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Et like five or six years #ago and how the eath and suffering has just continued unabated in the interim But again #and how the Broken Prophecy death and suffering has just continued unabated in the interim But again creatoroesn t manage to bring this home to me between the covers of his bookAnd no the author having a character acknowledge the cheesiness of an amnesia storyline in the script The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, does not then make the amnesia storyline not cheesyThe art is full of big black blotches that at times seem less like illustrations and like Rorschach test inkblots Characters arerawn in an almost impressionistic style with a minimum of lines so they are sometimes Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, difficult to tell apart Action is sometimesifficult to followI was hoping for something that would educate and move me but instead I m left wishing I had read something else I m neither a pessimist nor an optimist I m a realist I never thought I The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker d see theay we Quadruplets On The Doorstep d be pandering to the likes of Abu atada and Salem pg 214This isn t a good book I m sorry to say I m not even sure what it s about I got the main message Syria is hellThat s it I stumbled through the book If you asked me who the characters were and what their motivations were I be unable to answer If you asked me What happened in the book I Luke d be unable to answer Who was good Whoid what to whom Who betrayed whom What the heck was going on I have no ideaI know Hamid Sulaiman fled Syria and wrote this book to Shed Some Light On What Was Going On There But some light on what was going on there but failed I have no idea what s going on after reading this bookThe book starts with a cast of characters and that s ALWAYS a bad sign IMO If I can t tell your characters stories and faces and lives apart from reading the book we re already in trouble You re even acknowledging this by making a Cast of Characters so we are in even The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane deeper troubleTL DR The book is confusing I couldn t follow the plot and honestly had no real idea of what was going on Syria is hell is basically the only thing I to This past week I read The Arab of the Future volume 3 of Riad Sattouf s memoir about growing up in mostly Syria and France set in the eighties an amusing tale of an economic and political system in chaos I also read Don Brown s YA oriented Unwanted stories focused on 21st century Syrian refugees a continuing tragedy Freedom Hospital is graphic fiction historical fiction set in 2012 40 000 people have already at this pointied at this point in what was known as the Syrian Arab Spring what people had hoped and still hope was the beginning of a revolutio. Eedom Hospital illuminates a complicated situation with gut wrenching A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy detail and veryark humor The story of Syria is one of the most evastating narratives of our age and Freedom Hospital is an important and timely book from a new international tale. Freedom HospitalIt s critical to understand the complex war in Syria a revolution that began as a hopeful resistance of a tyrannical leader turning arms on his people that turned

a conflict between a tyrannical and terrorist groups of the Islamic brotherhood backed by #the money and military power of russia and #money and military power of Russia and US However if I hadn t already read about this I think this book would confuse me and graphic novels are known for their ability to make complex topics understandable in that regard this failed The art was minimalist and sketchy which could give an atmosphere of chaos and mess but could also just confuse the narrative The characters were so blurry that I could never tell who was who much less find a way to connect and care for them especially when the entire text was ialogue riven only However it is an important topic and one could o worse things than pick this up I admire the writer and what he endured and it was a very fast read It s near impossible to tell an uplifting or a comprehensive story of the still ongoing wars within Syria and this book oesn t attempt to o so but tells a story of complicated situations that can t be contained within a binary of good and evil Sulaiman himself a Syrian refugee attempts to educate foreigners on the international scope of the war in his home country and show that there are kind and caring people within who believe in the human right to survive The Syrian war carries so much tragedy The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated day afteray and as foreigners we Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue don t get to see many individual stories on the news This novel was finished in 2016 and just a few months ago in 2019 new terribleimensions of the civil war unfold Silent Confessions drawingeaths and A Texas Holiday Miracle despair Fck As much as the remarkable story that Freedom Hospital tells itoesn t feel very effective The advantage that comic book format has over other mediums is the power of the visuals Hamid Sulaiman s visuals are sketchy minimalistic and communicating with negative spaces rather than 74 Seaside Avenue drawn lines The style is effective at places evoking a rebellious street mural kind of poignancy But at many other places where the criticalrama happens it falls short One wonders if a Joe Sacco kind of attention to The Note detail could have helped The overall effect of Hamid s style is to make it feel like a skim through an otherwiseeeply humanist tale It is hard to find the right words to say about this book The war in Syria is atrocious and abominable and we need to know. JOE SACCO MEETS PERSEPOLIS IN THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL FROM A NEW INTERNATIONAL TALENT HAMID SULAIMAN WINNER ENGLISH PEN AWARD It is spring 2012 and 40000 people have ied since the start of the Syrian Arab Spring In the wake of this Yasmine has set up a cl. About it I am not going to say that in face of war only non fictional writing is justified No uite the contrary some of the greatest #pieces of art are ealing with human suffering in war times Guernica Im Westen nichts Neues #of art are The Wildcatter dealing with human suffering in war times Guernica Im Westen nichts Neues Now etc etc Freedom Hospital is a legitimate personal onlyownside a mix of fiction real eventsYet a powerful insight into the once proclaimed emocratic revolutionsWhilst the book is vey anti Assad in the beginning it shows the true nature of war and how nearly all participants turn to monsters with and sufferings and retaliation another great graphic novel about eastern conflict although sulaimans style completely black and white formal than cartoon is ifferent to almost all graphic novels i ve read before i really enjoyed it except for one frame parodying the sistine chapel with two characters passing a zootgosh i couldnt help but cringe good for basic knowledge of the early stages of the syrian civil war leaving u with lots of pointers of where else to research etc also highlighting hypocrisy from some "of the powers involved the way it points out where the arms are "the powers involved the way it points out where the arms are from Dope book Hamid Freedom Hospital is a mix of fact and fiction based around an underground Syrian hospital which tends to injured rebels At the start of the book it feels like the rebels wanted a peaceful solution to the country s problems As time goes on and the Her Nine Month Confession death toll climbs they are turned to violence too This leaves a space for extremists to recruit those who feel faile This is the kind of book I always feel bad about not liking better It s important subject matter about real lives beingestroyed or sent into upheaval And yet all I A Southern Reunion do is wonder why the authoridn t provide context for the events and characters who wander through his tale and I end up spending too much time focused on the inadeuacies of the story and art Some people live some people Let It Go die and this storyoes not Charade of Hearts do much to make me care about any of them Itoesn t help that this is a fictionalized account of the Syrian Civil War and so I have to wonder how much license is being taken Also there is a constant refrain of x number of The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue days pass and y number of peopleie It s a horrifying reminder of the toll but it also serves to start causing a Toward a Better Life detachment and makes me think of that awful old Stalin uote Theeath of one man is a tragedy the eath of millions is a statistic It s staggering to think how this story is Andestine hospital in the north of the country Her town is controlled by Assads brutal regime but is relatively stable However as the months pass the situation becomes increasingly complex and violent Told in stark beautiful black and white imagery Fr. ,