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A well written survey of the trends and personalities in Irish American history with particular emphasis on politics mostly Irish Nationalist and American city local the labor and unions and the Catholic Church One of my friends an Asian American said to one of my other friends a Polish American What is it about the Irish Everyone in this country has some kind of ethnic heritage but the Irish are always oing on about theirs with their Irish baby names their Irish music and Irish jewelry and their all out St Patrick s Day celebrations This book partially answers that uestion with its last chapter It s Chic to be Irish People are proud to claim the Irish traits of wit The Fire Within (Rockford Fire Department gregariousness charm and to identify with the underdogs who madeood It was not always so that it was chic to be Irish The Irish were once despised as drunken belligerent brutes and feared as dangerous suspicious Papists But it was always true that the Irish clung to their national identity From the time the Irish began to come to this country which began in the 18th century there were Hibernian societies Irish newspapers keeping people informed about political events in the old country and St Patrick s Day parades Letters to family members back home kept the bonds alive Irish nationalist roups raised money in the states and Irish militant leaders made tours of the US to spread awareness of their cause After the famine prejudice and poverty caused Irish immigrants to cling together in ethnic enclaves awareness of their cause After the famine prejudice and poverty caused Irish immigrants to cling together in ethnic enclaves neighborhoods continued into the 1950s as Irish Americans clustered around their parish church The church itself provided a shared culture with Catholic schools and social societies There is much else in this book There are many statistics In New York in 1930 52% of City Employees Were Irish And employees were Irish and of the lives of Irish politicians labor leaders and clerics Irish politicians are particularly numerous culminating in the peak of Irish success John F Kennedy As a people they went from the bottom of the heap to the top so they celebrate This book is one that will resonate with so many Americans Like most Americans I am something of a Heinz 59 and Irish is definitely in the mix I think a lot of people can identify with that Having Irish in one s background is something to be proud of and when you read Dolan s book you will understand why The immigrants from Ireland have not had an easy ride in American history In fact they have not an easy ride before migration to North America The deprivations faced by this people roup reuired a lot of intestinal fortitude When the challenge arose the Irish were able to overcome the odds and etch out a place in our nat In some ways this. Jay Dolan of Notre Dame University is one of America's most acclaimed scholars of immigration and ethnic history In THE IRISH AMERICANS he caps his decades of writing and teaching with this magisterial history of the Irish experience in the United States Although than 30 million Americans claim Irish ancestry no other eneral account of Irish American history has been published since the 1960s Dolan draws on his own original research and much other recent scholarship to weave ,

The Irish Americans A HistoryTreacherous Is the Night (Verity Kent, grim reaper This book reads a lot like a textbook and I think it was set up to be one rather than a book that someone can pick up and read for pleasure The book covers the history of the Irish in America extensively Even though it is a extensive history and there is a lot of history I was bored A lot of the information is repeated several times It took me uite a long time to read this book I had trouble reallyetting into it because it is dry Even though the author obviously knows a lot about the subject the wiriting does not draw you into the book If you are looking for a book to A Miracle, A Universe give you a lot of names and information this is the book that you need It was easy to skim over the information whileetting the idea which wasn t what I wanted to do but the writing just wasn t very exciting Dolan covers a lot of territory in this history of the Irish coming to America It s what makes it a ood experience and a not so ood experience reading it While well referenced it s also achingly dense in many areas As an academic Dolan packs demographics and statistics and other numbers into paragraph after paragraph making it dry and like a textbook When he s able to tell stories about individuals the book becomes interesting I found the book informative but rarely was it entertaining like a reat non fiction history book. Crowded with men and women fleeing the potato blight; the vibrant life of Catholic parishes in cities like New York and Chicago; the world of machine politics where ward bosses often held court in the local saloon Rich in colorful detail balanced in judgment and the most comprehensive work of its kind yet published THE AMERICAN IRISH is a lasting achievement by a master historian that will become a must have volume for any American with an interest in the Irish American heritag. ,

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Is like reading a text book It deals with politics and the unions Not only does the author write about the Irish but also the waves of immigrants Poles Jews Russians Chinese etc that came after them Unlike Emma Lazarus s famous words none of them were received with compassion All had to claw their way in this New World with laws enacted against them and distain and violence heaped on them I found it tough to read a history book at this time I knew many pieces of the history and found some of it repetitious like he took a series of lectures or articles that he has written on the topic and put it together without deleting repetitious points Many of the points made me think about current immigrant problems and how we have become even less receptive to them than we were when the Irish came Minimum wage religious freedom cultural differences are still reflected on as related to the new immigrant which we need to see the differences as economically based As economics of new immigrants improve the differences seem to diminish Lots to think about and discuss This book reads somewhat like a text book which it may be and sometimes becomes a bit repetitive but it contains some very interesting information about the Irish in America We usually think of "Irish immigration to the US as a result of the Great Potato Famine of the 1840s " immigration to the US as a result of the Great Potato Famine of the 1840s it began as early as 1718 when the King James was dethroned by William of Orange and the Protestant church became the law of the land The Catholic Irish swarmed to the colonies in America to escape the Penal Laws which were aimed at them However life wasn t a whole lot better in the soon to be USA and the Irish were only one step up the rung from the African American slaves of the SouthThe narrative follows the rowing influence of the Irish in religion politics labor and law enforcement and how against all odds they became powerful movers and shakers in the large cities such as NYC Chicago and Boston And all Names Are FamiliarMayor Jimmy are familiarMayor Jimmy Gov Al Smith who also ran for President Honey Fitz Fitzgerald father of Kennedy Mother Jones labor leader Mayor Richard Daley and the list Black Metropolis, Vol. 2 goes on It culminated with JFK the first Irish Catholic to be elected POTUSThe book drags in a few places and you may find yourself skipping through those parts rather hurriedly but overall it is a fascinating look at Irish immigration and how the Irish overcame the senseless prejudices that in the modern era are now aimed at other ethnicroups in the US Recommended I borrowed this book from a family member I ive it 4 out of 5 stars It is a very readable history of the Irish in the US The author an emeritus professor of history at Not. N insightful colorful narrative He follows the Irish from their first arrival in the American colonies through the bleak days of the potato famine that brought millions of starving immigrants; the trials of ethnic prejudice and No Irish Need Apply; the rise of Irish political power and the heyday of Tammany politics; to the election of John F Kennedy as president a moment of triumph when an Irish American ascended to the highest office in the landDolan evokes the hastly ships.