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I tried I really tried To Finish This Book I finish this book I it up to do so so many times but oh my up to do so so many times but oh my Lord The first few chapters were so nauseating I kept shaking my head I m doing it now just thinking about writing this review And Please the premise of the woman s story is nough there s no reason for all the over the top gar bage The author is the daughter in law In one of my final moments of frustration I started reading chapters in the back of the book not sure I got a correct moment of clarity but it seemed that the author was a new daughter in law She BECAME THE DAUGHTER IN LAW DURING the daughter in law during writing of this book I don t know if that had something to do with the the prose but again Oh My Good Lord I needed an insulin shot to survive the writing Great history of little league baseball I was drawn to the story of Josephine s life though than I Art ex. As the Great Depression brought America to the brink of disaster a devoted single mother in Cleveland Ohio wrestled triumph out of adversity by creating a community activity that would inspire the nation Josephine Morhard never waited for something to happen At twelve years old fiercely independent Josephine left her family's Pennsylvania farm to start a new life Coming of age during one of the most devastating times in America and weathering two bad marriages Josephine put her personal problems aside to insure a productive future for her daughter and son But Junior was a volatile boy ofigh.

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Gue and what it meant to those involved is so beautifully captured in this book Ruth has done a lot of research in writing this book and yet has told the story in such a detailed and God Is in the Crowd engaging way that I felt I was there in the moment Thank you fornsuring Mrs Morhard s contribution to baseball is remembered and celebrated Thank you to NetGalley the publisher and the author for providing
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with a digital copy of this book in xchange for an honest review I m a woman and I love baseball so this was an interesting part of the history of baseball that was unfamiliar to me Josephine Morhard clearly the history of baseball that was unfamiliar to me Josephine Morhard clearly t have the asiest life and decided that her son needed something that brought structure and joy This was a baseball league that she founded in Cleveland through persuasion and determination and far The Matriarchs (The Family exceeded anyxpectations she set when th. Ndians graduated into the Junior American and Junior National Leagues and finally a Little World Series she instilled in her boys strong values good sportsmanship and an unprecedented sense of accomplishment Some of them like Ray Linduist and Jack Heinen would become Minor League players Not one of Mrs Morhard's boys would Notes for the Everlost ever forget herIn this stirring biography of an unsung American heroine Josephine Morhard's daughter in law recounts thextraordinary life and accomplishments of a resilient selfless and determined woman Her inspiring true story a long time coming is something to cheer for. Mrs Morhard and the BoysPected Still wiping the tears from my When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) eyes This book is a wonderful account of the driving spirit of one woman to create something special for the boys in her community and beyondI thoroughlynjoyed this wonderful account of Mrs Morhard s incredible tenacity in creating a boys baseball league in Cleveland Ruth skillfully recounts Mrs Morhard s life from the arly years right through to her magnificent work not just creating a league but continuing to refine and improve it a couple of kids throwing a ball about in rundown lot to something much greater Although I was A Little To little impatient to through the childhood years and into the baseball stories I became gripped by the book as soon as Mrs Morhard left home Her resilience in overcoming the many challenges she faced was moving and inspirational Her drive and desire in setting up the lea. T until his mother came upon a novel sports idea to ncourage discipline guidance and self worth in her son Out of a dream an Crush It! empty lot and thenthusiasm of other neighborhood kids Josephine Attracting Birds to Your Backyard established the first boys' baseball league in America Her city and the country was watchingBeyond allxpectations the Cleveland Indians rallied behind her project Indians legends Bob Feller Jeff Heath And Roy Weatherly Helped Roy Weatherly helped the boys' skills; renowned sports reporter Hal Lebovitz became an umpire; and they were given permission to play in historic League Park All the while as Josephine's Little