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To or even considered reuiring of the nation s teenagersAs much as I appreciated Reich s discussion of resurrecting truth and the critical need for civic education for all I found the most compelling chapters in the book the ones that focused on leadership not just government but corporate etc and appropriate and inappropriate uses of honor and shame There s some really good food for thought in hereAlas I fear the book however well intentioned has than a dollop of rage against the storm aspect to it and frankly that it won t garner much attention or importantly reach its intended audience I also fear that it may be too dry or conceptual for its intended audience and that even with a number of anecdotes Reich s discipline in maintaining brevity leads to too Many Of The Important Points Coming Across of The Important Points Coming Across important points coming across as tautological conclusory I dunno maybe even preachy and bordering on condescendingUltimately the book reminded me but to be clear it s a broadly based argument and it is again broadly focused on the role of citizens in a society a nation and a community not just our role as taxpayers of the short piece by Kayla Chadwick published in 2017 as our legislature debated the public s right to some standard of health care titled I Don t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People Our disagreement is not merely political but a fundamental divide on what it means to live in a society If ou re interested here s the link Granted Reich is an accomplished academic who also earned his spurs at the Cabinet level during the Clinton administration and he invested over 200 pages in his thesis so we can expect and he delivers Reich does a far than adeuate job of reminding us that our country our society and our communities depend upon not only sacrifice but belief and investment in the common goodI wish people OK some people would read it and not immediately dismiss or close their hearts and minds to its message and at least think about it It would be well for the common good Hope springs eternal Reich presents a few reassuring words and suggestions on what we must do to restore Americans faith in the common good Hint we need to dispose of whatever it takes to win partisanship whatever it takes to maximize profits CEOs and whatever it takes to rig the economy money pouring into politics Sure seems like a pipe dream these days unless voters suddenly become informedI also plan to try the techniue that Reich discusses regarding the use of Honor and Shame next Please Dont Tickle The Tiger year when attempting to collect the Neighborhood Association dues Those who gave thisear will be Honored with a thank MTIV you in the letter Those who did not contribute to the common good will be subtly Shamed by having their name omitted from the list OR this could be a total failure with everyone coming to the conclusion that Hey if he didn t pay why should IWish me luck How to restore the notion of common good is a vital topic This book makes some good points Unfortunately it is much of a rant about rampant evil than a guide to the common good This is a very timely essay Reich takes a look at Adam Smith s economic design ideal of truth and euitable competition Reich states we are a nation of law and order bound on the common good He says the enemies of the common good range from the slumlords to megabanks and untrammeled hedge funds These all disregard the rules of society for selfish gains Reich stresses the importance of the truth he proceeds to point out the problems caused by liesRobert B Reich is following the lead of Sandra Day O Connor who is advocating the renewal of civic education to enable people to work with others to separate facts and logic from values and beliefs I found this to be a most interesting discussion and a good review of citizenship This book is easy to read My only complaint is the repetition of key points throughout the book Robert B Reich is a professor of public policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California Berkeley He served in the administration of President Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter and was Clinton s Secretary of Labor from 1993 to 1997 Reich narrator the book himself The book is just over five hours Just what I needed a progressive book that concentrates on the positive by a man who points a way forward for us all Positive and forward are hard to do under theoke of King Donald the MadRobert Reich even manages to see the positive in Mad King Donald himself It is Trump who has brought us back to first principles Reich argues for he gets us talking about democracy versus tyrrany And Reich is convinced that the key to snatching democracy from the jaws of tyranny depends on our concern for the common goodWhat exactly is the common good Here is Reich s formulation The common good consists of our shared values about what we owe one another as citizens who are. Ly accelerating vicious cycle one that can and must be reversed But first we need to weigh what really matters and how we as a country should relate to honor shame patriotism truth and the meaning of leadershipPowerful urgent and utterly vital this is a heartfelt missive from one of our foremost political thinkers a fundamental statement about the purpose of society and a cri de coeur to save America's so.

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Eying for personal advantage at any cost to the common goodWithout the collective good there is no society Without regulatory restrictions insuring intellectual property and competitive fair play there is no American economy To suggest that our economy is free in any literal sense is to ignore the very principles of competition on which Adam Smith built his economic model It is a model built on the ideal of truth and euitable competition not the ideal of individualism without rules or constraintsIf we are a nation of law and order it is because we in our collective sense of right and wrong have voluntarily committed to the ideal it s a commitment to the ideal It s a commitment to our individuality but to our individual peace and prosperity through collective cooperation and self restraint Without the self restraint that can only come from recognition of the common good the police would have virtually no chance to keep the peace It is the ideal as much as the police who clearly deserve our respect and support which keep the streets safeIf modern science has taught us anything it is the degree to which our world is integrated The uality of our environment is determined not by the local ecology of a prairie here and a rain forest there but by the balance achieved within a complex and integrated global ecosystem The most impactful economic theory flows not from presumed theoretical behaviors but from the recognition of how much our actual economic behavior is driven by human psychology Human biology and medicine by the same token cannot be understood outside of the influence of evolution and the body s integrated systems If there is a common theme to the malaise currently paralyzing our politics it is the historically inaccurate digital perspective that there is only democracy and authoritarianism Any attempt to promote the common good on any front including gender and racial euality immigration prison reform income ineuality etc is uickly and effectively dismissed by the people holding the microphone with a simple allusion to the slippery slope of tyranny fascism and of course communismAs Reich points out however when Ayn Rand was establishing the ideological foundation of the conservatism now embraced by the ruling political class in Washington the Allied powers did not defeat fascism nor did the US defeat the USSR in the Cold War by employing the opposite ideology We defeated the repulsive authoritarianism of the mid 20th Century by doubling down on our commitment to the common good and the guiding ideal which redefined it in a uniuely American and effective wayTechnology has integrated our lives than ever before And whether International Organizations you think that s good or bad we aren t going to turn back the clock of technology Nor do I think we should want to Attempting to make the common good irrelevant or undesirable by abandoning our collective ideals of a commitment to truth inclusion and compassion we aren t going to resurrect America s goldenears Those Laurus years were built on a commitment to the common good not its rejectionAs any honest accountant will tellou no accounting is without fault because no accounting can by definition be complete The context of reality is just too complex and multi faceted Reich s account is no different and many critics I m sure will be uick to point to all of the offenses he chose not to include in his book I could too But that kind of reciprocal finger pointing is one of the forces that undermine the common good today It is the ultimate broken window as Reich refers to it The simple fact is that the problem is bigger than the individual injustices that collectively define it In the same way every solution Reich provides eg commitment to truth education leadership as trusteeship etc is part of a duality that he doesn t always fully explore If we have a responsibility in the name of the common good to universities for example they have a responsibility to our common good as well Again however a duality is just that Or to put it in collouial terms two wrongs don t make a rightAll told Robert Reich has a perspective We all do In the end however I don t believe his is just a personal perspective It is the reality If we are losing our national identity it is not because we come in colors or speak languages than before It is because we are losing our sense of common goodWe have never been a perfect union Our finest moments have been when we sought to become perfect than we had been A superb and uick read that should be on everyone s reading list Everyone should read this Reich explains what people have in commonthe fundamental basis of what our society shares and why people like Shkreli and Ayn Rand are wrong A short compelling read written and published at a time when its message is incredibly important I recommend it without hesitation and it s the kind of thing I wish that high school teachers recommended. Ligations of citizenship Rooting his argument in everyday reality and common sense Reich demonstrates the existence of a common good and argues that it is this that defines a society or a nation Societies and nations undergo virtuous cycles that reinforce and build the common good as well as vicious cycles that undermine it Over the course of the past five decades Reich contends America has been in a slow.

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I wanted to really like this book because it is such an important topic and because I agree that we have as a nation lost sight of the concept of a common weal or a common good But I only sort of liked it because while it is occasionally insightful it reads like a first draft and in many places descends from its lofty thesis to become a series of rants about things that the author doesn t like I m glad that I read it but I probably won t uote it much its diagnosis is too general and its prescriptions are too amorphous for it to be much help in reinstilling an idea of the common goodAnd also Reich falls pretty hard into the NOSTALGIA TRAP THE BELIEF THAT THE trap the belief that the was united and understood the common good until about fifty ears ago when things began to go drastically AWRY BUT MOST OF THINGS THAT HE HIGHLIGHTS But most of the that he highlights been with us always though the amount of civic virtue and national unity was probably greater in the post World War II period than at any other time since the Revolution The narrative of decline that the book implies though misreads a temporary spike in common goodness as evidence of a steady declineReich s basic argument is that Americans used to have a shared notion of civic virtue and the common good and now we don t any And he places the blame on three sets of villains 1 politicians who want to win at any cost 2 corporate leaders who want to make money at any cost and 3 politicians who conspire with corporate leaders to rig the economy at any cost Technically I guess this is only two sets of villains who combine in different ways to produce three things that have destroyed public virtue But whateverI was impressed by the even handedness of Reich s treatment of the first group He does not single out Republicans as the destroyers of civility and common values He blames them of course but he blames democrats just as much He is especially hard on the 1 Democratic Senate that defeated the Supreme Court nomination of Robert Bork through outright character assassination and 2 Barack Obama who legislated through executive order and weakened the public s trust in the separation of powers He is not nearly as even handed when talking about rich people and corporations who he argues have entirely abandoned the idea of public virtue in favor of making money and maximizing shareholder value And with these ill gotten gains they have flooded government with huge donations aimed at shifting the playing field so they can earn money And politicians of both parties have gone right along with themAnd all of this leads directly to Donald Trump who has been and I think that Reich is absolutely correct here systematically destroying the norms and values at the heart of civic virtue and the common good But Trump as Reich presents him is a conseuence of the disappearance of public virtue and not its causeAll of this is packaged in a relatively short book with ten chapters most of which uickly abandon their primary arguments and become a kind of stream of consciousness narration of what Robert Reich thinks is wrong with the country I agree with a lot of what he says but I desperately wish that he had taken a little time and a revision or two to say it Reich s heart is in the right place In this book he takes a look at how norms have been eroded in the last couple ears than that but especially since the election of the current president It feels a little too surface level without looking at the deeper structural problems Reich is old enough to remember the world before Watergate and Neoliberalism where if ou were a certain race and class then ou didn t have to worry about as much as Rumunia. Koniec złotej epoki you do now There s been a number of books looking at this breakdown on both the right in the left see recent works by Robert Putnam and Charles Muarry But to me it seems the problem is not that the last fewears have been the aberration of the social world built on capitalism Instead the immediate post war ears were the aberration and asking how we get to that place while not really mentioning separate water fountains and all that was a symptom of again it s in not looking deep enough And for a while Reich was on the left edge of what was possible to be listened to and not dismissed as a lunatic I think the window is being pushed left If not the whole window being pulled it is at least being widened Outstanding Reich is as entertaining as he is enlightening This book ought be reuired reading for every elected official spiritual leader and business exec across the nation If Robert Reich has not written the best book of political economy in a long while he has certainly written the most timely and necessary book of our time And it s written on one fundamental truth The reality of American history is the pursuit of an ideal of individuality defined by the common good not the achievement of individual Americans jock. From the best selling author of Saving Capitalism and The Work of Nations a passionate clear eyed manifesto on why we must restore the idea of the common good to the center of our economics and politicsWith the warmth and lucidity that have made him one of our most important public voices Robert B Reich makes the case for a generous inclusive understanding of the American project centering on the moral ob. .

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