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Convicted Who s lying and how MUCH DOES KATIE REMEMBER OF THAT does Katie remember of that night when she was fourteen and fighting with her best friend over a boy Trying to unravel the answers before the heart pounding finish kept me up way past bedtime A must read for book clubs Riveting If I had to sum up this debut book in one word that would be it What would you do if your father went to jail for statutory rape of your best friend Who do You Side With What side with What your choice might be wrong I admit that I feel a lot of overwhelm from the metoo news of the world today and wasn t sure how I was going to feel about this novel but Schumann pulls you into Katie s world and wraps you in all the motions from Mastered (The Enforcers, each character in such a way that you literally can t put the book down There are often many sides to a story and relationships can be incredibly tough and complicated and Schumann deftly shows you all that nuance I m going to be thinking about this book for a long time to come Thanks NetGalley and Lake Union for thearly peek at this book One and a half starsHow well do you really know someone Man, Son of Man even those you love That is the theme of this book Katie and Lulu were friends from childhood best friends Until the summer at Eagle Lake whenverything changed That was when her best friend accused Katie s father of sexual assault which resulted in a trial and his imprisonment since Lulu was only 14 Now just when the past has started to recede a little her father is being released from prison after ten year and Katie returns to the lake and the cabin where Alter Ego events reputedly took place What is the truth ofvents Does she really want to know The theme of this book sounded really interesting with Katie s conflicting loyalties and it was this really that kept me reading to find out who was telling the truth Did her father really do this or was Lulu telling lies If so for what reason But that really wasn t nough to compel my interest The characters never grabbed me and some of the minor characters seemed totally unnecessary I found the further I went along in this book the less interested I became and the I started to skim I should have just saved myself the time and gone to the nd and found out the answer Did he or didn t he Can t say I was drawn to any of the characters and it just felt as if it waffled on with too much internal monologue and lack of real conviction Others may appreciate this one but sadly it didn t work for me Please note that I got this via s Kindle First Reads I really loved the premise of the Forgotten Hours a teenage girl loses her best friend and father after a rape accusation and trial "This Type Of Plot "type of plot very timely That said I thought that the story being told in third person point of view actually pushed me away as a read I d rather reread a good book than slog through a boring one Prime First Read books aren t what they once were Most in recent months have been DNF one or two stars None of the December options interested me We were all. Lmost a decade arlier during an idyllic summer at her family’s cabin on Eagle Lake when her best friend accused her father of sexual assault Throughout his trial and imprisonment Katie insisted on his innocence dodging reporters and clinging to memories of the man she adoresNow he’s getting out Yet when Katie returns to the shuttered lakes. ,

Katrin Schumann Author of The Forgotten Hours has written an motional intense suspenseful and captivating novel The Genres for this Novel are Fiction and Women s Fiction The timeline for this story starts in 2007 and the present and goes back to the past when it pertains to the characters or vents in the story The author describes her characters are complex and complicated This is a story of coming of age of friendships of loss and betrayal It also is a story of family disappointment memories forgetting love and hopeKatie Gregory now Twenty Four Years Old four years old a successful job a considerate boyfriend who is an Artist often thinks back in time to an arlier time when she would be with her best "Friend Lulu At Eagle Lake Having Fun " Lulu at Eagle Lake having fun seemed to be less complicated and there were boys fun and parties Unfortunately Katie now waits for her father to be released from prison where he has been for six years accused by her best friend of an unspeakable crime Katie has to go back to the lake and fix up the cabin for her Dad to live in She dreads the trip because of many memories and some things she has forgottenKatie needs to make sense of Art everything that has happened When she has asked for information from her parents she has been put off Whatxactly happened Katie must go back to the past if there is any hope for the future The omissions of information and Katie s ignorance ncourage her to look again at the pieces of the omissions of information and Katie s ignorance ncourage her to look again at the pieces of the What information will Katie find I would recommend this novel to readers who Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enjoy a suspenseful andmotional novel 25 STARSIt took too long for things to get moving The book is so focused on Katie and she s such a frustrating character It would have been better for the story to be set further in the past it just didn t seem believable that Katie was so sheltered and naive about The Matriarchs (The Family everything that happened As it was the chapters set at the lake house felt like they could have been from the 70 sKatie s a woman in her mid 20 s a college graduate and yet she comes across as someone unable maybe just unwilling to think like an adult She never heard anything about the trial She never looked anything up online She never once thought to not blindly trust in her father She wasxhaustingSo much focus on Katie meant that other interesting characters got shortchanged namely Lulu Katie s mom and Katie s brother I would have liked some chapters from their POV I m a little disappointed in the Notes for the Everlost ending I thought what happened with Katie s dad was kind of taking theasy way out THE FORGOTTEN HOURS is a stunning novel that moves seamlessly between the aftermath of a trauma that shattered one family and a summer When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) evening that ruined many lives As currentvents clash with truths Katie Gregory has kept hidden from her lover and herself she s forced to return to memories she d rather forget Memories that tug loyalty in conflicting directions and uestion No Biggy! everything she knows about trust and love Was her father guilty of the crime for which he was. In thisvocative debut novel Katrin Schumann weaves a riveting story of past and present and how love can lead us astrayAt twenty four Katie Gregory feels like life is looking up she’s snagged a great job in New York City and is falling for a captivating artist and memories of her traumatic past are finally fading Katie’s life fell apart Owed to choose two books for January but I could only find oneTHE FORGOTTEN HOURS seemed like a decent possibility but I couldn t get into the Katie s narration I was interested in Lulu s story but she was barely a minor character I skimmed to the nd I just have a lot of mixed feelings about this book and need to sort them out So much waiting so little pay off I truly wanted to love this book The powerful MeToo movement our country has waiting so little pay off I truly wanted to love this book The powerful MeToo movement our country has surface the past few years had me desperately wanting to root for Lulubut it was so hard Her character was fake belligerent and a tad narcissistic I know others will disagree and that s okay I just had
"a hard time "
hard time anything about her at all As for Katieyuck She was aggravating In this day and age when EVERYTHING is splashed all over the internet we re really supposed to believe she didn t ven know who testified at her father s rape trial Really Unless she s an ostrich with her head buried in the sand it s simply not plausible I don t mind suspending belief a bit but come on Charlie and David could have added so much texture and insight but the author instead chose to make them meaningless secondary characters who added nothing at all to the tapestry of the story The main problem for me The book was just horribly boring and anti climatic Nothing happened Attracting Birds to Your Backyard except page after page of Katie s internal dialogue long rambling tedious passages The story also jumps back and forth over multiple time periods but the changes aren t identified in any way at the start of the chapters Makes for a bit of confusion Overall I give this book 15 stars I had such high hopes but what a disappointment 25 starsI appreciate the author s attempt to tell a story with complex characters and tough subject matter but for me this one missed the mark The bare bones of a good story were there but the transitions from the past and present timelines felt disjointed at times and lacked a cohesive flow When I finished the book one thought that crossed my mind was it felt like a good rough draft of a book but needs some work and polishing to turn it into something meaningfulWhen Katie Gregory was a teenager her best friend accused Katie s father of sexual assault He was convicted of the crime and after serving time in prison he is set to be released Old memories pop back up to the surface and coupled with new information Katie seems to uestion just aboutverything in her lifeThe premise for the story had potential but the Deep Listening execution for the most part fell flat I wish I would have felt for Katie than I did because obviously she was in such a tough spot given that not only was her father accused of a horrific crime but her best friend was the accuser But other than a few moments here and there I just never felt all that invested in the story There s a similar type storyline in a book I read awhile back The Best Kind of People and in my opinion that one is a better read than this one This was my free Kindle First selection for January 2019. Ide cabin details of that fateful night resurface the chill of the lake the heat of first love the terrible sting of jealousy And as old memories collide with new realities they call into uestionverything she thinks she knows about family friends and ultimately herself Now Katie’s choices will be put to the test with life altering conseuenc.

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The Forgotten Hours

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