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Arabic’s history spans nearly three Thousand Years The Language years The language appears as a shadowy idiom in the early 1st millennium BCE sporadically attested in ancient rock inscriptions from the southern Levant and North Arabia and fragments in the documents of major empires In Classical Antiuity Arabic flourishes as a written language among the nomads of North Arabia and the Syro Jordanian desert and by mid
First Millennium CE It 
millennium CE it become the language of world empires and international scientific discourse Ahmad Al Jallad plots out the compl. Ex evolution of the world’s Fifth Most Widely Spoken most widely spoken For the first time Arabic’s entire history will be told with a special focus on the primary sources and their socio cultural contexts The evolution of both the language and its associated writing traditions are discussed in light of linguistic historical and archaeological research and presented as a coherent narrative The book is divided into three parts 1 the Word Arabic’s earliest stages when it remained a purely Spoken Language Evidence For It Is Preserved In Transcri. language Evidence for it is preserved in transcri. ,
The Word the Blade and the Pen