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D for his documentary studies of Canadian grizzly bears but he has for the moment become fascinated by France s European wolves He freuents the Mercantour Range n the Alps to study them relying on local guides Then a sheep breeder The Irish Warrior is found dead throat torn out The murders out of Adamsberg s Paris "jurisdiction but he couldn t help following the bizarre story n the newspapers When he spots Camille on TV "but he couldn t help following the bizarre story n the newspapers When he spots Camille on TV next to a handsome man Johnstone wild dogs couldn t stop Adamsberg from starting an The Betrayal (The Siege investigation Of courset The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur is only the werewolf suppositions that are ofnterest Right Clues to the murder seem to be pointing to a missing local man with a big dog A map with x s possible future murders Mers is discoveredn the man s hut Then after a second murder matches an x on the map A Heros Welcome it seems soI think this novel was kinda fun a mystery road trip undertaken by oddball characters following a map of murder Dull dull dull mystery about a female film editorplumber and two local sheep farmerseccentrics pursuing a murderous werewolf across the French The sheep of the Alps are getting savaged by what appears to be a giant wolf A group of vivid characters getnterested and starts to pursue the Finding Normal issue The good I found myself lazing about with this book making slow progress and enjoying the characters Once againt s about the setting and the characters than about the mystery Die Germanen itself There are some really powerful scenes as well as humorous and witty lines of dialogue The bad Well the mysterys pretty slim so you find yourself wondering about the assumed Adamsberg s genius The ugly Nada This just feels like The Broken Sword it s trying much too hard to be uirky I got pretty distracted by the uirkiness and so the ending was a surprise to me butt feels like Ms Vargas was cheating I went back and re read some passages and she was most definitely misleading the reader Haunted Houses in a BIG way For example and you can t read thist will spoil the mystery entirely view spoilerIn the first chapter Johnstone muses to himself Johnstone had never Charles Dickens imagined that Europe so pinched so wasted and tamed could have anything ofnterest to offer him He had not taken on this documentary job Christianity at the Crossroads in the Mercantour Ranger very gladly WHAT We learn at the end that going to Europe to track down his father s enemies had been his lifelong dream and taking that documentary job was his entire PLAN hide spoiler Seeking Whom He May Devours book number two The Romanovs in Fred Vargas series featuring Commissaire Adamsberg of the French police nationale following The Chalk Circle Man In 2005t was nominated for the CWA Gold Dagger Award This novel s another one which d label as crime one which I d label as crime and actually reminds me a great deal of Andrea Camilleri s Inspector Montalbano series There are a host of uirky characters a bit of humor a chief The Wedding Date inspector whosn t anywhere close to what one would consider normal and a lot of local color Also like the Montalbano series my sense Swan Song is that these books aren t written to focus mainly on the crime elements or the police procedural aspects but rather on the people who popu. Lf Then Suzannes found slaughtered Learn Better in the same mannerHer friend Camille attempts with Suzanne's son Soliman and her shepherd Watchee to find out who or whats responsible and they call on Commissaire Adamsberg for help. L'homme à l'envers

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This s the 2nd Chief Inspector Adamsberg El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, in the series Its a whirlwind of a mysterythriller with a whiplash of an ending I was completely baffled right up to the reveal I loved the characters and the environs If you want a picture of the "French Alps there are vivid descriptions There might be a werewolf Read t and find out First Sentence "Alps there are vivid descriptions There might be a werewolf Read t and find out First Sentence Tuesday four sheep were killed at Ventebrune Master Math in the French AlpsCamilles a composer and plumber living The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever in a small French Alp village where sheep are being killer by an unseen beast The murder of a townswoman raises suspicion of a werewolf Residents begin to suspect Massart a loner who came to the area 20 year ago and has now disappeared The woman s adopted son and an old shepherd convince Camille to be their driver as they search for Massat When they find the searchmpossible on their own they wish for a very special policeman Camille reluctantly calls upon her former lover Commissaire Jean Baptiste Adamsburg for helpOne of the first things I look for Patton on Leadership in a books the characters For me they must be well conveyed strong uniue and yes I must be able to La Impostura Perversa if not like at least empathize with them Vargas creates just such characters andt Zones of Instability is they who drive the story I was delighted that we get to know Camillen this book as she was previously something of a mystery herself The residents of the village Suzanne and particularly the old shepherd and Solomon with home Camille ventures forth are wonderfully created with affection humor There The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, is also great poignancy to the relationship particularly with thenclusion of Adamsburgh Once More With Feeling into the traveling trio And humor theres but the wry dry humor of the author s voice Vargas has a wonderful voice I love her Orange World and Other Stories imagery and descriptions particularlyn the opening when she anthropomorphizes the wolves She brings the story location and people to life If there What Matters Most is a weaknesst s n the plot but only because the characters are so strong However I found the further I progressed Linnys Sweet Dream List into the story thentrigued I was by the mystery I knew the killer Envy (Empty Coffin, is not a werewolf the storys not horror or fantasy I did suspect the villain but appreciated that being is not a werewolf the story Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated is not horror or fantasy I did suspect the villain but appreciated that being details as to the motive behind the crimes as well as uncovering the killer Theres also a second thread to the story which adds suspense There Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, is no uestion I have become a Vargas fan I highly recommend giving her a try but start with either her standalone The Three Evangelists or The Chalk Circle Man the first bookn the Adamsberg seriesSEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR Pol Proc Comm Jean Baptiste Adamsberg France Cont VGVargas Fred 3rd n seriesSimon Schuster Paperbacks 1999 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780743284028 If you were to put a gun to my head and demand that I explain exactly why I like this book or you will blow my brains out I would have to make t through the rest of my life with a large empty space Tied Up in my craniumSituation normal thereI do not know why I liked SWHMD so much Or even why I boughtt I think Picture This (Marsden it was a combination of the blurb on the back cover and the atmospheric title I seem to remem. In this frightening and surprising novel the eccentricwayward genius of Commissaire Adamsbergs pitted against the deep rooted mysteries of one Alpine village's history and a very present problem wolvesDisturbing things. Ber thinking that t sounded like a Hammer Horror nspired yarn and saying to myself CoolIt really The Unsuitable Secretary (Ladies Unlaced, is not a Hammer Horror style story Far fromt It s about an eccentric Parisian detective taking a sabatical Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, in the south of France and uncovering a series of rural murders that the locals have attributed to a werewolf I ve simply never read anything uite like this book It s so flimsyn nature that Moving is Murder (A Mom Zone Mystery, it feels almost ethereal And yet atts heart Going Home (Nugget, its nothing than a Sunday evening who dunnitAll I know Knot In My Backyard is that I really want to spend some timen the south of France drinking wine and herding sheepPJD 45 starsAnother terrific novel by Fred Vargas And the hits they just keep on comin Can you magine being so disordered "in mind that you would think this was only worth a 3 star "mind that you would think this was only worth a 3 star I almost made that mistake I was certainly enjoying the book well enough but occasionally would slip nto a Meh Has Vargas lost her lustre for me already I think Beloved (Salvation, it had to do with the werewolf theme Werewolves pshaw If you hear him howling around your kitchen doorBetter not let himnLittle old lady got mutilated late last nightWerewolves of London againA not so little old Chow Down (Melanie Travis, ish lady did get mutilated late at night I would have be Also the second volume of the Adamsberg series was excitingIt playsn the French Alps Adamsberg s muse Camille lives there and has built a new life with new friends A Canadian bear researcher has been particularly Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2 impressed Heren France he watches the wolves Suddenly the contemplative community gets Terror of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, into turmoil because not only sheep are torn but also people fall victim to a giant wolf Camille sets out with Sol and the watchmann search of the malefactor He All About Men is always a step ahead of themAdamsberg does not comento play for a long time which nitially rritated me a little In the end Final Fondue (A Five-Ingredient Mystery its he who came to the culprit on the trackIt was an exciting read Seeking Whom He May Devour by French writer Fred Vargas concentrates on the characters than Ms. Holmes of Baker Street it does on crimes Book twon the Commissaire Adamsberg series Tough Girls Dont Dance its better translated nto English than the first book The Chalk Circle Man It continues the pattern of Emphasizing The Uirkiness Of Characters the uirkiness of characters the crimes of the plot Officially mysteries I believe these novels are humorous entertainments than they are mysteries They are like cozies except the murder descriptions tend to nduce an Ethan of Athos (Vorkosigan Saga, ick response However so far none of the murdersn the two novels has crossed Sisterhood of the Dove into ewwww sick bastard territoryIn the previous novel Commissaire Jean Baptiste Adamsberg kept driftingnto memories about an ex girlfriend Camille Forestier In this story she Hawkes Target (A Sonny Hawke Thriller Book 3) is actually theren most of the book She comes back Avenger (The Last Gunfighter, into Adamsberg s life when a werewolf begins tearing sheep apart Yes I said werewolf Ors Murder at Royale Court (Cleo Mack it a werewolf The torn out throats of the sheep have convinced the farmerst Preachers Fortune / Honor of the Mountain Man (The First Mountain Man, is either a large dog or wolf but as the forensics on the grounds spare even weird the farmers begin to think werewolf As My Favorite Countess (The Stanton Family, it happens Camille s new boyfriends a Canadian Lawrence Donald Johnstone He Broken Places is a celebrity note. Have been happening upn the French mountains; and sheep are being found with their throats torn out The evidence points to a wolf of unnatural size and strength However Suzanne Rosselin thinks Awaken, My Love its the work of a werewo.

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