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saw as potentialI didn t care though because I knew in the run it was about earnings The bottom line is what percentage are you making on your business If we are pulling 30 to 40 percent to their 10 percent we are a stronger company page 116And just one other part I particularly liked was how Willis approached buying parts Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality from a liuidation sale at Chrysler this is value investingAfter moving through that inventory I made another trip out to Detroit and decided to give radiators a try They had these big crates of new radiators designedor Volares Aspens and Cordobas Since I d been in the scrap business I knew that each radiator had Learning and Development five dollars worth of copper in it so Iigured I d bid seven dollars each on the lot That way I could sell the radiators and whatever I couldn t move would still get me Arduino Development Cookbook five dollars off the copper page 56Do yourself aavor and pick up this book it s a great beach read you won t regret Fantastic readLoved the book Very inspiring Willis is a rare breed and one who I admire very much What a great story Highly recommend the book. Of success Willis remained grounded in his Mastering Gephi Network Visualization familyirst values His stories will inspire and provoke the entrepreneur in everyone to start building their dream. ,

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