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I ve written a bunch about KOTLC on Wattpad NOT FANFIC All non fiction some theories some fun facts basically like extra super long versions of this kind of review I am KOTLCexclusive VivienMRyder NEW SECTION TO MY REVIEW AT THE BOTTOM I m gonna explain to all something very importantOriginal review WOW Ok so to all the fans who were afraid the series would drag on to long and never solve any problems this book was definitely the answer I was pleased with the way that the book soved some of the side problems What follows is a review that is partially spoilers but nothing severe It s of an overview meant to convince skeptical fans that it is worth reading and for fans that have read it and need to get their thoughts together and explain everythingBOOM Here it isThe very FIRST chapter Mr Forkle reveals what he suspects to be the Neverseen s next target The theory is very satisfying and ties the books together My brain was spinning in circles already from having the new book in my hands and it was very calming to know a concrete and crystal clear idea of what in the world the Neverseen were doing One of the MAJOR uestions about the book is the title Legacy How does it tie into the story Which legacy is it talking about We know that there are at least THREE legacies that have been running through the series as ongoing themes and we all had different theories as to which one the eighth book highlighted A legacy that was not brought up was the Vacker Legacy though a certain slightly large discovery was made about the eldest Vacker brother Alvar Sophie s legacy was a huge part of the book she was trying to find her parents for a good portion of the book She does find out who her mother is which turns out to be a bad thing rather than a good thing NEXT the most important legacy in the book and reason for the title is Keefe s Legacy Keefe s legacy is revealed and it s NOT what ou were expecting It s not as general as I was expecting that s for sure It seems Gisela has a very specific plan for her sonThose are the major things I ll be adding specific things in the comments so that people who don t want slight spoilers don t see themNEW INFO HERE After Flashback KOTLC fans struggled with the promise that book nine would be the last With the Neverseen still unbeaten and in Legacy readers are wondering how Sophie could possibly beat the Neverseen Here is a detailed explanation complete with uotes and references proving that Sophie is closer to it than she seems Back in Flashback Keefe is upset about how he has messed everything up Sophie starts to list all the reasons that they had made progress and she is shocked by how little had been done In that same conversation Keefe sums up the feelings of the entire fandom by noting that he used to be able to imagine the day they would beat the Neverseen but can t any back in the first half of Flashback the future seemed dimArguably this means that no progress was made in the seventh book but it is just not true As Mr Forkle tells us on page 20 of Legacy the Neverseen s broadcast of the Everglen battle backfired We were all worried about the effects on the reputations of the kids especially Fitz s Actually it seems that Sophie and her friends only gained positive viewpoints from the public Bronte tells us on page 153 of Legacy Sophie is gaining a lot of support and respect from the elven kindAdditionally the Neverseen s hasty departure made them seem weak Mr Forkle made it clear to us the the Neverseen need a majority of the elves to support them to take over Because of Flashback s cliffhanger we didn t have enough time to see the long lasting effects of the broadcast at the festivalNext piece of evidence for Everglen s battle to have backfired is that all the negative effects on Sophie s friends were reversed The major problems caused by the battle were Alvar s escape and Tam s capture SInce Alvar is dying and Tam has come back this doesn t matter to Sophie s friends any However the negative effects to the Neverseen are still there Ruy is injured Umber is dead and they all looked like fools This is big progressFlashback still could ve used some progress plot wise but some WAS made This is just the small part but there s much in the next paragraphsLEGACY SPOILERSIn the final battle at Loamnore we learned about the Neverseen realized Sure the battle was a battle and it was hard and scary and had some negative effects but it had positive ones This uote is from Biana page 776Biana thought Vespera wanted her plan to fail at least a littleSophie regards the theory as a good one pointing out that Gisela forced Vespera into the Neverseen Vespera is a solo player and never ever wanted to be in the group Vespera nodded I suppose I can respect that Very Well Consider Me Your Reluctant Consider me our reluctant ally 747 Nightfall Vespera is powerful she knows how to elude and trick elves as a second nature She only accepted Gisela s offer because otherwise she could have been sent back to prison The last thing Sophie saw was Vespera s cold smile a promise of all the havoc she planned to wreak with her freedom 753 Nightfall Time and time again she has shown that she is clever through her elaborate and genius plans *and her performance in the Dwarven Capital just didn t tie in As *her performance in the Dwarven Capital just didn t tie in As tells us Vespera and Gethan had shown up triggered every single alarm said a bunch of half truths to get everyone riled up and then fled leaving the dwarves to fight for them 776 Legacy If there s one thing Vespera isn t it s weak and stupid She is a master of disguise and illusion It isn t like her to set off alarmsGisela again showed her weakness when she needed to know if her son was OK even when she had just ordered the most painful ordeal ever on him She won t last much longer as the leader according to the previous books patterns As Vespera says on page 752 of Nightfall though Gisela sees her son as vital to her plan He is not You Gisela need to see that Otherwise Declaration of Purposes of the Patrons of Husbandry you re just as useless as himFor The Black Swan this battle was a victory The Neverseen lost their Shade and their Flasher and possibly one of their assistant leaders because of Vespera The Black Swan however managed to get their Shade back convert a Neverseen member and escape with KeefeThat s all for this chapter but this progress is than it looks like Even so the biggest and final evidence is in the last sectionIt s easier to show than to tell Here is a list of all the known Neverseen members and their currents states Reading this will showou how weak the rebel team actually isFintan In an ice prison where he admits he will endBrant DeadGisela Side tracked by her son s legacy and leading the team in circlesVespera Hating the leadership and sabotaging Gisela s plans on purposeGethan Possibly siding with VesperaRuy Abilities broken and on bed restAlvar Abandoned and dyingUmber DeadGlimmer Defected when Gisela betrayed herAs ou can see the Neverseen is literally crumbling to pieces They re not going to be attracting any public approval with their current stateThat concludes my report on why the Neverseen won t be hard to beat in the future ninth bookThat concludes my reasoning to come at a later date possiblyEVEN MORE INFOI originally put this in the comments but its time to put it hereOk here s a short list of all the characters we saw in the book and which ones were expectedSo the most exciting surprise for KOTLC fans is hands down Dex s inclusion Though it did dwindle towards the end Dex had a much larger part than he had in the past In the first half of the book we see Dex than we see Fitz Biana or Linh combined we see Dex than we see Fitz Biana or Linh combined character getting the spotlight is one not many guessed Maruca You may think I meant Marella but I didn tRemember wayyyy back in the beginning of the first book when Biana was the worst person ever She had a best friend named Maruca who also turns out to be Wylie s ounger cousin This same Maruca manifests a very special ability that attracts The Balck Swan s attention Sadly Wylie doesn t want her involved because he wants to keep what he has of his family safe She makes her first appearance on page 384 though that s not her first mentionWhich characters with previously major roles are not prominently included First off is Tarina The troll isn t ever seen in the book and is only mentioned once She s been removed from her body guarding duties thanks to the troll baby scandal in the last book and we re not sure if she ll be back anytime soon Next is Luzia Can t say I m surprised but Luzia too was only mentioned once and didn t make an appearance She has had at least one tribunal held for her already hopefully her Vacker heritage will help her outThat s all for my summary of the character s roles let me know if there s any other characters Undercover Pregnancy you want to know about and I ll write some I m dying I want it right away Ugggghhhhh Gimme this uirky wonderment of goodnessI want itttttttt Now I hope Fitzphie will end everyone ships sophie and keefeshannon messenger puts fitz and sophie togetherme just waiting for the series to end i searched it up and realized this book s demographic is for agesounger than i am Illusions shatter and Sophie and her friends face impossible choices in this astonishing eighth book in the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities seriesSophie Foster wants answers But after a lifetime of lies sometimes the tru. Legacy author Shannon MessengerHich also explains how the writing is not really that i don t wanna offend shannon messenger but it s just not very elouent and uses a lot of slang and childish speaking styles so i will try to go easier on it in this review idk how i will since for me i did not like anything about this book spoilers btwthis book in a nutshell and also in my opinion40% sophie whining about being unmatchable and finding her biological parents i wanted to make this at least 50% but couldn t due to math cause no joke it s literally what this whole book is about despite the fact that they apparently have a large war approaching and there s like know the neverseen to contend with although it would ve been understandable if they had forgotten since the neverseen was like 5% of this book25% also wanted to make this number larger since it takes up a significant portion of this book but couldn t again because of math sophie sulking about how bad they re losing and not doing anything about it causing everyone around her to constantly praise her this is seriously a thing in this book and happens like every chapter10% team valiant minus sophie because she s useless coming in clutch and achieving the only helpful things in this book that actually progressed this series along5% sophie and fitz having relationship problems due to fitz s apparent temperpossessive issues and sophie being a bad friend5% action involving the neverseen which i think is generous considering there were only 2 instances where they came up in this book of 816 pages when they re the sole antagonist5% the Council finally making good decisions and actually helping for once haha only took them 8 books 8 ears if the first book came out and i was in my first Hummer year of college i would ve attained my bachelor degree and finished medical school just to give a real life example to show how fucking drawn out this series is5% sophie finally finds out who her biological mother is and then proceeds to treat her very harshly which i think is ridiculous and hypocritical because she wouldn t have found her if she hadn t been seARCHING FOR HER THE WHOLE BOOK and it s not like she needs another family futher the biological mother endangered her whole career to help and she didn t even know what it was for5% keefe trying to find of his lost memories spoiler alert he discovered basically zero not really a surprise since this series tends to be repetitive and not get anything done still disappointed though lmaoand of course this book wraps up nicely without answering any of the major uestions and a huge cliffhanger that comes out of nowhere oh speaking of random did i mention how shannon messenger just randomly drops how there s been a global war approaching that will involve all the species including humans and it s been apparently a thing since book one but no one saw fit to mention anything until the second to last book and then there was utterly no foreshadowing or anything to show that messenger did not just make it up on the spot probably because she did just make it up especially since it s mentioned like only twice in this book despite the fact that this war is apparently a huge global issueokay going back to the 25% part since i just wanna rant about it a lil because it really made me want to break something while reading this book at first sophie s constant highlight of how badly they are losing to the neverseen idk how since it s been 8ears and it s not like a group of basically 10 people against the whole world oh wait it is someone explain how this series isn t over With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) yet was kinda fun and fresh since when i m hating on a book i like to be agreed with and something like this was nonexistent in the previous books which is surprising since every book they literally achieve nothing and something terrible always happens but they always move on but then it got annoying it s really surprising how easily this series can annoy me even when they re agreeing with me really a testament to how bad this series is like they emphasize their flaws every chapter and then it s always followed by some dumbass saying noou re amazing sophie like give me a break and it really doesn t help how this book was boring af due to nothing nothing of importance or interest was gained or lost in this book we re not counting the last 20 pages since the author always has some big cliffhanger and event which really did not need 800 pages to build to it s practically a waste of timewhat s also so annoying is how the few very very few in fact they re practically nonexistent the only person i can think of is stina not bronte he s not even that mean sophie s just weak and of course she becomes better friends with sophie by the end of the series because it s like impossible to not be friends with her people in this series who actually hate on "sophie are considered mean bullies when they re really the only people who are obviously thinking "are considered mean bullies when they re really the only people who are obviously thinking and then those people just get ganged up on by sophie s friends and their opinions don t even matter because this book is so one sidedpros of this series adding this to make this review a little positive i m pretty sure i ve just been hating on it this whole time hard not to though since it sucks so much the worldbuilding the alicorns and linh songthe synopsis sophie a magical not normal completely weird and different whimsical elf kid almost dying and getting whisked into a healing center 900x a day almost dying and getting whisked into a healing center 900x a day all of her friends and people she knows exasperatedly going along with it and all of them somehow not being confused as to why one living being can end up almost dying in their oung and different life teresa end up almost dying in their oung and different life teresa agreecan i just emphasize this again though because it makes me go insane THIS BOOK ACHIEVED view spoileri refrained from using the f word here The Alcohol Experiment y all are welcome since last time i ranted and used swear words some 9ear olds got pretty mad hide spoiler This was just uhhhhhhh boring and a bit to cheesy just for a middle grade book but hey Sophitz is dead 5i started reading this around 2am it s now around 8pm this book was over 800 pagesedit 10 9 19is the structure repetitiveyesif better planned earlier on in the writing process could some issues have been resolved so that the plot flows in a less hectic manner within a fewer number of booksyesdo I still absolutely adore this series and cherish all the ways it has affected meyesbasically the point of this part of the review is books can have flaws and ou can able to see those flaws and still enjoy the series this was brought on by discuss at a bookstore where someone treated me and my opinions very rudely and is not targeted towards Shannon or anyone on Goodreads1 Keeper of the Lost Cities 2 Exile 3 Everblaze 4 Neverseen 5 Lodestar 6 Nightfall 61 Nightfall Keefe Short Story 7 Flashback 71 Flashback Fitz s Short Story This may not be my favorite series any but I WILL NEVER EVER STOP SHIPPING SOKEEFE Mini ReviewAfter what happened with Flashback I genuinely didn t know if I wanted to continue however I genuinely think this is my favourite book of the series so farHopefully full RTC Once again I lied I left it too late I m rooting for Team Foster Keefe it s a no for Fitzphie from me Edit Take a look at this Timestamp 30 secondsPlease take the following rant with a grain of saltMy friend introduced me to this series a ear or two ago and it was one of the first series I added to Goodreads At first I really enjoyed it but with every book I just got and annoyed Nevermind the fact that this series is basically a Harry Potter rip off My issue is that this series is what the YouTube Community would call a content farm For those of Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian you who don t know what that means it is basically a creator that just reposts old content to get views For example 5 Minute CraftsThis series is just that Recycled content being published over and over again The basic plot of every single goddamn book in this series is as follows Sophie and her friends are in trouble Sophie has some sort of issue with her powers Sophie gets this close to discovering everything and saving the world Sophie is then foiled Cliff hangerAnd that happens again and again At first I enjoyed it I like being kept on the edge of my seat but I soon got really tired of never getting an ending Beyond wanting to know how everything ends because god forbid we get a resolution I also have to take issue with the fact that this series is scamming people out of their money That s right They pay good money just to have to pay for the next book I mean this series is already on its eighth book with each book being 800 pages long Even Harry Potter was able to be a good series at much less than that I am sick and tired of being lead in circles It s unfair and despicable This is not an attack on the author I think she is a great writer I just think that she or her publishers or both are taking advantage of peopleDon t wasteour money You ve been warnedKeepers of the Lost Cities Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram I havemixed feelings about Legacy It s definitely better than flashback but it wasn t uite the concise book. Th is the most dangerous discovery Even the smallest secret comes with terrifying new responsibilities And Sophie’s not the only one with blank spots in her past or mysteries surrounding her family She and her friends are part of something much bigger I was looking for That being said I ll have a spoiler free review right below here but if ou haven t read Legacy et don t go beyond that Spoiler Free Review Legacy was interesting to say the least It managed to give the offscreen characters screen time while also having enough Keefe and Fitz though notably Keefe to keep up the emotional angst of Sophie and Fitz s relationship Biana Wylie Marella Maruca Dex and Stina all got extra time to shine and than one mysterious evil secret was revealed by The Forklenator and while the middle of the book didn t always have a clear direction the end and beginning than made up for it Cliffhanger as always which is simultaneously and less manageable than the last one All in all it s a great book Go read it Spoiler reviewI kinda hate this As of the end of Legacy here s the current situation King Enki was Exiled for high treason Nubiti is now the ueen of the dwarves Glimmer and Tam left the neverseen so far without any seen conseuences TAM ISNT DEAD We still don t know who Glimmer is other than that she s a flasher though I personally think it might be Luzia Sophie and Fitz aren t a couple although they re still mostly friends Their Cognatedom might be dysfunctional now Oralie is Sophie s biological mom Sophie and Oralie s relationship isnot good KEEFE IS MOSTLY ALSLEEP AND IMBUED WITH SHADOWFLUX TO COMPLETE HIS LEGACY The only thing that can save him is whatever is in the cache Keefe will most likely gain new abilitiesskills for his legacyWOWAnyway I liked the book If I had to rate all the books they d be something likeKOTLC 85 90% Some underdeveloped characters and some uestionable world building but exciting and mysteriousExile 90% Stronger world building developed characters same mysterious plotEverblaze 85 90% Not uite as exciting as Exile but still great End of series s Stage OneNeverseen 90 95% Noticeably different from Stage One books In my opinion one of the best books in the series Great plot a balance between the mystery of the mystery of the earlier books and the stakes of the later booksLodestar 85% More fluff than earlier books This book begins the series s stumbling around plot that seems to stem from the Neverseens preparedness Great endingNightfall 90% Strong plot just too much filler The Vespera Human Expirimentation situation wasn t as good as it could have been as with the Exploration of the Nightfalls Good end to series s Stage TwoFlashback 65% Easily the worst book in the series and although reasonably entertaining it does hardly anything for the plot It was 800 pages long 800 Pages Nearly all of it was emotional fluff and out of the two action seuences that occurred only one of them was very good Weak start to series s Stage ThreeFinallyLegacy 90% A huge leap from Flashback While it isn t perfect it has enough balance between characters and scenes to keep the series s momentumWhile there is some stumbling around it makes up for in heart and in the ending Now I understand that most Sophitz shippers most likely hate it because of the breakup but it was definitely for the best There were times where Fitz was almost manipulative abusive Now that Dex and Fitz are rules out we have two options Sokeefe and NoSoph And nowtime to see how my predictions lined up with the actual bookMy predictions for Legacy I came out with these one December 10th at 1229 so anything I said was a complete guess and I can now say that both the title and the cover were exactly right Title LegacyCover Keefe Sophie and Fitz In that order standing very close with Sophie enhancing both of themHere s generally what I think will happenThe book starts out with Keefe or Dex talking to Sophie They ll have already learned about what happened with the match and they ll be talking it over with her or talking about something else so that Sophie doesn t have to bring that up They know her super well they ll know which she ll prefer It doesn t start with that but Sophie talking to Keefe about that is one of the first scenes And they don t talk about match stuff the whole timeShe doesn t know how to tell Fitz about the match because obviously he s too wrapped up in his awesomeness to notice anything about Sophie so SHOCKER she doesn t tell him at all When he finally figures it out he BLOWS UP at Sophie ranting about why she should have told him But at the same time Fitz is hesitant about dating Sophie if it means constant scorn Between the anger issues and the hesitancy Sophie realizes she deserves better than Fitz but tries very hard to break up with with Fitz without hurting him She starts hanging out with Keefe because Dex is gone with Tinker and they get to be really close friends nothing because Keefe is keeping to his promise about only doing what she wanted Sophie not telling Fitz about the match does happen and he does get kinda mad about it but it s mostly later when he kept trying to manipulate her into re registering And she does try to break up with him without hurting him But since this happens at the end its effects aren t shown very muchLinh is going nuts about how Tam joined the Neverseen She knows it was necessary but she still doesn t like it and asks Sophie every night to reach out telepathically to him and ask him to come back He s convinced he s found the REAL caches because as the new Shade they ll have to tell him stuff like how to access the caches which probably has to do with something like shadow conjuring or something and they might not trust him at first but he probably is willing to prove himself he s a lot darkish and willing to do that than Keefe He finds the caches and during a battle appears and gives the caches to the Black Swan but Lady Gisela or someone hits him with a truly lethal sopordine dose They get the caches and Linh goes Scarlet Witch on the Neverseen I don t know sucks all the moisture out of five peopleother sentient species bodies and uses the water to drown five people or something I don t know sorry for the morbidnessNotevenclose Since Tam can t the water to drown five people or something I don t know sorry for the morbidnessNotevenclose Since Tam can t with Sophie Tam can t betray the Neverseen The caches are still unfound and Tam never died Everyone gets back to safety except Tam RIP and hold a funeral Bronte and Tinker disappears with Dex working on making new weapons and these real caches which they know is real because they manage to find a Secret and to fit my plot theory it s an abandoned facility in the Forgotten Cities It s in the caches because it was originally created by the Ancient Council Yes the Council made a facility for testing humans because they were also but blotted it out from their memories to take away the guilt Vespera found it but found it too inelegant and made Nightfall in Atlantis Anyway I m off on a history tangent That was the Forgotten Secret On with the plotNope The Nightfall stuff is apparently so last earThey learn about the nature of this facility in the Forgotten Cities the Forgotten secret comes with a handy dandy Wikipedia link about human experimentation facilities and so when Keefe realizes what his mom had been planning hes brane go boom NopeNaturally Fitz tries to comfort Sophie who s freaking out Fitz realizes how much of a bad friend he had been to "Keefe And Vows To Make It Right If He Ever "and vows to make it right if he ever up Sophie realizes she can save him and immediately goes into Keefe s mind with Fitz watching what Sophie sees in Keefe s mind through their connection she Enhances Fitz and he sends the energy back As she s searching for part of him she sees a gold memory and realizes just how much he cared about her and how hard it must have been for him when Sophie and Fitz were kinda dating She gets ready to inflict positively from her heart and surprisingly it was much easier to heal him and convey how much she cares for him than she thought He comes back and between her getting to know him better from the epic Fitzphie fail and how easy it was to inflict love to him and the gold memory she is REALLY grateful that he s back Nothing than that happens because Keefe had already decided to take it slow Later when they re fighting she leans a lot closer to him Anyway this is all the shipping stuff that happens for the rest the bookNope although I still reeeeally wish this would happen But the ueen of Oblivion strikes againClimax They re in the facility in the Forgotten Cities fighting in Tam s memory Tam is the first mjor character to die besides Forkle One and to fight for euality and safety of humans They take over the hideout but Lady Gisela and Ruy and Gethen get away Fintan joins them and agrees to work with the newly formed and newly recruiting Neverseen in order to get rid of the Black Swan Nope although I m still holding out hope of Fintan becoming an antihero Cliffhanger I m not completely sure Maybe all things considered as they re escaping they bring down the entire city with them DUNDUNDUNNope I wasn t really concerned with the cliffhanger when I wrote this If anyone has anything to add or disagrees with it and wants to assert their uniueness feel free to comment below Because it is free Marking as read since the book is FINALLY done Can t wait for ou guys to read. Han they imagined and their roles have already been chosen for them Every clue drags them deeper into the conspiracy Every memory forces them to uestion everything especially one another And the harder they fight the the lines blur between friend and enem. ,