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Quadruplets On The Doorstep dNight stands and then he met a woman he couldn t forgetLauren raised by an addict absent mother and barely survived But was taken in by someone who kept her in school and then sent to college Kept to herself and got a job as an office manager Went to a wedding and met a man that she couldn t forget They played a game called Tell me something about yourself that isn t true They were suppose to meet back in his motel room but itidn t happen She couldn t forget himUntil they meet againTraitor Book 2 will make sense of the whole beginning and what a finish it will bring Renegade by Shannon Myers a fast paced and hard hitting five star read This is the first book in the renegade series and what a start it s such a great story if you have read the Operation series then you will have seen some of the characters before but this book they come into their own and we also get a little glimpse into that series again Hopefully we will get some loose ends wrapped up and the second book is released soon so I can t wait Mike Sullivan is a man whose life isn t going the places he thinks it should be in all the characters I have read recently Mike is the one whom when I ve seen him before I always thought aaggghhh Luke douche canoe but now I kinda have a soft spot for him He has really grown on me I can t wait to see how he will keep growing andeveloping as this story grows Lauren Santiago has been through the wars and come out the other side a stronger person but is she too strong now Will she ever be able to soften and let someone in This was a great story of perseverance and making lemonade when life gives you lemons I m a glass half full type of girl and I ve always tried to encourage other people to The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane do the same this book gave me that in spades and showed me to get what you want you have to keep fighting and sometimes fighting isn t enough Will it be enough for Mike and Lauren You will have to read the book to find out Wellone Shannon Myers you have wrote a great story I really wish people knew about you as an author as your talent Needs To Be Recognised By to be recognised by many people One of my favorite books of 2017This is why Shannon Myers is one of my favorite authors and a hidden gem I m baffled that she s not huge in the indie world because her words are magical her stories baffled that she s not huge in the indie world because her words are magical her stories unforgettable and her characters are flawed broken but with redeeming ualities that make you fall in love with them When I first heard

she was writing another book just signed up without reading the blurb I wasn t sure what to expect with Mike and Lauren s story but I LOVED it I A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy devoured it in two sittings my heart kept clenching mini heart attacks are real the feels were strong with this one I was hooked from the very beginning and Iidn t want it to end I won t go into the plot just know that you ll want to throw your kindle A LOT of times when reading this book The story is raw gritty and realistic The characters are flawed and make plenty of mistakes but I still loved them Their pasts were unexpected and tragic The author The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning doesn t hold back so be prepared Oh and the sex scenes were hot too I m seriouslyying for the seuel INEEDTOKNOWWHATHAPPENSNEXT. Es me feel like I'm worthy of just that thoughAs an officer of the law I'm sworn to serve and protect but who am I kidding With as eep as I'm in I could very well be the one to estroy her Renegade is the first book in the Renegade Series Mike and Lauren's story continues in Traito.
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Renegade Renegade #1I should have known better when I started this book that Shannon would test me in every way EVERY WAY Shannon Myers is the ueen of leaving Easter EGGS IN BOOKS THEN SHE SHOWS in books Then she shows where to find them in her next book that has
wondering how you missed it good You will want to set aside your ay to read because once you start your won t want to stop until you are one I will note here this is book oneyes that means there will be another one And The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated damn she leaves us with a good cliffhanger too This is Mike and Lauren s story If you have been a Myers fan for awhile then you have read her other books You will have had snippets of Mike and Lauren sneaking in here and there and you have craved Don t be nervous if you haven t read any of her previous work youon t have to to pick up here Renegade takes you back to where things started for both characters She weaves you through the past the ups and Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue downs to the moment they meet I was spell bound by the timeline she navigates us through Reliving her previous stories as seen through Mike and Laurens eyes fills in things youidn t know had happenedSo much is unfolded as she unwinds Mike s character You love him you hate him you hate that you love him Its all there Lauren is so much than you suspected her to be Her story is uncommon As you are taken through the years you realize there is one thing that she needsLove She struggles she endures but mostly she loves The road to finding each other wasn t always pretty You need the Silent Confessions darkness to appreciate the light The chemistry between them scorches the pages as you cling to your kindle I never knew the bad boy could be so right before Mike There story is so powerful you feel empty not knowing how their story is going to end I need Traitor now Till the second book comes out I am going to fill myays rereading Myers stories starting at the beginning with her first novel and working my way to Mike and Lauren again Add to the MUST read list I m in love with Michael Sullivan too I just keep falling for all Shannon Myers characters And Mike just made the list If you ve read all of Shannon s books you ll know who Mike Sullivan is A cocky ass that just wanted a cameo in all of her books Well now not only he gets his book he gets 2 So yes there will be a cliffhanger one that left me wanting I need my Mike and Lauren fix But it will be a short waitThis book goes back to Mike and Lauren s childhood the first time he actually meets Lauren and everything that happens in between We get glimpse of what happened in From This Day Forward and Forsaken All Others from Mike s and Lauren s point of viewYou ll fall in love with this book I know I A Texas Holiday Miracle did Shannon Myers is a very talented and amazing writer I first started reading her work in May and I ve been hooked ever since Her books are full of love suspense angst funny heartbreaking and yes happy endings Fangirl forever Everyone who knows me are very aware what a huge biker romance fan I am so when I learned of a new to me author I had to give her a try I am SO glad that Iid Renegade just pulled me in and spit me outemotions all over the place Mike and Lauren are two interesting characters. I may wear a badge but I haven't been on the right side of the law in yearsSilent Phoenix MC has had me in their cross hairs since I was eighteen and it 74 Seaside Avenue doesn't matter how hard I fight I'll never outrun the sins of my youthA chance meeting on the beach changes the game Suddenly I'm. Who have a lot toeal with "In Their Lives And What A Crazy "their lives and what a crazy they go on together With flashbacks to childhood and what formed them to be the adults they turn OUT TO BEI JUST KNEW THEIR to beI just knew their would get twisted and messy Lauren had a rough start for sure and only through another s kindness was she able to get on with her life and leave that ugly past for better things Mike made a serious mistake as a youth and now is indebted for the rest of his life after getting help from someone he would always owe This was an intense book with a lot of ups and owns and I loved itbecause I hate to be bored when I read and this was anything but boring Now on to the next in the series 5 addicted to these broken but strong characters stars I feel like I may have approached these characters From A Different Timeline Than They Were Written But That a ifferent timeline than they were written but that okay Going from Operation Fit Ish and Annulment to this was uite a change of pace to say the least This book is The Loving Gift darker grittier much involved in the ugly underbelly of MCs crime and the people involved even on the fringesI like Lauren She wasealt a tough lot and even though she The Wildcatter does things that make you want to scream at her sometimes those actions and reactions are the human one the one that I think most of us would make She s funny and smart and gorgeous Io wish that she Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, d uit her job and tell off her psycho hose beast of a boss thoughMike Oh Mike You re so likeable when you re sober and not inesperate need of a Proctologist to locate your head I just struggle so bad liking anything about him when he s not the self he never thought he could be when he s with Lauren and happy I have zero patience for men like him and will never understand how their minds work He s going to end up in a lot of trouble and soonI m usually upset with an ending like this one but I felt that it was super well suited to this story I am moving on to Traitor to see what happens next and then I ll get around to the beginning of these characters stories with David and Elizabeth s stories I genuinely have no idea how to approach this review and allow everything I feel to soak into it I will say that Shannon absolutely outdid herself with the story here Mike is someone we met waaaaay back in From this Day Forward Forsaking All Others and he is a man that I ve been DYING to know about since We Her Nine Month Confession don t get too muchepth from Mike until You Save Me but it still wasn t enough to get a true picture of who he wasFor the full review visit my blog Ramblings of a Bookworm I found myself loving Lauren s story But once their stories intertwined I really enjoyed their characters struggles and personalities They were born with toxic parents They both pulled themselves out making themselves strong individuals But they can t escape their pasts Also read this as a stand alone without reading anything by Shannon Myers or anything Silent Phoenix MC prior A Southern Reunion didn t seem to matter FREE on today 8292019 Slow to start but once in to it it picked up I really liked it and then Pt 2 Which is out alreadyStory of a boy who became a cop caught up owing MC for taking care of a problem when he was a teen Herank and had a lot of one. Consumed not with teuila or women but by a pint sized redhead with a personality as big as the great state of TexasThere's no coming back from the things that I've Let It Go done I'm cut from the same cloth as my old man and guys like us weon't eserve second chances Something about her mak. .