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Genuine curiosity awesome Insightful enlightening and happily humorous I cannot wait to share this with my students You won t read a lot f comics that will make you a better person this ne f those Its fresh and funny and so cute Its honest and so silly and heartbreaking in some parts Some ppl choose to be really crappy and the fact that someone can use that negativity to enlighten and inform without malice truly makes me proud to be an American Huda Fahmy ffered me a perspective I didn t know I needed Its a uality voice can t wait to Hear From Her I Read from her I read lot and ne National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition of the reasons I do so is to find new and fresh perspectives that are easy to be ignorantf in my little homogenous Iowan bubble Fahmy drew me in with her humor but made me think seriously about the microaggressions bigotry and utright hatred many Muslim Americans face freuently in ur country A RELATABILITY LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT EVERY PAGE SAID YES SAME OMG ME ATTACKED MULTIPLE TIMES 1010 MUST RECOMMEND As much as I admire and appreciate that Huda Fahmy wrote this graphic novel I can t rate it higher than two stars I thought this was going to be a story but instead it s just a collection f poorly drawn real life scenarios that Fahmy has experienced throughout her life as a Muslim These range from the confrontational strangers asking her how she can support a religion that. Huda navigates the sometimes rocky waters f life from the uniue perspective A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged of a Muslim American woman breaking down misconceptionsf her culture ne comic at a time From recountin. Sometimes funny always truthful An inside look into what it s like to be a Muslim American woman living in Detroit The art is uite bad amounting to little than doodles but it s enough to get the story point across Received a review copy fro Abrams Media and NetGalley All thoughts are my wn and in no way related to the aforementioned Very cute and witty And informational I was not expecting the glossary at the end but enjoyed that as well Hilarious very relatable and I loved end but enjoyed that as well Hilarious very relatable and I loved is a collection One, Two, Three Me of comic strips about Huda Fahmy s life as a Muslim American who is so visibly Muslim and her hilarious husband She talks about her everyday life wearing a hijab identity marriage the stupid stuff people say to her the West sbsessions with what s exotic and rientalist and the moments f hope in between it all She handles it all in such a funny way with a lot Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos of pop culture references it s greatSo many uestions that people have asked Huda Fahmy and myself and a lotf ther Muslims are so idiotic to the point where I constantly think did you really say that I mean come n it s 2019 and if all you do is take the ready made and packaged information from the media without moving a single finger yourself then you shouldn t be angry when someone calls you an idiot for the uestion you just asked There s a whole lot Tea for Ruby of difference between stupidr racist uestions and. At some point in The Life of Saint Philip Neri our lives we’ve all felt a littleut f place Huda Fahmy has found it’s a little difficult to fade Into The Crowd When the crowd when a hijab In Yes I’m Hot in This. Oppresses women to the weird uestions such as whether she sleeps in her #Hijab I Did Like #I did like tone As a woman who wears a hijab Fahmy is regularly frustrated by such OCCURRENCES YET HERE IN THESE PAGES yet here "in these pages was able to make light f it all I think most graphic novelists don " these pages was able to make light f it all I think most graphic novelists don collaborate with an illustrator but I d suggest that for Fahmy if she writes another graphic novel The art is frankly the ugliest I ve ever seen in a graphic novel r comic Her message is necessary though and I did learn a few things I recommend it as a primer I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 on what daily life is like for conservative Muslim women It s all in the title folksThis collectionf webcomics is a sometimes funny The Whistle Pig often insightful sometimes repetitive taken the microaggressions faced by the author a Muslim American woman from Detroit The art is rather basic but I appreciate that this would be a fun primer for anyone curious and scared to askThis collection f comic strips is a uick read and should maybe be dropped in the mailbox f all those who chanted Send her home THIS WAS AWESOMEY all I m not a fan f graphic novels but I am in love with this bookIt s so funny so accurate so painfully awesome and my heart is so full I loved it Honestly such a genius way to tackle and show the ridiculousness f all the issues Muslim women and Muslims in general face Ahh I loved itI m dying f laughter tho it s so funny. G the many uestions she gets about her hijab every day yes she does have hair and explaining how she runs in an abaya just fine thank you to dealing with misconceptions about Muslims.

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