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S she is no busybody goody two shoes far from it yet we find out there is reason for this slotted really well into the story out there is reason for this slotted really well into the story makes a real second burner to the main eventAll the characters are potent and realistically written and as we all are subject to change in various situationsIt was good to read about Morecambe a town I have not been to for ecades and that brought great childhood memories racing backA creative book much thought given in the writing much to think about as a readerOutstanding 1010 5 Stars Gripping intense and trickyIn this latest by Daly Clear My Name Tess Gilroy Chief Investigator For Innocence Tess Gilroy chief investigator for Innocence heads to her hometown of Morecambe England 375 starsIntriguing Game of Cat and Mouse A psychological thriller about a woman accused of killing her husband s mistress Clear My Name has a fascinating premise Former parole officer Tess now runs a charity called Innocence UK that helps wrongly convicted criminals reverse their sentences and ultimately clear their names She takes on the case of Carrie who has served four years for killing her husband s mistress The evidence against Carrie is Why Americas Top Pundits Are Wrong damning but many holes leave Tess uestioning Carrie s innocence At the same time Tessa hasark secrets that are slowly revealed Tess s fight for Carrie s innocence could result in her setting a guilty woman free Clear My Name is not action packed but it is fast paced It is chock full of tension and had me constantly uestioning whether or not Carrie committed murder Every chapter provides clues about Tess s and Carrie s pasts Each little clue messed with my head and I was riveted until I reached around the 80% mark At this point the narrative lost its steam This book was so tightly wound but then it fizzled out in the end The ending felt rushed and almost incomplete I had loved it up to this point so for me it ended on a Citizen Cain disappointing note However I would still recommend it especially for those who love a good game of cat and mouseI received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Having read and loved several of Paula Daly s other books whenever she has a new one I cannot wait to get my hands on itTess Gilroy works for the charity Innocence UK an organisation that works at overturning wrongful convictionsTess s new case is Carrie Kanara who is married to Pete and they have aaughter Mia Carrie has served three years in prison for killing her husband s lover Ella who was repeatedly stabbed There are now Trail of Secrets doubts of Carrie s conviction Tess and her new employee Avrilelve into previous evidence and interview witnesses as the case builds Tess believes Cassie is innocent but needs the proof Tess returns to Morecambe her childhood home that she has not visited for twenty six years to investigate the casePaula Daly has a way of writing that keeps you hooked and is very How to Train a Cowboy descriptive in bringing her characters to life There is a very clever twist where Tess s private life collides with a potential witness and weiscover what happened to make Tess so cynical and afraid to settle One Special Moment downDon t miss out on this truly addictive story There are twists galore and an unpredictable ending that made me gasp out loudThank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review Clear My Name by Paula Daly was a thriller that Iid not want to put A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain downTess who works as an investigator for a charity called Innocence UK helps people who claim that they have been wrongfully convicted of a crimeShe is investigating a case where a woman was convicted of killing her husbands mistress Tess believes that the woman is innocent and is looking for evidence to prove her caseThere was plenty of twist and surprises to keep me reading Tess was an interesting character I really enjoyed this storyI m a big fan of Paula Daly and can t wait for her next bookThank you to NetGalley and Random House UK Transworld Publishers for my e copy in exchange for an honest review I banged through Clear My Name in record time even for me I just couldn t stop reading it once started so it s a good job I had aay offThis is another tense page turner from Paula Daly who has an intuitive eye for character and setting always keeping things unexpected and plotting everything perfectly to suck you in then spit you out the other side slightly Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, dazed lookingI am a fan of stories featuring possibly innocent inmates and this one was beautifullyone with lots of nuance and excellent twisty moments I really The Mommy Makeover didn t know where it would end up the solution when it came was terrific I often overall judge a novel by its pay off and this one was hugely satisfyingLet s hope for tv adaptations is all I can say And of course for lots novels like this oneLoved it Highly Recommended. Arriages of justice she works tirelessly to uncover the truthBut when she is asked to take Carrie’s case Tess realises that if she is to help this woman she must risk uncovering the secrets she has struggled a lifetime to hide We’ve allone things we’re not proud of. .

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Clear My NamePaula Daly has a The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives distinctive style I ve read all her books Each one has held my interest I m a huge fanOnce again Paulaemonstrates that she is a storyteller of uniue eye opening gifts Fascinating on many levelsthere are scenes in this novel that had me reflecting about the choices we make and how they impact those around us Her characters are not extraordinary heroics rather they tend to be ordinary eceptivetrying to conceal their true natures of their solitary minds Clear My Name is another page turning compelling psychological suspenseful read Daly is a writer of subtle strengthevoking great imagery of small town "LIFE MORECAMBE IS THE OPPOSITE OF "Morecambe is the opposite of sprawling metropoliswith a winning figure of protagonist Tess Gilroy who seeks out the truth about a murder freeing people who have been wrongly convicted of crimes Tess s team looks into alleged miscarriages of justice and works on behalf of those incarcerated to try to find out what really happened What she Tess idn t expect was for her past to come hurtling towards her slamming into her like a high speed train and railing her thoughts her life in the way it has Tess Gilroy 40ish has worked with criminals her entire life She knows what makes them tick from the early ays as a probation officer A pro experienced in other words She s the only paid employee at Charity of Innocence UK Avril Hughes is new with Innocence UKand green Avril is 25assigned to follow Tess around everywhere and learn from the best She s kinda adorable in her annoying chatterbox way Tess and Avril take on the investigation of Carrie Kamara Carrie has been in Styal Women s Prison for three years of a fifteen year sentence accused of killing her husband s lover Ella Muir Carrie s blood was found inside Ellis house but she swears she never went inside It s possible that the evidence presented by the prosecution in court wasn t she swears she never went inside It s possible that the evidence presented by the prosecution in court wasn t And that s what Tess and her apprentice Avril need to find out The psychiatrist working for the prosecution had claimed Carrie was a high functioning psychopath Carrie worried upon entry to Styal Prison how this would affect each prisoners view of her She worried they would knock her out But in actuality Carrie experienced camaraderie with the other women in prison Carrie lived for phone calls and visits from her aughter Mia and her new grandbaby Phoebe Carrie was worried and panicked for her aughter Mia They were close entangled together unbearable for either of them to be separated As for Carrie s husband Pete she idn t give for either of them to be separated As for Carrie s husband Pete she Men And Gods In Mongolia didn t give rats ass about him Miaidn t think much of her father either Carrie Knew Pete had affairs with women She accepted it She simply asked that he Hunter Killer (Pike Logan didn t flaunt his affairs around town With Morecambe being the small town that it wasCarrieidn t like the community and or Mia watching Pete and Ella s shenanigans in public Carrie went to see Ella at her house She asked if she would cool the public Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, displays It wasn t helpful to theiraughter Mia Apparently Ella agreed All was The Friend Zone done and said cordially In factElla heard Carrie so well that she herself was uoted saying that she wasone sneaking off with married men Sothe uestion to ask why would Carrie kill Ella wouldn t she have too much to risk like leaving Mia Tess s investigation wasn t a piece of cake in any shape or form One minute she and we the readers think Carrie is Innocent and the next minute guilty Several other people are investigated Ella s mother Sandraher brother Kyleetc We meet DI Gillian Frainlate 30 s She was a senior investigating officer when Ella Muir was murdered Tess wants to see the forensic reports from Frain Tess wants to know if tapings were Flying Scotsman Manual done if fibres were taken from both the victims clothes and the suspects clothes at the time of the investigation to establish whether they were in contact with each other theay of Ella s murder If Carrie was convicted by omission of evidence she was Alpha (Shifters, definitely sent to prison as an innocent person And that s what Tess needs to find out and she will but not without an endless ruthless fightButsomething else is going on in this storyBESIDES painful secrets Tess isealing with which makes Tess a beautifully flawed characterHaunting ethical uestions are raised by the novels endingPersonally I was left feeling goodness prevails Paula Daly s effort to Whalerider do justice aesthetic and moral to the victims felt bold and honorable to me What to say I simply adore Paula Daly s murder mystery thrillers not graphic slashers but it s the emotional scope that is larger and complex which resonates with me Loved it Loved it Loved it I Love Paula Daly Thank you Grove AtlanticNetgalleyEdelweiss always appreciate a wonderful advance copy of a book I really want to read ASAP and congrats to Paula Thank. ‘The UK’s answer to Liane Moriarty Amazing’ Claire McGowanInnocentWhen Carrie was accused of brutally murdering her husband’s lover sheenied it She enied it when they arrested her when they put her in front of a jury and when they sent her to prisonNow she’s S to Netgalley and Grove Atlantic "for a igital galley in exchange for an honest review Did you hear For 25 hours "a Graphic Design For Everyone digital galley in exchange for an honest review Did you hear For 25 hours the Earth stopped moving and it s all Paula Daly s fault What promises to be an instant bestseller Clear My Name focuses on Innocence UK employee Tess Gilroy and her team s efforts to prove that mother and grandmother Carrie Kamera was wrongly convicted As the narrative switches between Tess and Carrie it s anyone s guess as to how the story will endI was completely riveted to this story and it sefinitely a contender for favorite book of 2019 Goodreads review published 070819 Publication Date 10 0919 This was one heck of a ride a brilliant book by author Paula Daly Life is not fair and miscarriage of justice occurs When of a ride a brilliant book by author Paula Daly Life is not fair and miscarriage of justice occurs ride a brilliant book by author Paula Daly Life is not fair and miscarriage of justice occurs from InnocenceUK took up Carrie s case who was languishing in prison three years into her fifteen events from both their lives come to light Carrie had been convicted for killing her husband s lover The entire book was the unfolding of clues and witnesses previously in hiding Paula Daly is one of my favorite authors and this book proved me right again There was a subtle excitement from the beginning of the story that built up as the pages turned The entire story had me uestioning the accused What was she hiding Where was the Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, desperation coming from There was a sense of games being played behind the curtains But till the very end Iidn t know who was pulling the strings to the story Paula s characters were not shown black or white They had so many shades of gray that it became Sweetland difficult to judge them Tess the main character showed the fortitude and patience to seive through all the clues Her own life was in shambles At one point Tess and Carrie the lawyer and the accused had their lives intersected It was interesting to see how these subplots unfurled in the main canvas of the story This book made me forget my grief for those few hours The tension filled scenes the slow rise of adrenaline the need to get to the finish line the feeling of being punched by the last chapter had me smiling right through the book This book had it all and that s why I love thrillers Carrie has been accused charged and imprisoned for the murder of her husbands mistress She has maintained her innocence the entire time Now 4yrs into her sentence and she may have just caught a break In walks Tess Gilroy She works for a charity called Innocence UK where they try to overturn guilty verdicts on people that have been wrongly convicted The problem is that this case is going to take her back to a past that she has been actively running away from The closely she looks into the evidence and the it becomes apparent that her past is about to collide with the present Have you ever watched the ID Channel on TV Oh man I am such a sucker for that channel and that is what this book reminded me of Paula Daly will keep you on your toes as I kept wavering in my idea that Carrie was innocent Then guilty Then innocent Then guilty I just couldn t tell if she was an unreliable narrator or not which made for a fun reading experience trying to figure it all out I adored the character of Tess and her trainee side kick Avril Both woman are flawed but relatable They were both stronger and smarter than either of them gave themselves credit for and I enjoyed watching their friendship grow from one ofisdain to one of respect and admiration Paula Daly you have yet to Art of Laurel and Hardy disappoint me 4 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Grove Atlantic for providing me with aigital ARC in exchange for my honest review Paula Daly writes in her own uniue style and her way of writing in previous books can make the most mundane of things and the most normal of human behaviour fascinatingshe also adds almost random Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, descriptive sentences into a paragraph that whilst have nothing too with the story are a part of whats happening in the environment we are in as readers and enhance the story and bring something very special to the skill of writing this continues in this bookAnd what a bookTess works for Innocence UK an organisation that takes on miscarriages of justice we are led through Carrie s case accused of killing her husbands lover the facts The Intelligent Entrepreneur don t add up she says she is innocent heraughter Mia backs her up Tess isn t 100% convinced so with her new trainee she looks into every aspect of the case to make her The Summer of the Ubume decision aecision that could see Carrie s case go to the Courts of JusticeIt is truly immersive to be brought into this world and be in Tess s mind as she uncovers the real storyBut is it the true story Is anyone telling the truthI was tense as the Distracted - Acting Edition decision was given and than that am saying zilch on what happens nextTess is ace her ratherour outlook on life is wonderful and humorous at time. Hree years into a fifteen year sentence away from the Trauma heilen daughter she loves and the life she had built And she is stillenying that she is to blameGuiltyTess Gilroy has evoted her life to righting wrongs Through her job for Innocence UK a charity which takes on alleged misc. .