the side of 19th century imperialism that appeals to them Their parting shot is to stealthily start a drunken orgy among the entire populace of the fort disrupting ueering the General s rules for strict monogamy among the gauchos and chinas Traditional gaucho communities were known rather ike Victorian London s rookeries for a icentiousness where sexual freedom blurred with abuse and criminality to use ater categoriesThe friends first meeting with an Indian band is almost a mirror image of the scenes in Fierro 2 where Mart n and his companion Cruz want to go and Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas live with the Indians Where the Indians in the 1879 poem wereargely hostile and understandably suspicious given the violence they often experienced from European settlers those in Cabez n C mara s book are curious friendly and in at The Magic Rolling Pin least one case sexually attracted to the travellers There follows a series of scenes which are part 2010s ueer poly multicultural paradise and part uestionable 1970s style idea of an indigenous community as hosts for everyone else s freeove close to nature Even Cowgirls Get the Blues commune China Iron seems well intentioned in going 180 degrees on the 1870s poem s often bloodthirsty portrayal of native people which was motivated by colonisation But going by what I ve read from North American commentators on portrayals of native people in Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, literature such as Debbie Reese it seemsikely to be patronising and inaccurate in other ways and makes them the site of another imaginary colonial project by a different set of European descended settlers Jo is referred to several times as a two spirit On the one hand as this is used from a native gone native perspective it s the obvious term in English But in this scenario written by a Latina author it inevitably brings to mind controversy about use of the term by gender non conforming people inevitably brings to mind controversy about use of the term by gender non conforming people indigenous heritage In Mart n Fierro part 2 there were at Not Without a Fight least two points borne out by known anthropology and archaeology from the Southern Cone In China Iron the Indians seemike a hippie idealisation of North American peoples I would Garden Bouquets and Beyond love to hear what indigenous people from South America actually think of China Iron and about famous works of Latin Americaniterature but am not sure where to find these articles and what I ve said here makes assumptions The two Argentinian reviews I ve read didn t go into this at all though they took opposing views on whether it was important to have read Mart n Fierro to understand China IronRegardless it is a The Unseen Wonder lot of fun noteast at this time of vocal and imaginative Latin American feminism to hear about Mart n Fierro himself icon of Argentine masculinity ueered Some #of this is extrapolated from the original ike his deep friendship with Cruz and his becoming for a while #this is extrapolated from the original ike his deep friendship with Cruz and his becoming for a while main parent to his children One might argue this is unhelpful in encouraging straight men to express feelings for their friends or participate in childcare but the novel seems to come from a radical perspective where the heteropatriarchal outlook behind that reluctance is part of the problemThe scenes of China Iron part III brought to mind a recent uestion of the week from the Goodreads 21st Century Literature Group Is It Possible To Write About Happiness Engagingly The whole novel is pretty Zu schnell low on peril to Jo and Liz despite the atrocities they hear about and these utopian scenes are oress that utopian for almost all involved Whilst as I ve already mentioned they involve stereotyping from some other angles Part III is subversive no tragic ueers no tragic Indians and in not having much of a plot or a prominent antagonist just people enjoying Sleepless (Bird of Stone, life in an extended happy ending even if there are hints that colonial encroachment means their community can tast for generations it doesn t conform to traditional structures of the novel There s plenty to think about here for such a short book Even if there are reasons to be ambivalent about the final third it s an interesting addition to this year s International Booker onglist but I can t see it taking the prize ahead of substantial works ike The Eighth Life Shortlisted for International Booker prize 2020The Adventures of China Iron is the 2nd novel I ve read published by the wonderful Charco Press check about it here It took me a while to write a review because I had no inspiration still don t and it was collaborated with an indecision about my opinion of this Pampas erotica The novel is oosely based on an epic poem from 1872 called Martin Fierro by Jos Hern ndez China Iron is the wife of the gaucho Martin Fierro FierroIron in Spanish but it only appears briefly in the poem whereas the novel makes her its hero China married off when still a girl enjoys being eft alone by her husband who is called to arms and jumps at the opportunity to abandon her sons and embark O y gocen el mismo amor de ríos pájaros y árboles Y no se sientan solas jamás«El estilo de Cabezón Cámara es inconfundible y eso se puede decir de pocos escritores en Invisible (The Curse of Avalon laiteratura argentina Sólo ueda esperar ue su ritmo gozoso y sus frases cultísimas y al mismo tiempo reventadas se repitan hasta olvidar el nombre de a autora como se dice un verso de tango o del mismo Martín Fierro»María Moreno. Ers the birds eye view across the plains from the wagonAnd I began to see other perspectives the ueen of England a rich powerful woman who owned millions of people s ives but who was sick and tired of jewels and of meals in palaces built where she was monarch of all she surveyed didn t see the world in the same as for example a gaucho in his hovel with his eather hides who burns dung to keep warm For the ueen the world was a sphere filled with riches belonging to her and that she could order to be extracted from anywhere for the gaucho the world was flat surface where you galloped around rounding up cows cutting the throats of your enemies before they cut your own throat or fleeing conscription or battlesChina Deep Listening leaves behind neglect and enters the realm of non violent company nourishment and knowledge She comes to think of the wagon as home and to fall for the charm of Liz They are able to track Indians by examining the dung of their animals When they see it fresh they changeI took off my dress and the petticoats and I put on the Englishman s breeches and shirt I put on his neckerchief and asked Liz to cut my hair short My plait fell to the ground and there I was a youngadThey encounter Rosario and his herd of cows and he becomes part of their party We earn his tragic backstory as well He aughs at China s clothing but says it s a good idea and that all women should carry a knife the way men doWe knew he was talking about his mother and how he d have preferred her to have grown a beard if it meant she d have stayed a widow with him by her side instead of that monsterThey make slow progress in part due to China s desire that this in between peaceful co existence the happiest she s ever experienced until now never endsIn Part Two The Fort they arrive at the estancia run by Hernandez dressed in their chosen uniforms Liz had allocated from the stores inside the wagon uniforms for every kind of position on the estancia according to the imagination of the aristocrat and his stewards Liz and OscarHere they come across the opposite of what they d found in the plains here is a world run by the self righteous Hernandez who runs his estancia Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature like a dictatorial regime with strict rules and regulation reward and punishment inspiring hatred and allowing revenge Seeing himself as the seed of civilisation others as savages with no sense of history and the gauchos as his proteg he set out to retrain them in his ways with a whip and a rodPart Three Indian TerritoryIn the final part they come into contact with the indigenous population and even the air feels easier to breathe Here theanguage changes perception changes there is acceptance euilibrium reunion This whole section reminded me of the shape shifting shamans of a higher perception or consciousness iving with the indigenous people allows them to et go of all expectations and see with different eyesAlthough we have been made to believe that if we Trajan let gowe will end up with nothinglife reveals just the oppositethatetting go isthe real path to freedomSogyal RinpocheAbsolutely Bunnys Book Club Goes to School loved this I hope it wins the International Booker thoroughly deserving in my opinionEver since I had the idea of giving China a voice I had one thing clear in my mind I wanted her tale to be an experience of the beauty of nature freedom in body and mind a story of all the potential and possibilities in store when you encounter other people of the beauty ofight I wanted to write an elegy to the flora and fauna of Argentina or whatever is The Peculiar Pig left of it an elegy to what used to be here before it all got transformed into one big grim factory poisoned with pesticides I wanted to write a novel infused withightInterview International Booker Prize 2020 Interview with author and translators Shortlisted for the 2020 International BookerI have not read Martin Fierro the poem by Jos Hern ndez that Gabriela Cabez n C mara uses as a base for her narrative I do know that with this novel the author gives China Iron the main character role instead of Fierro In fact two strong female characters steal pretty much the whole narrativeChina is an orphan her father having been killed by Fierro who then proceeds to marry China and they have two sons before Fierro is conscripted and taken to the Indian frontier to fight with the armyRather than be upset China who is only fourteen and has been a slave all her Cherry Ingram life is ecstatic Free for the first time in herife she jumps on board a wagon with a Scotswoman named Elizabeth who is hell bent on travelling to their estancia to rescue her husband An Estancia is a South American farm or ranchFor the na ve China this adventure is of a cultural earthuake than shock Everything the na ve China this adventure is of a cultural earthuake than shock Everything new for her the The Mermaids Shoes land the people the wildlife and plants While taking all this in Liz educates China on the British Empire and its relentless and insatiable drive for colonization As the women travel along together they becomeovers another chance for Liz to educate China and open her eyes which have seen so Untameable Rogue (Bennett little Another freedom awakened Both women change dramatically throughout the novel and are completely different characters by the end of the bookThroughout the book the author s descriptive writing is so vivid theandscape starts to feel The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, like a painting However by theast third Of The Book This Descriptive Writing Became A Little Bit the book this descriptive writing became a Midsummer Masque little bit for me overpowering the narrative At times it almost feelsike a geographical expedition with the author describing the new cultures plant Maybe This Time (Belonging life and fauna in minute detailThe time period in which the novel is setate nineteenth century is a tumultuous time for the seemingly never ending open plains or pampas of Argentina With the English encroaching their beastly steam engines advancing every day to the gauchos the Argentinians and Indians Effetto domino locked in never ending internecine battlesI did enjoy reading how the Indians work in harmony with theand How they adapt to flooding and The Midwifes Miracle Baby live to them ateast a somewhat utopic nomadic ifestyle on the open pampas juxtaposed against industrialisation and the claustrophobic smoggy miasma covered modern cities of BritainAn enjoyable read 35 Stars Shortlisted for the Booker International Prize 2020 In this enjoyable historical fantasy C mara takes on the epic nineteenth century Argentine gaucho poem Mart n Fierro as her starting point but in her version the narrator is his wife China and Fierro is a peripheral character as is the poem s writer Jos Hern ndez Both Hern ndez and Mart n Fierro were new to me but although familiarity might help it is not essential as the book itself tells you plenty about the poem which is uoted in places and rewritten in othersBored and frustrated with a ife of drudgery China joins Liz a Scottish adventurer in search of her husband who has bought rights to some frontier The Millionaires Mistress Bundle land where they plan to settle The first part describes their journey to the frontier in Liz s wagon Their relationship becomes sexual China and Liz are accompanied by a dog Estreya and join forces with an old gaucho Rosario and a herd of cattle In the second part they arrive at the frontier estancia where they meet its owner Hern ndez hear what he has done with Fierro s poetry and plot their escapeIn the final part they meet and join a free spirited Indian tribe with whom they also find Fierro a changed man and Liz finds her husband This unlikely band form their own utopian communityTheandscape and wildlife are prominent throughout and I found it very enjoyable to read Like a short Sarah Waters novel set on the Argentinian pampas It s also a contemporary feministueer response to Argentina s national epic poem Mart n Fierro Part 1 1872 Part 2 1879 Reading Fierro enables you to spot references in China Iron and understand about why some scenes are significant But China Iron also works in its own right as a 19th century Miami Menage lesbianueer adventure romance and coming of age story and critiue of the historical and modern socio political order Narrator China Latin Spanish for girllass soon renamed Josephine Star Iron is the teenage wife of the eponymous Mart n Fierroeft behind when her husband was press ganged into the army part of a process of clearance of rural gaucho communities by the Argentinian authorities of the time Some details in China Iron don t match up with the poem Mart n Fierro this is partly explained when China says her husband was a Miss Westons Masquerade liar For example in the original poem there s no reason to believe that Fierro won his wife in a card game nor that she generally referred to as a woman mujer was only 14 years old their sons are also several years older At the beginning of Cabez n C mara s novel China decides to hit the road with her dog Estreya Stareaving her two babies in the care of a trustworthy old couple She soon bands together with and develops a crush on Liz just arrived from Scotland who is travelling to claim some and that she and her husband are to manage for a wealthy British investor In time honoured itera. E antes no existíanPasan del desierto al fortín un experimento social ue intenta transformar a una masa de criollos brutos en Michael (New Orleans Knights los ciudadanos industriosos ue pidea Nación Pero será en Memoirs of a Millionaires Mistress las tolderías uea China y su feliz comitiva encontrarán el Paraíso También allí Gabriela Cabezón Cámara reanima su pertinaz aventura Meet Phoenix literariaa de fundar un mundo The Mistletoe Melody (A Brookhollow Story, libre en el ueas criaturas se abracen por dese.

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